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2016-12-29 01:40:57 UTC

These are the rules for the GabberHangout on Discord. Specifically this addresses some behavioral problems the Senate has noticed that may keep us from growing and reaching more normies.

1. **No Nazi paraphernalia** - this includes swastika memes, memes that could be deemed anti-semitic or racist. There is a place for humor. It’s called the <#258311275724013578> channel
2. **No calling people nazis** or fascists in the general channels. This will tend to scare the normies we are trying to red pill.
3. **No spamming the chat**, this includes written spam or voice spam. In other words, give people a chance to speak.
4. **No cucking.** You don’t have to agree with everything that is being said, but you do not need to cuck to get your point across. This means no calling each other Fascists, Nazis, Neo-Nazis or Racists in a serious manner. In short: no punching to the right
5. **No threats** against other members or against any organization, governmental organization, or individual in chat. Making threats is illegal. This is not a doctor’s office. You do not have any confidentiality here even if you are using a pseudonym. Be warned. This is an automatic ban.
6. **No begging** for anything
7. **No pity parties**.
8. **No complaining about rules** because “muh free speech”. This is not a democracy.
9. **No ebonics**. Write proper English or misspell hilariously or GTFO.

**IF THERE IS A PROBLEM**: Address those of the next-highest role relative to yours. If you have a problem with another member of the group, or with certain behaviors, first take it to a Centurion, who will take it to the Senate and the Caesar to decide what will happen. Do not bother Senators or the Caesar with minor problems.

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