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2018-05-29 02:12:37 UTC

@everyone Making alts or having friends join other parties for the sake of election meddling, spying, trolling or sabotaging is NOT allowed. It can result in bans of the perpetrators or a suspension of voting. If it is discovered to be a wider scandal involving a whole party, there can be disqualifications on the entire party. Also, party elections and regional elections will be locked once they are started, members that JUST join them will NOT be allowed to vote. This is just to prevent voter fraud.

2018-05-30 02:42:20 UTC

@everyone Party switching without MY approval is NOT allowed. If you leave the server and rejoin so you can join another party you will be banned. There are WAY too many issues that arise if people can leave and join parties on a whim, Right now, if you leave a party, you are not allowed to join another for a week. Soon I will have google applications up for leaving parties and joining another.

2018-06-01 05:43:00 UTC

@everyone I would like to clarify that this server DOES follow the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Posting nudity or gore in a channel that is not labeled as 'NFSW' is not only against server rules, but Discord's rules. You will be banned, no questions asked, if you do either.

2018-06-01 21:37:50 UTC

@everyone In 2017 following Charlottesville, the media started pressing Discord regarding Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right servers and they did a major purge of them. Since then, while Discord's focus has been less, they are still sweeping up blatantly Nazi or white nationalist servers. They have made SEVERAL official statements saying they do not allow Nazis on the service. While this isn't a Neo-Nazi server and welcomes all ideologies, the Fascist party here has a large sum of it's membership consisting of actual NatSoc Nazi's than just Italian fascists or people looking to play the part for the enjoyment of the simulator. This is set in 2035 and the need for Swastikas is absent, so I am going to be heavily restricting the amount of Nazism being promoted in this server. You can promote the fascist party and even National Socialism without be a blatant Nazi. You can call this incredibly unfair and bias since there is nothing be done to the communists, and you are right, but this isn't being done because I want it, it is being done because people are reporting the server and Discord has made it clear that they will take action on Neo-Nazi servers and while we aren't one, you come online at the wrong time and it sure as hell looks like one. Apologies for the inconvenience this causes to the local NatSocs and those that consider this "Thought Police" but Discord is a private company and whether their stance and actions are right or wrong doesn't matter, because in the end they make the rules and servers are to abide by them or they will be removed. This doesn't mean any link or video or picture that has a swastika in it is banned, it depends on the context and how much the post is centered around a promotion of Nazism, but NatSocs are going to have to represent their ideology without promoting Nazism from here on out. Forgive me if it is wrong to comply to these rules so the server may continue to exist.
Official statement by Discord:

2018-06-03 20:34:36 UTC

@everyone You can be banned for being a whiny bitch or for whatever fucking reason I want. No due process here, so be careful. Just observe my patience level, thank you! Also, too busy for this shit 24/7 and so I'll finally be trying to lighten my load with staff. Simple things you need done, go ask @Deleted User

2018-06-05 21:48:15 UTC

@everyone Advertising of any sort is NOT allowed without permission. No links to other servers, no links to your social media. If you have a youtube video you stick in <#450438542485749782> once that is no issue, but this server is not here for you to gather support for whatever you are involved in.

2018-06-05 21:50:39 UTC

@everyone You may NOT vote in an election if you joined after it started. I am deleting votes from people that join a region AFTER the election has started. So stop trying to bring in your alts or friends to sway the elections.

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