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2018-06-28 05:08:02 UTC

Moomin Imperium is a third position server(however it’s mainly Fascist theme) where to gather all people who adhere to third position ideologies such as Fascists , National Socialist, Falangist, Proto Fascists and Others, We also welcome Right wings like Monarchist, Traditionalist and Right Wing Nationalists who are not adhere to extreme capitalism and fighting against liberal capitalism, and Some left wing nationalists like Social Nationalist such as Baathist, Nasserist, Kemalist, Gaddafist and others who are not adhere to extreme Socialism that is closer to Communism and fighting the Left wing socialism. But however National Bolshevik is welcomed.

Who we consist of
- Fascists
- National Socialists
- Strasserists
- National Bolshevik
- Proto Fascists
- Social nationalists like Baathist, Kemalist, Gaddafist
- Traditionalists
- Monarchists
- National Capitalists

2018-06-28 05:12:36 UTC

🔴 ♦ The Debate Club ♦ 🔴

📢 Amazing active community!
📢 Friendly and frequent debates!
📢 Amazing staff and tons of custom bots!
📢 Music bots!

@everyone is welcome! We are excited for you to join! ❤

2018-06-28 05:42:27 UTC

Sons of Liberty, political discussion and debate server.
▫️Diverse spectrum of beliefs
▫️Themed text chats
▫️Moderated debates
@everyone join today!

2018-06-28 05:42:45 UTC

☕ __**The Right Cafe**__ ☕

🔔 Looking for partnerships!

📜 Daily Questions

🛡 Professional Staff

👌 Memes

📢 Debates and Discussions

☕ Relaxed Environment

💪 Self-Improvement

🏷 @everyone is welcome @here!

2018-06-28 05:54:24 UTC

🇵 🅾 🇱 🇮 🇹 🇮 🇰 🇦 ◽ ◽ 🆕

New political discourse and debate server!

▫ Casual discussion + political debate
▫ Free speech
▫ Self-assignable roles
▫ Relaxed staff
▫ Trivia night on fridays
▫ Invite your friends and rank ⬆

All ideologies welcome!

2018-06-28 15:46:45 UTC

Hello! Political Strife is a community-oriented server based around political discussion. Our primary goal is to create a friendly and happy community, and productive political discussion is our secondary goal. We have many fun events, such as gaming nights and movie nights. Every month we have a stream organized by the owner where you get to create your own hockey player for her to make in a hockey game and put them in a team based on your political stance to win a championship! If you’re looking for a political server that promotes a sense of community and fun over anything else, this server is for you! @everyone

2018-06-28 17:55:28 UTC

Hey! Are you looking for a group of people with whom you can debate things ranging from politics to aesthetics? This server is for you! We have debate about all major schools of philosophical thought, and we would love to learn about what you think!
Active Debate About:
But we're not too serious!
A channel for dank memes
Some NSFW action 🍆
We're growing quickly- take part in the action!
__And we have over 200 self assignable roles to define your ideologies!__
Contact `@EyeKanSpel#8457` For Partnerships.

#Looking people for [Active Debate]
#Looking for active members [Who want to become staff!]
#Looking for active members [Who are active in VC especially!]```
We don't need anyone, we just need #YOU!
Thanks @everyone @here
**Invite link:**

2018-06-28 18:09:03 UTC
2018-06-28 18:20:56 UTC

The DebateOSphere is a server with members from all over the globe that ensures productive and well balanced discussions and debates on literally everything ! @BabaBooey @everyone is welcome!
We provide the following:

- 📢 Good mods who ensure no toxicity, racism etc.
- 🎉 Soon to host debate nights.
- ⬆ Ranks/Promotions
- 🤝 Partnerships are welcome!
Come share your ideas, or dont! Feel free to listen in and enjoy the dialogue everyone is welcome! ( message @BabaBooey for partnership)

❗ Disclaimer: People who preach hate and violence are not allowed and will be banned on the spot!


2018-07-01 16:18:12 UTC

------------- 🌎 🇵 🇴 🇱 🇮 🇹 🇮 🇨 🇸 🌏 -------------
🙌 Most Active and Exciting Political Discord
🎙 AMA's With Popular Political Figures + Icons
📢 Debate Nights Every Week
🗳 Mock Parties
⬆ Rank Up
🤝 Partnerships
☑ Ready for Midterms 2018!
We are dedicated to quality discussion of politics and world events.
Whether you want to express your ideas, or learn more about politics,
@everyone is welcome regardless of your political affiliation!

2018-07-04 15:22:07 UTC

We are a server dedicated to debate and discussion about many different topics. You will not be penalized for your opinions, only how you display them.
-Good staff.
-free speech.
-rank bot
-topics like crypto, religion and philosophy, weapons, general politics, and more.

Invite link: enjoy.

2018-07-04 15:33:31 UTC

Arguments is a server dedicated to argumentation and productive discussion. Join, and make this the best server on discord!
All Ideologies are welcome!

2018-07-04 15:37:37 UTC

Welcome to Debates
This is a server for discourse, and fun.

We have:
-1000+ members
-Active and intelligent regulars
-More than 100 roles for each ideology and religion
-Debate streams and videos for our YouTube channel

Enjoy your stay @everyone!
Server Link:
Youtube Channel:

2018-07-04 15:56:18 UTC

We The People Mock Government is a fully functioning and robust model government where members get to actively participate and simulate the American government and all its branches, along with participating in diverse, meaningful, and civil debate. We are a chill and relaxing community with over 200 members, and are associated with the We The People. We are one of the biggest functioning mock governments on discord, and operate off the US Constitution, with a few changes to fit the Discord format.

What this mock government offers

🇺🇸 A large Bicameral Congress with a House and Senate

🇺🇸 A powerful Executive Branch, with an elected President, Vice-President, and appointed Secretaries

🇺🇸 The Supreme Court with independent judges, serving with integrity to protect the Constitution

🇺🇸 Several Regions (similar to states) with their own constitutions, legislatures, Governors, laws, and identity

🇺🇸 An active and diverse political debate forum to discuss contemporary politics, tolerant of all ideologies

🇺🇸 Frequent elections so that newcomers can easily join the fun and the simulation

🇺🇸 Bots, Shitposting, and other fun characteristics of a chill community

🇺🇸 Members mutually interested in politics and civil engagement

Presidential Elections SOON

2018-07-04 15:57:06 UTC


2018-07-04 23:12:54 UTC

---------------------▫ ◽ ◻ ⬜ 🏛🔹POLITICS🔹 🏛 ⬜ ◻ ◽ ▫----------------------
---🌎-- POLITICS is dedicated to the discussion of Politics in the US and around the world --🌍---
🎉 Over 20k Members
🎙 AMA's With Popular Political Figures + Icons
📢 Debate Nights Every Night
⬆ Rank Up
🤝 Partnerships
❤ Dedicated 24/7 Moderators & Admins
Whether you want to express your ideas, or learn more about politics, everyone is welcome
All are welcome regardless of your political affiliation

2018-07-04 23:54:39 UTC

Welcome to Eccentricity!
✨ ✨ This is a brand new server where you can hangout with friends, talk in voice channels, and make new friends! ✨ ✨
Server Made: May 30th 2018
``Please only join if you're willing to help increase activity!!! 😄``
Your Sexy Owner: Cassi#7887 ❤
☑ 200+ Members!! ☑
😮 Self Assignable Roles! 😮
👥 Many different fun channels to hang out in! 👥
🎊 Many different people to hang out with! 🎊
😄 Friendly Community! 😄
🎉 Bot Giveaways! 🎉
🔞 NSFW Channel! 🔞
😄 Selfie channel 😄
🤖 Many different fun bots to play with! 🤖
🎤 Voice channels! 🎤
❤ And so much more! ❤

Permanent Invite link:
We really hope to see you join! ❤

2018-07-05 12:38:47 UTC

Commies vs fascists is a server dedicated to bringing together 2 polar groups of people and breaking echo chambers in a fun, social and friendly manner!

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