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2018-05-27 21:52:41 UTC

@everyone Those who are joining, welcome! You are an early access member that will help me make the server through suggestions among other things. I don't want a cluster of similar parties, so the current parties are fascists, communists, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, socialists, anarchists and centrists. These are just the party ideologies, as the parties get populated and elect leaders, they can choose a name for their party.

2018-05-28 01:13:19 UTC

@everyone So there has been some request for something a little different than just America, so I propose the Anglosphere as our nation (can ofc get a different name). We keep the regional divides for America (may have less regions, idk yet) but add Canada, the British Isles (England, Whales, Scotland, Ireland) and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) as regions as well. These regions are for representation in congress. This would work better because not everyone that will join will be America, but MOST will be from English speaking nations. Those not in one of the regions would either just choose one to be in or we could have another region that represents members not in any english nation (considered like "citizens abroad")
So, the irons need to be worked out, but should we do the Anglosphere?

2018-05-28 03:11:32 UTC

@everyone If you are known right-winger or known left-winger who clearly wants to join a very opposite party to your beliefs not for the sake of playing the part and trying to advance the party's agenda but instead for the sake of "memeing", trolling, spying or sabotaging, then we reserve the right to remove you from the party and instruct you to remain undecided or join another party in which you will sincerely be apart of or we can remove you from the server all together. We do not want to control what parties you can be apart of or positions you can take here but there is a degree in which it becomes a heavy detriment to the goals of the server. Thank you.

2018-05-28 03:41:04 UTC

@everyone Name suggestions for our idealized nation please (currently it is referred to as the Anglosphere) some suggestions include "Greater America" "English States of the World" "British Empire (haha)"

2018-05-28 05:28:42 UTC

@everyone Unfortunately there is no way to have the undecided voter role auto-removed once you get a party role currently. If you want it removed (doesn't hurt anything to still have it) please contact an admin (currently me and @Deleted User)

2018-05-28 14:39:14 UTC @everyone server link! invite everyone you can!

2018-05-28 14:46:14 UTC

@everyone added a Council role! This is just for people that are considered staff. They are members that are dedicated to growing the server. They commonly give suggestions and spread the server link. They have no special perms. You all have a good chance at council if you are here right now as the server has so few members. Need to be someone I know well enough and is active and serious about the server

2018-05-28 16:38:44 UTC

@everyone Thoughts on adding random events both domestic and foreign? These random events in the year 2035 can influence party positions and stuff. For example, 2035, South Africa enters a civil war where white South African nationalists are fighting for independence and are proposing a two state solution while the ruling government is attempting to prevent their succession and division of the nation. Party's can run on a platform of things like allowing white south african refugees, support military intervention to either side, proposing economic sanctions to either sides, or remaining entirely neutral in the conflict. This is just an example, but should I add occasional events/scenarios for party's to form their platforms on?

2018-05-28 18:37:16 UTC

@everyone Your party needs at least 10 total members for you to elect a party leader. If your party isn't there (which is most) then get to work recruiting! The best way is to invite people to the server who are likely to join you.

2018-05-28 19:15:32 UTC

@everyone The fascists are recruiting people out of the server heavily... if any of the other party's want a chance you may want to consider doing the same.

2018-05-29 00:41:12 UTC

@everyone added voice channels for each party

2018-05-29 00:59:02 UTC

@everyone The more people there are the more this server can function. There are many positions to be filled for the parties and for our congress (coming soon) so be sure to invite as many people as possible! Especially invite people to join your party specifically, party superiority is the name of the game! Here is the link to the server:

2018-05-29 20:53:42 UTC

@everyone If you are a party leader you can contact me to have a vote for something take place in your party polls channel. This is great if there is a party disagreement on something like the scenarios or other parties to form coalitions with.

2018-05-29 23:07:01 UTC

@everyone we will begin Presidential elections at **200** members! Invite your friends! As more members join we will begin regional elections as well.

2018-05-29 23:30:44 UTC

@everyone TONS of requests for this and that party. The answer is NO. New parties won't be allowed until at LEAST 1.5k members. There are too many parties without enough members as is. I am NOT going to create parties for every fucking sub ideology. That is final

2018-05-29 23:45:28 UTC

@everyone Parties can appoint their presidential candidate now if they would like (need to have a party leader first, but the party's president candidate MUST be voted on by the party, not appointed by the party leader, you can be the party leader and run though) Parties can vote to not have a president run if they have formed a coalition with another party and want to back their candidate or for whatever other reason. The first round, all party candidates will be up for vote. The THREE candidates with the MOST votes go on to the second round, and the top two from that go on to the FINAL round. Party's can only have one candidate running for president. Campaigning can begin, but the elections won't start until 200 members.

2018-05-30 01:20:03 UTC

@everyone I honestly don't keep up with the global channels like general so to get ahold of me, best way is DM or tag me in your region or party chat.

2018-05-30 02:46:50 UTC

@here Just an update on the party membership (remember, one vote for every party is the Zira bot that puts the options there, so subtract one)

2018-05-30 04:21:03 UTC

How active are the chats?
Fascist Party - 4,786 Messages
Communist Party - 927 Messages
Conservative Party - 865 Messages
Liberal Party - 18 Messages
Libertarian Party - 2,769 Messages
Socialist Party - 8 Messages
Anarchist Party - 278 Messages
Centrist Party - 20 Messages

2018-05-30 05:04:10 UTC

@everyone Oh yeah, the nation is now called the "Greater States of America" or "GSA"

2018-05-30 20:42:22 UTC

@everyone 5 bucks to whoever gets to level 25 first

2018-05-30 20:42:34 UTC

(only via paypal)

2018-05-31 02:28:14 UTC

Parties need to figure out who they want to run for president if anyone at all. If your party wants to align with another party and back just one of the party's candidates then you need to decide that. If you are in a liberty party, then whoever wants to run in your party needs to let me know and I will run a party vote so the party can elect their candidate. If you want to back another parties candidate but someone wants to run I can still do a poll on that. If you are in an authority party, the party leader needs to let me know if they are running or if they want to start a poll to decide who or if they are appointing someone. If you are in a central party, you need to start a vote for whether you are authority or liberty centered them from there you can have your presidential vote or declaration of running. Hope this doesn't confuse you all. At 200 members, or shortly after, we start the elections, they will last 24 hours likely. You may vote HOWEVER you want individually. You do not need to vote along any party or coalition line. Unless we get less than 4 bids for president, there will be 3 rounds. The first round, the top 3 candidates with the most votes will move on to the next round. Then, the top 2 candidates of the 3 will go on to the final round where whichever candidate of the two has the most votes, will win the presidency and take control of the executive office. For the time being their power will be limited, since congressional elections won't take place until like 250-300 members.

2018-05-31 20:58:34 UTC

@everyone Seems to be alot of ppl joining to troll and meme, so should I just add a Kekistan Party? Lmao.

2018-05-31 23:20:35 UTC

@everyone So when I go offline for a few hours and I come back with 12 messages of people wanting to switch parties. In a bit, when I get time, which may be never, I will probably make google applications for party switching.

2018-06-01 02:24:40 UTC

@everyone Voting starts in a little over 10 minutes. This will be 3 round voting. Only 3 of the 4 candidates will move on to round 2, and from there, only 2 of 3. Please note that only the voter role will be allowed to vote which everyone on the server right now has, but nobody that joins from here on out will get, so sorry, no voter fraud today! Right before the votes are tallied, I will go through them and make sure there is no duplicate voting. If you vote for more than one candidate you will either have voting suspension or you will just get banned, depends on my mood. Voting will last for around 24 hours for each round. This is JUST for president, not regionals. Senate will start at like 250 members and Representatives at around 300 members.

2018-06-01 06:09:18 UTC

@everyone Please welcome the following server members to the council! The council is a staff role given to several active members across several parties. The council is essentially a suggestion team that will help give feedback and suggestions for the future of the server ๐Ÿ˜ƒ If you want to get on the council, the best way is to be active, be civil and mature, be committed to the growth and success of the server, and don't fucking ask me for it.
@Deleted User
@Deleted User
@Deleted User
@Shell Shock
@Deleted User
@Deleted User
@Deleted User
@Deleted User
@Deleted User
@Deleted User

2018-06-01 06:42:50 UTC

@everyone Added rank reward roles!
Level 1 - Citizen
Level 5 - Regular
Level 10 - Veteran
Level 15 - Expert
Level 20 - Premium
Level 25 - Elite
Level 30 - Master
Level 40 - Champion
Level 50 - Legend
Level 75 - Supreme
Level 100 - Ultimate

There will likely be rewards for the first people that reach levels like Legend, Supreme and Ultimate
There may also be drawings and giveaways for people in a certain rank and up
Special chats will be made for certain ranks

2018-06-01 16:17:09 UTC

@everyone Should "tactical" voting be considered voter fraud? Ex: The Anarchist party has the most votes (ha) in the second round but at second place is the Libertarian party and at third place is the Fascist party. The Anarchist party knows that even if they have the most votes now, in the final round, most other party's members will vote for for the Libertarian party over the Anarchist party but if it came down to Anarchists vs Fascists the Anarchists would likely win. So the Anarchist party has some members vote for the Fascist party so they beat the Libertarians in round 2, so round 1 is setup so it is Anarchists vs. Fascists where the Anarchists have the better odds of winning. *This is just a feedback post and the results of this poll will NOT result in any rule being applied to this Presidential election

2018-06-01 17:02:43 UTC

@everyone Thinking about adding some more parties as the server grows, some official ones. Won't be adding them that soon so don't worry about too much spread across the server. Select the option for what parties you would like to see added to the server. You can select them if you want them added, not just if you intend to join them. (If a Labor party were added I would probably rename the liberal party to the Progressive Party)
๐Ÿ‡ต Populist Party (right-wing?)
๐Ÿ‡ฒ Monarchist Party
๐Ÿ‡ณ Nationalist Party (conservative-fascist)
๐Ÿ‡ฑ Labour Party (center-left)

2018-06-01 19:59:46 UTC

@everyone I am now <@&450417914009616405> instead of Owner. Respect my authority. Too many tags, apologies, so I will put something important here... Monarchist Party is being added TODAY! In another 100 members you can expect to soon see the addition of a Nationalist and Labour party as well! Another update is that I have renamed the Liberal party to the Progressive Party. This is in preparation for the upcoming Labour party which is a center-left party. I wanted more distinction between the two.

2018-06-01 22:33:52 UTC

@everyone The Monarchist Party is here!!!!!! Want to leave your current party and join it? For 24 hours you can leave your party and join it NO questions asked ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-06-01 22:37:54 UTC Flanon rejects Fascism, endorses Anime

2018-06-02 22:53:19 UTC

@everyone Voting ends at 8 PM EST

2018-06-03 03:38:08 UTC

@everyone It is time to begin forming the senate! Senate elections will be taking place in EVERY region. One senator per region can be elected, which means the senate will be comprised of 10 members. Senate voting will be done in TWO rounds. If you would like to declare for candidacy then tag me in your REGIONAL chat. Only one member per party can run. As with the presidential elections, your party can choose NOT to put a candidate up, or endorse another party's candidate. The members of a party in that region must come to that conclusion together, there is no amount of support needed to run under your party, however it there is contest over two or more members of the same party wanting to run in that region, then your party type will decide who runs (your party will vote to run a certain party candidate if you are liberty type, your party leader will choose who runs if you are authority type. btw, Monarchist Party is AUTHORITY type.) Declaring for candidacy won't last long before the elections start so hurry along now!

2018-06-03 03:53:57 UTC

@everyone Should I add the Nationalist Party now?

2018-06-03 04:15:22 UTC

@everyone You cannot run or vote in ANY regional elections if you don't join a region. Go to <#450450547078594582> to pick your region.

2018-06-03 15:18:29 UTC

Make SURE you tag me in PARTY chats or REGION chats for anything you need. My online time will be limited today

2018-06-03 15:22:12 UTC

@everyone the nationalist party and labour party will be added TODAY. If you are looking to join either then don't run for candidacy for the party you are in. You can tag me if you want to leave your party for one of these but I won't be able to add the parties until later today.

2018-06-03 21:00:45 UTC

@everyone I mean it when I say don't be a constant, whiny, demanding little bitch. I also meant it when I said there would be some restrictions on genocidal spamming. This server has grown and my patience is growing thin with it. I don't have time to try and hand out warnings and keep everyone in line. You start causing trouble, you will be banned.

2018-06-03 21:00:49 UTC

2018-06-04 00:02:32 UTC

@everyone Many people feel cheated that the vote was 29-47 against a Nationalist Party and it is still being made so I would like to clarify why it is being made in spite of that. For one, I already made it official that both the Nationalist, Monarchist and Labor party would be made. It was just when that needed to be decided. I didn't want crazy distribution between parties that would cause party's to be too small but that already exists, most the server is stacked into a few parties. This will help even out those parties more. Also, those parties which I want to be official party's that compete with the others can compete less and less the later they are added. Second, and honestly the more important reason is that there is a demand for it. Already 16 people have told me they want to join the Nationalist party. In any nation with political parties, parties aren't formed based on whether the majority of the nation wants them or not but rather if there is an interest for the party in the nation, even then they are still created. There is a high-level of interest in the Nationalist party from people that want to join it. Parties shouldn't be barred from existing because the majority doesn't want them, only if there is no interest in the party. I have free time for most the evening so I will work to add both the Nationalist party and the Labor party to the server. If you want to join either send me a message, state which party you are currently in and then let me know that you want to join one of the new party's, keeps it simple, quick and informative. I have like a billion tags right now so DM's is the way to go.

2018-06-04 00:31:04 UTC


2018-06-04 01:16:11 UTC

@everyone Next presidential election we may start expanding the executive office depending on the size of the server. We will at least have a VP position. The VP's will be announced right before the final round by the presidents. What I want to ask is if presidential candidates should be able to select a VP from another party? This would make coalitions a bigger deal for sure.

2018-06-04 02:13:14 UTC

@everyone going to start the process of adding sub-parties. This will be for more distinction in the parties. I will allow up to 3 per party for now, think I will demand that every party have 3 at least at some point, if they are too small of a party atm I understand. So go ahead and discuss with your party and find out what the 3 most common sub-sects of your ideology are and the divides. For example. Nationalists: Civic Nationalist, Cultural Nationalist, Ethnic Nationalist or Fascists: Christo-Fascism, NatSoc, National Syndicalist or Anarchist: An-Cap, An-Com, Anarcho-Mutualist

If enough no votes I won't proceed with this plan

2018-06-04 02:21:15 UTC

@everyone Was a busy day, anyone who is running for a senate position be sure to tag me in your regional-chat. If you don't see your candidacy in <#450697768206467074> then go ahead and tag me again and I will get you added.

2018-06-04 03:58:47 UTC

@here I have gained ownership of the server and have removed eagle ๐“”๐“ช๐“ฐ๐“ต๐“ฎ ๐“”๐”‚๐“ฎ eagle#5916 from owner or any admin role. I know his dedication to the server has been limited and he has continued to intervene in the server and the party's to prevent any progress from being made. As the new server owner I recognize that is my sole duty to enforce the rules of the server and grow membership but ONLY that. I will not intervene in elections or snoop in party chats. I will let things take due course. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy many of the needed changes that will take place to allow the party's and server members run the server.

2018-06-04 04:18:08 UTC

@everyone Lmao. Fun is over folks. Glad to see some people are surprisingly loyal despite how fucking corrupt I am! Lol, no James didn't take over, never had owner even, we just wanted to go big with a good laugh. I would like to take this moment though to thanks @Deleted User for all the work he does. You may not see him talk much but he is here a lot observing, a full-time lurker actually, but more importantly he does all the server's grunt work. Things that are repetitive and I am too lazy to do James takes care of for me on all my servers. You don't ever have to worry about a coup from James, he is loyal, but @Deleted User on the other hand... reeks of betrayal...

2018-06-04 04:24:41 UTC

@everyone Should regions have governors? I would have to make regional scenarios then probably... idk

2018-06-04 17:21:44 UTC

@everyone Starting the senate elections. I won't be doing them all at once, just a few at a time. They will last for around a day. They will all be done in two rounds.

2018-06-04 22:20:01 UTC

@everyone If your party has a party flag, send it to me and I will add it as an emoji to be used. If your party doesn't have one yet, get some made and get a vote on some designs!

2018-06-04 23:32:26 UTC

if you are running for a position yes you can vote for yourself...

2018-06-05 04:25:38 UTC

@everyone you can make foreign and domestic scenarios and send them to me, but this is only being done out of hopes maybe I will get a single one that is good or something. Most will likely be denied because I just don't like them, bad grammar, not clear, or sets up a bias scenario. Still, try your shot at it if you want.

2018-06-05 04:26:24 UTC

also, ireland is NOT apart of the G.S.A.

2018-06-05 05:14:42 UTC

@everyone Expect regional elections to be closed at 2 PM EST (6/5/18)

2018-06-05 22:16:10 UTC

I am muting those who fuck up in the counting channel,..

2018-06-05 23:31:24 UTC

congrats to @๐ŸŒผKalina๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒนZay๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒนScott๐ŸŒผ for getting level 25 first! He has refused to claim his prize of 5 whole dollars, because money is a social construct. So, whoever gets level 25 next will get the reward!!!

2018-06-06 05:45:26 UTC

elections will end early morning!]

2018-06-06 15:39:42 UTC

@everyone There is an INSANE amount of BULLSHIT being spread around that needs to stop. Fruitypebbles was NEVER the Communist Party Leader. That has ALWAYS been Zohius. Second, he was never banned, he left the server. Whatever your opinions on him are, be it pedophilia or just being weird, he isn't in the server anymore, and he was never the Communist Party Leader. So, move on, don't need to bring it up and you CERTAINLY don't need to use it as a malicious smear job against a whole server party that had no connection to it. Thank you.

2018-06-06 16:40:41 UTC

@everyone The Senate has been formed! Keep up to date on the <#450697768206467074> channel to get results on legislation.

2018-06-06 18:06:39 UTC

@S_5_fifstee listens to Florida Georgia Line. I would just like to officially announce his candidacy for Cuck of the Year.

2018-06-09 01:07:02 UTC

@everyone The president title now has pardon power. It can be overruled by me ofc, but should a member get banned for things that aren't like straight up server sabotage or doing illegal shit, they can be brought back through presidential pardon. It can also be used for fictional pardons like Flanon is doing, even though that is pretty lame.

2018-06-09 22:57:56 UTC

Fuck, wrong server ignore that ping

2018-06-10 22:36:51 UTC

@everyone Zionist Party coming soon!

2018-06-10 23:30:16 UTC

@here By executive order, the Zionist Party has been officially formed.

2018-06-11 20:53:47 UTC

@everyone We will hold a new election for president when I have time which is right now but I don't feel like it right now and after right now I won't have time for like a long time so basically, get fucked. The Jews run the show now !!!

2018-06-11 20:54:01 UTC

God Bless the Zionist Party

2018-06-11 21:02:41 UTC

@everyone so flanon nuked the server and at first I was like nuuu this didn't get Jew approval but post-nuclear war sounds lit so yeah, we are now post nuclear war 2036, idk what that means or what will change but I mean commies and fascists and lolbertarians and anarchists exist after a nuclear war right? well ik the anarchists at least exist now oye oye oye

2018-06-11 21:07:46 UTC

@everyone Parties can select their own party names but I have every right to deny the names (if they are too memey). The ideology will just be put in parenthesis.

2018-06-12 00:35:01 UTC

@everyone Due to the results of the recent poll, the server will be getting a major revamp to add some flavor and excitement to it. It will be more of a political war simulator now involving things like territory and resources. Stay tuned for updates. To be apart of the planning process, go to <#455892548590895114> !

2018-06-12 03:48:08 UTC

@everyone Since everyone is so desperate to start despite the fact we haven't gotten an ounce of shit figured out, we will go ahead and get the process started for the state draft. First step is making sure every party (faction) has a leader of sorts. For now that will just be party leader, but soon the parties can select their leader title since parties are essentially nations now. From there will get started with a draft for starting states. Parties have 24 hours to get 10 or more members or they will be abolished.

2018-06-13 03:19:41 UTC

@everyone Looking for staff:

2018-06-13 04:29:58 UTC

@everyone Be sure to check out the original Politicord! All ideologies are welcome and there is dozens of available topics to discuss. Also many polls are current events or general positions on issues.

2018-06-15 08:38:34 UTC

@everyone The Communists are officially the largest faction at 62 members, surpassing the Fascists who have dropped from 72 to 61 members over the last few days.

2018-06-17 19:58:32 UTC

@everyone ***NEW*** Party message stats
Fascist Party - 20,164
Communist Party - 6,439
Libertarian Party - 4,394
Conservative Party - 4,116
Nationalist Party - 3,979
Anarchist Party - 1,387
Laborist Party - 159
Monarchist Party - 128
Socialist Party - 125
Progressive Party - 65
Centrist Party - 37

Several parties need to increase membership soon or they will be deleted. If you find a server with people of your ideology or any political server really, send me a link and I'll work on a partnership

2018-06-18 02:59:37 UTC

@everyone I am going to need a temp server owner for awhile. Could be a week could be months. They will not get complete server ownership because I am am greedy grub but they will make most to all executive decisions for the server during their time. DM me if interested. I may do this through an election process so if you think you don't have a shot in hell because I hate your guts, may as well send a DM anyways.

2018-06-18 18:58:15 UTC

@everyone James owns the server now. Whether he chooses to hand ownership to someone here or run it himself is up to him. I'll come back one day and suck James dick to rule you all again but until then, enjoy.

2018-06-18 19:17:05 UTC

@everyone As Eagle has written above, I will now be running this server till Eagle makes his glorious return. Until then, I will remain at my post. My eye will be fixated here, and when not typing I will be methodically reading every message this server produces. I will not immediately be picking admins, I might not pick one at all. Remain as you all were, and keep doing as you were doing before. My work today, as it has always been, will remain for Eagle.

2018-06-18 20:58:14 UTC

Holy shit talk about a loyalist

2018-06-18 20:58:47 UTC

Nigga if we were in different places I would have couped this place lmao.

2018-06-18 20:59:08 UTC

Joke Ily James if you were a women I would totally make babies with you

2018-06-22 14:08:09 UTC

@everyone The Nations at War bot is now here and will cycle every 12 hours at 7:45 EST.

2018-06-24 03:39:07 UTC

@everyone As the structure of the server is so drastically changing, we have seen fit that our staff structure change with it as well. While we will start small and slow, you can expect the staff team to grow in both staff members and available staff positions. Our first addition to the staff team is @Deleted User who will be serving as Admin alongside me in service to both @Deleted User (fuck that hurts to say) and the server. All admins must not partake in the simulator for any party (except the Zionist Party ofc) so Advocatus will be leaving the Communist Party for the duration of his service in the Admin position. We are excited to bring new blood to the staff team, especially someone as enthusiastic about the future of the server as Advocatus. Please welcome him aboard!

2018-06-24 04:20:24 UTC

@everyone Eagle's new monthly server is here. Estimated lifespan = 3 weeks. A Game of Thrones server because who doesn't have time to be a total lore-nerd? This time it isn't political. Okay actually it is, just a different kind of politics. (Jon Snow is a globalist, selling out the nationalist North, Dany is bringing an army of 3rd world savages to the shores of Westeros, Cersei Lannister is a fascist defending the culture and people of Westeros ๐Ÿ˜‰ So yeah, if you are a degenerate like me that watches GoT or reads the books, join, if you don't, then congrats you are living on a righteous path. It will have SOME simulator elements, very simple shit, but the main focus is really just on talking about Game of Thrones. The server is brand new so yeah, another beta stage shitshow. Enjoy:

2018-06-25 18:50:17 UTC

@everyone Server is going to be basically shutdown and rebuilt from the ground up. If you are an active member still, you will be safe from the prune. But most roles will be deleted (and re-added, just removing members from them) so people are available for pruning. The server will look basically like it was at the start. We will be going back to purely a political sim. We have lost an abundance of members due to constant changes that sound great in theory but can't be executed well. We cant get those members back nor will we try to so we will just be bringing in new faces as we start from near scratch. The war sim was pointless for anyone not involved, but I believe Marini has a test server that anyone who did enjoy that can probably go to use the bot or something. Anyone is welcome to leave as our focus is not on maintaining the current members, just getting new ones. Sorry for the inconvenience and failure to deliver in previous versions of the sim, after all, it never did leave a Beta stage. Trial and error. With a large team of admins working together, I have high hopes for what we can make given our experience. If you want to stay along for the ride you are welcome to. Thanks to everyone who did give this a shot.

2018-06-25 18:54:10 UTC


2018-06-27 23:09:00 UTC

@everyone can anyone make logos, DM if so

2018-06-27 23:45:44 UTC

@everyone Server name is Imperium (Political Sim). Looking for any American or Roman styled logos (or both). So you can do a red-white and blue or a red and gold logo color scheme. the letter I would suffice or Imperium written out.

2018-06-28 02:15:30 UTC

@everyone So kind of like stepping down again (lol am I just one big walking talking meme or what?). Laid out a plan for James that he can follow if he wishes to bring this server back to it's former state. I will still be here talking and still have admin to help where needed, I am clingy and can't let go of my servers too easy, but trying to let the man I gave owner, be owner. Found him some external help, an old admin of a U.S. political roleplay server who will hopefully give us some good direction. With that being said, not gone, still involved, but James is officially BOSSMAN and BANNY BOIIIIIIII.

2018-06-28 05:32:16 UTC

@everyone Regions and Party's have been re-introduced! Check out <#450421931963973635> and <#461761196551569428>

2018-06-28 18:37:25 UTC

Go to <#451750296700583939> and type

?rank No Tag

if you don't want to see the partnership channel

2018-06-29 18:17:12 UTC

@everyone We will continue to prune members without roles. Even temp deleting some level roles so inactive level 10s and what not can get kicked. Join a party to avoid pruning.

2018-06-29 19:48:35 UTC

@everyone Got a new Border Collie Pup. Looking for a name. He is scattered with black and white and has some light tan on his legs. He also has blue eyes. He came from a sketchy breeder but he is warming up quick. Got a bath right before this picture. Anyways, looking for a name for him. Tag me with some name suggestions. I suspect most of you are 13 year old window lickers and will suggest dumbass names, which you may do, but remember who in this server abuses power like a Muslim abuses their wives.

2018-06-29 19:48:47 UTC

2018-06-29 20:06:35 UTC

Name him Cobalt

2018-06-29 20:06:42 UTC

Cobalt blue eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-06-29 20:07:12 UTC


2018-06-29 20:07:22 UTC

Cobalt has always been my element ironically

2018-06-29 20:07:52 UTC

But we have a dog named Kona and dogs usually hear the first syllable of their name so that would get confusing

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