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2017-05-13 13:38:23 UTC

who will give them a steak and blowjob when they ask for it

2017-05-13 13:38:50 UTC

I've heard there's a dichotomy that men after their teens will generally have to make:
Hot, Sane, Single- Pick Two

2017-05-13 13:38:57 UTC

I'm not sure if this is true or not.

2017-05-13 13:39:15 UTC

I don't know, I've never had a girlfriend outside of my childhood sweetheart

2017-05-13 13:39:40 UTC

Who sadly coalburned, but had a white child who's a bastard unfortunately

2017-05-13 13:40:11 UTC

If most giantess women are considered unattractive to sub-Hyperborean manlets, regardless if the choice is real, I won't have to make it. ^_^

2017-05-13 13:40:52 UTC

I'm not sure what you just said but it made ya happy so hurray?

2017-05-13 13:42:13 UTC

Most men (including alt-right men) somewhat dislike women taller than 6'+.
I, being extremely tall myself, don't.

2017-05-13 13:42:30 UTC

how tall are you?

2017-05-13 13:42:36 UTC


2017-05-13 13:42:39 UTC

Hot damn

2017-05-13 13:42:43 UTC

I'm not kidding.

2017-05-13 13:42:45 UTC

I'm jealous lol

2017-05-13 13:42:48 UTC

πŸ’¦ hot

2017-05-13 13:42:54 UTC

I'm just a measly 6'0

2017-05-13 13:43:06 UTC

5'4'' here huehuehuhe

2017-05-13 13:43:24 UTC

Short women are adorable tho

2017-05-13 13:43:33 UTC

I'm sure you'll make a fantastic wife/mother/whatever you want to be...

2017-05-13 13:43:43 UTC

6'2 here.

2017-05-13 13:43:48 UTC

but in the hypothetical scenario that we had a kid, it'd probably kill you.

2017-05-13 13:43:52 UTC

Jus saying.

2017-05-13 13:43:52 UTC

i'd be at chest level or something @Fireball Bastard

2017-05-13 13:44:11 UTC

My mom was 5'8, and had a difficult pregnancy.

2017-05-13 13:44:36 UTC

it's called a c-section

2017-05-13 13:44:50 UTC

Women's size has nothing really to do with how difficult a pregnancy is.

2017-05-13 13:45:04 UTC

Are those really that safe? I was under the impression those were popular because they were painless.

2017-05-13 13:45:04 UTC


2017-05-13 13:45:09 UTC


2017-05-13 13:45:17 UTC

C-Sections are basically cutting open the belly

2017-05-13 13:45:19 UTC

Without sedatives

2017-05-13 13:45:21 UTC

I know.

2017-05-13 13:45:23 UTC

Most babies are born between 5 - 10 pounds.

2017-05-13 13:45:26 UTC

Wait... without? o.o

2017-05-13 13:45:30 UTC


2017-05-13 13:45:31 UTC


2017-05-13 13:45:32 UTC


2017-05-13 13:45:34 UTC

No, they use sedatives.

2017-05-13 13:45:35 UTC

that's retarded

2017-05-13 13:45:46 UTC

Well, they give circumcisions without them.

2017-05-13 13:45:50 UTC

At least that's what I was told by a couple of baby boomers

2017-05-13 13:45:50 UTC

Poor kids.

2017-05-13 13:46:00 UTC

It's a thing they apply to the belly, like a yellow sorta solution, it's going to numb everything.

2017-05-13 13:46:11 UTC


2017-05-13 13:46:14 UTC

Yeah, but it nulls the pain, right?

2017-05-13 13:46:20 UTC

Not sure what it's called, but I took human growth and development, so I know about it.

2017-05-13 13:46:21 UTC


2017-05-13 13:46:21 UTC

If so, it's technically a sedative, I think.

2017-05-13 13:46:37 UTC

It's a sedative you apply to the surface of the skin.

2017-05-13 13:46:50 UTC

I wouldn't know

2017-05-13 13:46:53 UTC

tho i've heard we really shouldn't be having c-sections, because evolutionarily speaking, the birth canal will become smaller due to babies not wedging their heads through them

2017-05-13 13:47:08 UTC

Well -- Sorta...

2017-05-13 13:47:13 UTC

That sounds like a good idea not to have them

2017-05-13 13:47:23 UTC

Vaginal births are a good thing because it sorta squeezes all of the fluid out of the babies lungs.

2017-05-13 13:47:36 UTC

Yeah, but that wouldn't really affect you on a genetic level whether or not you had a c-section.

2017-05-13 13:47:42 UTC


2017-05-13 13:47:54 UTC

Plus, the baby's head collapses to get through the vagina so everything is set up for vaginal birth.

2017-05-13 13:48:08 UTC


2017-05-13 13:48:17 UTC

The only way that would make sense if it natural selection kicked in and women started dying in childbirth again- to which I say "fuck natural selection".

2017-05-13 13:48:20 UTC

Collapses? O.o

2017-05-13 13:48:34 UTC

babies make a 90 degree turn in the canal to get otu

2017-05-13 13:48:49 UTC

Yes, lol. Funny enough babies heads are mushy, so they can get through the vagina, and when they finally come out their head sorta hardens up except the very top of the head. That comes later on in life.

2017-05-13 13:49:18 UTC

Until then you have to be very, very careful not to touch the top of an infants head.

2017-05-13 13:49:38 UTC

Yeah, from what I understand, babies are all cartilage when they're born, and gradually it turns to bone.

2017-05-13 13:50:39 UTC

I'm not actually sure, but I know their bones are VERY flexible. Which allows them to take more punishment then a normal person where, their bones will flex, ours will break.

2017-05-13 13:50:44 UTC

That happens while they're children too --

2017-05-13 13:50:53 UTC

Up until late teens, early 20s.

2017-05-13 13:51:18 UTC

Would that explain why I can crack my neck on a daily basis? :^)

2017-05-13 13:51:23 UTC

I mean their bones are not flexible in their late teens, early 20s, that's when you hit the ground and break things.

2017-05-13 13:51:41 UTC

Naa, that's just you being weird.

2017-05-13 13:52:09 UTC

@flooz Didn't we talk about the whole Civic Nationalist thing?

2017-05-13 13:52:15 UTC

Or, am I thinking of someone else?

2017-05-13 13:52:29 UTC


2017-05-13 13:53:22 UTC

@flooz *Slap* Snap out of it, Cuz.

2017-05-13 13:53:37 UTC

Civic Nationalism is simply a delayed way towards the Leftist future that we want to avoid.

2017-05-13 13:54:03 UTC

Yeah, but let's not beat people over the head with it.

2017-05-13 13:54:48 UTC

I've noticed this is kind of a server where we shove redpills down people's throats. I think we should let it occur naturally. That's how I came about, anyways.

2017-05-13 13:55:07 UTC

Yeah, but not everyone is like you, Fireball.

2017-05-13 13:55:18 UTC

Not women either.

2017-05-13 13:55:20 UTC

Some people just need to be beaten until they love it.

2017-05-13 13:55:32 UTC

@flooz *Cough*

2017-05-13 13:55:33 UTC

It's that or just be a manly role model

2017-05-13 13:55:44 UTC

Let's not talk about woman-beating.

2017-05-13 13:55:54 UTC

I have my wife beater on right now.

2017-05-13 13:56:00 UTC

You're a cunt. πŸ˜›

2017-05-13 13:56:07 UTC

I am currently hitting my other hand with a baton.

2017-05-13 13:56:21 UTC
2017-05-13 13:56:31 UTC

@Master Sethern You have a wife?

2017-05-13 13:56:36 UTC

@flooz Ah... nevermind....

2017-05-13 13:56:40 UTC

I have a wife beater, but not a wife 😦

2017-05-13 13:56:49 UTC


2017-05-13 13:56:54 UTC

Not yet, but when I do -- hundreds of aryan babies. Yes, yes.

2017-05-13 13:56:54 UTC

I forget some people are into... different things.

2017-05-13 13:57:35 UTC

yes, different

2017-05-13 13:57:54 UTC

@flooz Oohh, you're into the BDSM stuff, hm?

2017-05-13 13:57:58 UTC


2017-05-13 13:58:35 UTC

As long as it stays in the bedroom

2017-05-13 13:58:43 UTC

Other than that, it's degenerate

2017-05-13 13:58:58 UTC

Only THOTs take what's private and make it public.

2017-05-13 13:59:04 UTC

THOTs.... and Diogenes.

2017-05-13 14:00:09 UTC

"they are not used to being looked at as women

2017-05-13 14:00:43 UTC

i've heard of goreans, never looked into it tho

2017-05-13 14:00:59 UTC

It's not specifically about slavery.

2017-05-13 14:01:20 UTC

why'd you delete it?

2017-05-13 14:01:23 UTC

It's about the world of Gor, following certain characters in it. However, it does have quite a detailed system of slavery that people in real life follow.

2017-05-13 14:01:27 UTC

Did you want more?

2017-05-13 14:01:32 UTC

sure, PM me

2017-05-13 14:04:25 UTC

"The only thing that can kill a Hyperborean, in fair combat, is another Hyperborean."
"If struck down by anything other than a Hyperborean, their soul will not go to Valhalla, to true death, but will be reborn a year and a day later to an Aryan mother."

-The WIse Elders of Hyperborea

2017-05-13 14:20:04 UTC
2017-05-13 14:20:43 UTC

What is?

2017-05-13 14:23:04 UTC

@Fireball Bastard You're a Norse Pagan, hm?

2017-05-13 14:23:40 UTC

I am Hyperborean. I worship the god of my ancestors... or rather, I don't, because Crom dislikes people who kiss his ass.

2017-05-13 14:23:54 UTC

Hyperboreans are Norse/Aryans if Norse/Aryans were manlets.

2017-05-13 14:27:38 UTC

@Fireball Bastard Manlets? You mean tiny people?

2017-05-13 14:28:14 UTC

Every race is a manlet to some other race or another. As we are manlets to the Gods, the Aryans are manlets to us.

2017-05-13 14:28:37 UTC

Aryans manlets to Hyperboreans?

2017-05-13 14:29:16 UTC


2017-05-13 14:29:21 UTC


2017-05-13 14:29:27 UTC

Just as all other whites are manlets to Aryans.

2017-05-13 14:30:00 UTC

And the Jews are what happened if you took white manlets, and let them commit incest for hundreds of years after being cursed by Crom with hooked noses...

2017-05-13 14:30:01 UTC

Soooo -- Demigods, where are they in that catagory? For example, Achillies?

2017-05-13 14:30:05 UTC

that all may know their treachery.

2017-05-13 14:30:08 UTC


2017-05-13 14:30:16 UTC

Achilles was Hyperborean, as was Hercules.

2017-05-13 14:30:26 UTC

They were both Greeks.

2017-05-13 14:30:50 UTC

So? Who do you think laid the foundation for Greek civilization?

2017-05-13 14:30:58 UTC

All white races stem from the Hyperboreans.

2017-05-13 14:32:00 UTC

I guess I'm not actually sure what a Hyperborean is then, lol.

2017-05-13 14:33:12 UTC

It's the ancestor race of white people. The first city was created somewhere in the Arctic Circle (I took an oath not to give the location away), and from that city, white people descended.
We use goy magic to hide it away, though, so that we may be free to increase our numbers for when Ragnarok comes, and we wipe out the Jews.

2017-05-13 14:33:32 UTC

Don't tell anyone though... it's supposed to be a sort of birthday surprise for mankind.

2017-05-13 15:50:03 UTC

Social Justice in AI is bound to bring out the worst of humanity

2017-05-13 16:34:39 UTC

Fireball if its the hyperborean master race a: why did they mug a fellow huwhite (me) and b: if hyperborea means, above/beyond the north wind ie not a race perse. I suppose its defacto as its alleged no other race but aryans inhabited that area, but still

2017-05-13 16:36:01 UTC

I am in the mood to nit pick. Perhaps I should groom some niggers instead

2017-05-13 16:36:02 UTC

You got mugged by a Hyperborean because some of us are dickheads. It's also possible they could smell nigger on you and decided to act.

2017-05-13 16:36:12 UTC


2017-05-13 16:36:24 UTC

These dudes are white niggers tbh

2017-05-13 16:36:29 UTC

That's why I say "don't eat fried chicken". Some of us can't tell the difference.

2017-05-13 16:36:47 UTC


2017-05-13 16:36:52 UTC

Some of us thought "if he's eating nigger food, is he really that white?" and decided to pillage your wallet.

2017-05-13 16:37:11 UTC

Lol people on the bus be like

2017-05-13 16:37:30 UTC

Whats this kid with the eye patch laughing at

2017-05-13 16:37:49 UTC

There is no excuse for niggardry. You think I eat fried chicken or purple drank?

2017-05-13 16:37:51 UTC

Fuck no.

2017-05-13 16:38:07 UTC

I have not eaten any my dude

2017-05-13 16:38:21 UTC

I had a full english fry up the day of the mugging

2017-05-13 16:38:29 UTC

And oatmeal

2017-05-13 16:38:50 UTC

I think it's important to ask... are you sure they were Hyperborean, and not simply tall Aryans?

2017-05-13 16:39:00 UTC


2017-05-13 16:39:07 UTC

Well im kidding really

2017-05-13 16:39:17 UTC

I suppose they are different stock

2017-05-13 16:39:25 UTC

To the irish.ulster scots

2017-05-13 16:39:36 UTC

But very similar i would have thought

2017-05-13 16:40:26 UTC

Im not 100% Clear on anscestry but

2017-05-13 16:41:10 UTC

At any point, did they move too quickly for you to see?
Think "opening scene from Interview With The Vampire" fast.

2017-05-13 16:41:26 UTC

Did you have the instinctual desire to bow in their presence?

2017-05-13 16:41:52 UTC

Well I had a feeling it was coming but I didnt really see the fist

2017-05-13 16:42:06 UTC

And no

2017-05-13 16:42:28 UTC

Yeah, those must've been Aryans.

2017-05-13 16:42:30 UTC

I had a desire to have a gun and kneecap them both

2017-05-13 16:42:35 UTC

The manlet races can be real cunts sometimes.

2017-05-13 16:42:37 UTC


2017-05-13 16:43:02 UTC

It sucks to be a manlet. He was 6 foot plus though

2017-05-13 16:45:39 UTC

He has to be at least 6'5", be effectively immortal, and have superhuman nigger killing capacity to be Hyperborean.

2017-05-14 12:25:55 UTC

its been educational and I'd never be vetted here and accidently entered this place just randomly clicking a link; that being said freedom is people doing whatever the fuck they want so best of times to yall

2017-05-14 13:01:21 UTC

what's with people randomly getting this link?

2017-05-14 13:01:29 UTC

@vaultright πŸ€”

2017-05-14 13:44:33 UTC

<@183670062090158080> It's always the jews, and if you can't figure out HOW it's the jews, it's because you're not W O K E enough.

2017-05-14 13:51:01 UTC

I'm Hyperborean. I can do more than spot Jews.

2017-05-14 13:51:03 UTC

I can smell them.

2017-05-14 13:51:35 UTC

<@183670062090158080> My nostrils are blessed by Crom to know the scent of their degeneracy.

2017-05-14 18:08:09 UTC

hitler loved his dogs

2017-05-14 18:09:29 UTC

@Nothing_Much Hitler was a kind, sensitive man who would never so much as harm an innocent animal, even to feed himself...

2017-05-14 18:09:35 UTC

Not one, poor...

2017-05-14 18:09:39 UTC

innocent... animal.

2017-05-14 18:10:30 UTC

@Fireball Bastard yeah it's also fascinating that when Hitler was invading Eastern Europe, they were begging Hitler to gas the kikes

2017-05-14 18:10:56 UTC

Apparently, Jews are not only sub-human, but sub-animal as well. A chicken or a pig has more moral integrity than a yid.

2017-05-14 18:11:22 UTC

heebs have divided us for far too long now

2017-05-14 18:11:34 UTC

Heebs will not divide us.

2017-05-14 18:11:48 UTC

there's these kids that are honestly hoping for an actual holocaust

2017-05-14 18:11:59 UTC

the problem is that they're fuckin' faggots

2017-05-14 18:12:01 UTC

Nor will we divide the heebs.

2017-05-14 18:12:12 UTC

Because they're all getting nuked in the same hour.

2017-05-14 18:12:25 UTC


2017-05-14 18:12:27 UTC

das racis

2017-05-14 18:12:40 UTC

and antee simetic

2017-05-14 18:12:53 UTC

(smacks lips) Shiiiiiiiiiet whitey. A' can' be racis, nigga.

2017-05-14 18:13:28 UTC

Get dat shiet outta mah face, nigga. I'm a RULL gangsta ass nigga from da streetz, bitch.

2017-05-14 18:13:47 UTC

Scuse me fo a secun... (smokes crack)

2017-05-14 18:14:45 UTC

don't you mean

2017-05-14 18:14:48 UTC

snorts crack?

2017-05-14 18:15:28 UTC

Nah mufugga, does I look like a fukin' busta ta you, nigga?

2017-05-14 18:15:47 UTC

Dis nigga nose snorts bath salts, nigga. Best high I got fo fi' dollah.

2017-05-14 18:15:49 UTC

stop talking like a monkey

2017-05-14 18:15:54 UTC


2017-05-14 18:16:07 UTC

... I have the sudden urge to wash myself.

2017-05-14 18:16:19 UTC

gee, I wonder why

2017-05-14 18:16:39 UTC

Even imitating the nigger mindset is painful...

2017-05-14 18:17:17 UTC

Hell, that's why we should RaHoWa. If pretending to be a nigger for a few minutes hurts, can you imagine BEING a real nigger for the entirety of your life?

2017-05-14 18:17:32 UTC

We should initiate ASAP... put these poor chimps out of their misery.

2017-05-14 18:17:36 UTC

the depressing part is that they can't think for the future

2017-05-14 18:17:58 UTC

if the kikes DO wind up succeeding in annialating whites (which they won't), the kikes will be

2017-05-14 18:18:02 UTC

able to easily take over blacks and arabs

2017-05-14 18:18:06 UTC

Yeah, it must suck. No wonder they indulge themselves on cheap drugs until they die.

2017-05-14 18:18:08 UTC

under the false pretenses of Islam

2017-05-14 18:18:34 UTC

And no wonder they're so violent... they lash out against a world that can't help them.

2017-05-14 18:19:34 UTC

affirmative action helps them out to fucking better themselves

2017-05-14 18:19:36 UTC

and what do they do?

2017-05-14 18:19:39 UTC

they blow it

2017-05-14 18:19:42 UTC

all the fucking time

2017-05-14 18:19:59 UTC

those programs should be used for putting whites in there

2017-05-14 18:19:59 UTC

Flunk their courses, drop out, and spend their scholarship money on crack and hookers.

2017-05-14 18:20:15 UTC

and being around niggers and spics in the classroom

2017-05-14 18:20:20 UTC

what a drain

2017-05-14 18:20:34 UTC

you gotta see that one white kid in public american classrooms these days

2017-05-14 18:20:54 UTC

I WAS that one white kid.

2017-05-14 18:21:13 UTC

looks fake

2017-05-14 18:21:14 UTC

Why do you think I spend my days making African Wind Chimes?

2017-05-14 18:21:21 UTC

oh wow

2017-05-14 18:21:45 UTC

Nobody TAUGHT me to despise them... my upbringing, and my Hyperborean genes made me know.

2017-05-14 18:21:55 UTC

well yeah

2017-05-14 18:22:04 UTC

We've all been indoctrinated to believe that all races are equal

2017-05-14 18:22:18 UTC

Sadly, I was 11 when I left, and you don't start developing your volkisch powers until you hit puberty.

2017-05-14 18:23:00 UTC

what powers?

2017-05-14 18:24:18 UTC

I'm Hyperborean, so... my incredible stature and my ability to literally smell niggers from a mile away, to name two.

2017-05-14 18:24:43 UTC

Is that some sort of belief you hold or is that based on something I've never heard of?

2017-05-14 18:24:57 UTC

Why do you think I live in Northern California? The stench is infernal.

2017-05-14 18:25:05 UTC


2017-05-14 18:25:09 UTC


2017-05-14 18:25:17 UTC

Not a whole lot of nigs in the country.

2017-05-14 18:25:55 UTC

Well yeah they're only 14% of the population of the USA

2017-05-14 18:26:06 UTC

And they mostly stick to the major cities.

2017-05-14 18:26:22 UTC

yeah that's where they cause all the goddamn trouble

2017-05-14 18:26:25 UTC

... where they're safe....

2017-05-14 18:26:37 UTC


2017-05-14 18:26:48 UTC

that's a nigger's method of having fun

2017-05-14 18:26:54 UTC

comitting crimes just to get a rush

2017-05-14 18:27:03 UTC

whites just use heroin to get a rush or something

2017-05-14 18:27:08 UTC

They have less to fear from each other's murderous degeneracy than they do from a Disciple of Crom.

2017-05-14 18:27:50 UTC

Is that a fucking video game, dude?

2017-05-14 18:27:50 UTC

"So pure is the Hyperborean soul that they hate Jews and Niggers to an extent that lesser white races may find it shocking. Hyperboreans are the second greatest cause of unnatural death among Jews, just above Tay Sachs, and below the Holocaust."
-The Wise Elders of Hyperborea

2017-05-14 18:28:05 UTC


2017-05-14 18:28:22 UTC

Is it a fictional book?

2017-05-14 18:30:46 UTC


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