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2017-04-17 18:59:08 UTC

pee pee POO POO

2017-04-17 18:59:43 UTC

Daily reminder to git /fit/

2017-04-17 19:00:32 UTC

If by the end of the year, battles between Antifa and Anticom don't look like this, I'll be disappointed

2017-04-17 19:00:47 UTC

That's be sick

2017-04-17 19:01:22 UTC

We already have artillery (fireworks, bricks, etc.)

2017-04-17 19:01:30 UTC


2017-04-17 19:01:42 UTC

Just need cavalry (motorcycles)

2017-04-17 19:02:19 UTC

Also a way to protect our banners and such

2017-04-17 19:02:29 UTC

Also we have drummers for marches

2017-04-17 19:02:30 UTC

Putting strong guys in front and around

2017-04-17 19:02:32 UTC

Or one drummer that is

2017-04-17 19:02:36 UTC


2017-04-17 19:03:04 UTC

Was there really ~300 antifa and 120 patriots?

2017-04-17 19:03:12 UTC

Yeah probably

2017-04-17 19:03:17 UTC

We're always outnumbered

2017-04-17 19:03:19 UTC

Where are these numbers coming from

2017-04-17 19:03:33 UTC

Rough estimates I guess

2017-04-17 19:03:51 UTC

Mostly what news reports and how many people the organizers of the pro-Trump thing said came

2017-04-17 19:04:07 UTC

I don't doubt they were outnumbered but it is kinda hard to believe that 120 people repelled 300.

2017-04-17 19:04:21 UTC

Not all of the 300fought

2017-04-17 19:04:26 UTC

Some just stood there

2017-04-17 19:04:38 UTC

I was under the impression that antifa was there specifically to fight

2017-04-17 19:04:44 UTC

has anything happened yet?

2017-04-17 19:04:50 UTC

Pls, commies are pussies

2017-04-17 19:04:53 UTC

fuck me this is the slowest orgy ever

2017-04-17 19:04:53 UTC

Antifa doesn't want to talk

2017-04-17 19:05:13 UTC

Fuck the Bloc, I'll square up with those faggots any day of the week

2017-04-17 19:05:14 UTC

Better dead than red lads.

2017-04-17 19:05:17 UTC

Wait waht is happening?

2017-04-17 19:05:23 UTC


2017-04-17 19:05:27 UTC

Auburn. Tomorrow

2017-04-17 19:05:32 UTC


2017-04-17 19:05:45 UTC

It's Alabama so we should win

2017-04-17 19:05:52 UTC


2017-04-17 19:05:59 UTC


2017-04-17 19:06:00 UTC


2017-04-17 19:06:02 UTC

I better see Old Row out there too

2017-04-17 19:06:03 UTC

Its gonna be gud

2017-04-17 19:06:06 UTC

Good ol' Alabama folks

2017-04-17 19:06:12 UTC

Watching the video it's clear a few of them would pull people into their crowds and they'd beat them. I'm not saying they went there to be brave, but it seems like most of them joined in when they believed odds were in their favor.

2017-04-17 19:06:16 UTC

It better be gudd

2017-04-17 19:06:34 UTC

tomorrow? fuck

2017-04-17 19:06:42 UTC

I want no casualties on our sides

2017-04-17 19:06:43 UTC

someone better stream this

2017-04-17 19:06:45 UTC

@Whitecheese They do snatch and grab techniques that they learned from riot teams

2017-04-17 19:06:51 UTC

Only the commiefags

2017-04-17 19:06:53 UTC

Guys how many months are we into this program? And how much progress did we made so far?


2017-04-17 19:07:09 UTC

Why haven't we black bagged them or something?

2017-04-17 19:07:32 UTC

take no prisoners, I want to see the whites of their eyes while they get fucking curbstomped

2017-04-17 19:07:41 UTC

@Whitecheese we could theoretically but I'm pretty sure that's felony kidnapping

2017-04-17 19:07:42 UTC

@Andy Two-3 months almost

2017-04-17 19:07:55 UTC

Not if they're committing a crime

2017-04-17 19:08:06 UTC

Oh citizens arrest

2017-04-17 19:08:09 UTC

Once they start throwing punches, fucking bag their asses

2017-04-17 19:08:25 UTC

Ball them up

2017-04-17 19:08:37 UTC

We don't need traitors to our nation. Better dead than red <:pepe3:279092452315365376>

2017-04-17 19:08:42 UTC

Once their friends try to save them, bag them next.

2017-04-17 19:08:42 UTC


2017-04-17 19:08:56 UTC

Eventually they'll run or all be captured.

2017-04-17 19:08:59 UTC


2017-04-17 19:09:09 UTC

Fuck that's actually a good idea

2017-04-17 19:09:11 UTC

Or get some fucking riot shields and try to corral them.

2017-04-17 19:09:21 UTC

We could flex cuff them and hand them off to police

2017-04-17 19:09:21 UTC

Yes to riot shields.

2017-04-17 19:09:28 UTC


2017-04-17 19:09:35 UTC

Is that legal?

2017-04-17 19:09:44 UTC

The last thing we want is a lawsuit

2017-04-17 19:09:46 UTC

Well we could flex cuff and just leave them there

2017-04-17 19:09:49 UTC

Corraling them with riot shields?

2017-04-17 19:09:58 UTC

Anticom defending against a surprise Antifa charge

2017-04-17 19:10:00 UTC

What would be illegal about that?

2017-04-17 19:10:15 UTC

Oh I got confused

2017-04-17 19:10:19 UTC

Ignore that

2017-04-17 19:10:26 UTC


2017-04-17 19:10:39 UTC


2017-04-17 19:10:39 UTC

A respirator and goggles

2017-04-17 19:10:40 UTC

The one that's connected to a helium tank

2017-04-17 19:10:44 UTC

Stay functional goy

2017-04-17 19:10:47 UTC

Kys for buying that garbage

2017-04-17 19:10:48 UTC


2017-04-17 19:10:54 UTC

<:sieg:292377860805492747> one of these

2017-04-17 19:10:56 UTC

I wanna be coool

2017-04-17 19:11:05 UTC

Call of fug is coooollll

2017-04-17 19:11:17 UTC

Stop distracting us goy

2017-04-17 19:11:25 UTC

We're planning a march here

2017-04-17 19:11:30 UTC


2017-04-17 19:11:32 UTC


2017-04-17 19:11:37 UTC


2017-04-17 19:11:47 UTC

If we're doing a march, we'd better have snare drums and Napoleonic war uniforms

2017-04-17 19:11:50 UTC

We're making America great again rn

2017-04-17 19:11:53 UTC

And fifes

2017-04-17 19:12:08 UTC

And Tri hats

2017-04-17 19:12:11 UTC

We need manpower and organization

2017-04-17 19:12:15 UTC

We revolutionary now

2017-04-17 19:12:26 UTC

We gotta recruit more people for tomorrow

2017-04-17 19:12:33 UTC

>tfw too far away

2017-04-17 19:12:34 UTC


2017-04-17 19:12:36 UTC

No chances, only victory

2017-04-17 19:12:42 UTC

Same 😦 , plus school

2017-04-17 19:12:45 UTC

Rutgers is literally down the street from me

2017-04-17 19:12:52 UTC


2017-04-17 19:13:11 UTC

Miami is full of people yet nothing happens

2017-04-17 19:13:25 UTC

People are too busy at the beach I guess

2017-04-17 19:13:32 UTC

>you will never go over the hills and far away for Emperor Trump

2017-04-17 19:13:45 UTC

>not flying in for an event

2017-04-17 19:14:07 UTC

Come to Cali and we'll set up a VoL/Anticom slumber party

2017-04-17 19:14:14 UTC

Maybe when I'm done with school and college

2017-04-17 19:14:41 UTC


2017-04-17 19:14:50 UTC


2017-04-17 19:14:52 UTC

I'd love to support. Fl is a swing state so I know we matter

2017-04-17 19:15:05 UTC

Any gun people online right now?

2017-04-17 19:15:09 UTC

Unless they do something near me, the most I can do is offer help with logistics and shit

2017-04-17 19:15:18 UTC

@Voodoo Whacha wan know

2017-04-17 19:15:26 UTC

@Voodoo what's up

2017-04-17 19:15:51 UTC

Yup. Bye bye best korea

2017-04-17 19:15:52 UTC

@Voodoo we here fam

2017-04-17 19:16:13 UTC

Less of want to know more of want to get y'alls opinion on this Belt Fed 9mm upper

2017-04-17 19:16:23 UTC

Shitty but fun

2017-04-17 19:16:34 UTC

Someone makes a 5.56 belt fed upper as well

2017-04-17 19:16:42 UTC


2017-04-17 19:16:44 UTC

Yeah I was thinking less practical but more fun

2017-04-17 19:17:02 UTC

Looks kinda neat, never seen one before so I don't know if it's reliable or not.

2017-04-17 19:17:06 UTC


2017-04-17 19:17:07 UTC

It's just a range toy so fuck it, as long as you have the money

2017-04-17 19:17:08 UTC

All I have is pepper spray

2017-04-17 19:17:25 UTC


Cali is no better let me tell you

2017-04-17 19:17:26 UTC

If you want all the fun you also pay 30 grand for a registered DIAS and have an actual sweeper

2017-04-17 19:17:33 UTC

I only got my ARs before the ban

2017-04-17 19:17:50 UTC

Also found out the Vetterli rifle I'm getting, since it's original and they chambered it in 6.5 Carcano it's basically a wall hanger

2017-04-17 19:17:53 UTC

Bring a fucking flare gun

2017-04-17 19:18:08 UTC

Scare those antifa dickbags shitless

2017-04-17 19:18:26 UTC

6.5 Grendel is redpilled but sadly not widely adopted

2017-04-17 19:18:28 UTC


2017-04-17 19:18:38 UTC

US Army may be adopting it

2017-04-17 19:18:42 UTC

Honestly let's go full European nationalists and use flares at rallies

2017-04-17 19:18:47 UTC

♫ who can say where the road goes ♫

2017-04-17 19:18:55 UTC

A map

2017-04-17 19:18:57 UTC

Paint the sky with red

2017-04-17 19:19:01 UTC

A map can say where the road goes

2017-04-17 19:19:20 UTC

@D3VNT the map raped dorah

2017-04-17 19:19:24 UTC

This is Carcano, 6.5 in general is a really good round no matter what label, especially 6.5 Creedmore. It's a very flat shooter good for long range

2017-04-17 19:19:57 UTC

u can get awn ak in 6.5

2017-04-17 19:20:05 UTC

It'd be fucking awesome to take some beanbags or rubber bullets to antifa, but I don't see anyone getting away with that.

2017-04-17 19:20:13 UTC

I'd get a 6.5 upper

2017-04-17 19:20:16 UTC

but as with all meme rounds.. its not worth it unless the supply availability is good

2017-04-17 19:20:18 UTC

Creedmoor is not an intermediate round

2017-04-17 19:20:22 UTC

Alt Knight options

2017-04-17 19:20:27 UTC

.308 is the best option

2017-04-17 19:20:31 UTC


2017-04-17 19:20:41 UTC

And only slightly better trajectory than 308

2017-04-17 19:20:41 UTC

i want it to be 6.5, but its 308

2017-04-17 19:20:48 UTC

Eh, you might if you make a Zip gun using a flare gun and a pipe of that exact barrel dimension to make a small cheap shotgun

2017-04-17 19:20:49 UTC


2017-04-17 19:20:54 UTC

But an AR-10 and be a real American

2017-04-17 19:21:08 UTC

i want an ar-10 this year

2017-04-17 19:21:09 UTC

>Using a piece of plastic to shoot shotgun shells

2017-04-17 19:21:15 UTC

Great way to lose a hand fam

2017-04-17 19:21:20 UTC

but next for me is a piston ar-15

2017-04-17 19:21:30 UTC

Replace the plastic back and barrel with metal pipe

2017-04-17 19:21:32 UTC

so i can shoot garbage ammo after the happening

2017-04-17 19:21:42 UTC

I bought a ruger lower so we'll see how it goes

2017-04-17 19:21:49 UTC

@Voodoo It's not that simple

2017-04-17 19:21:57 UTC

I think DI gets way too much unwarranted hate.

2017-04-17 19:22:06 UTC

Someone tried it once on /k/ and reported a torn up arm

2017-04-17 19:22:18 UTC

I don't see the point of piston AR without using a suppressor.

2017-04-17 19:22:21 UTC

DI does get unwarranted hate but pistons are still better

2017-04-17 19:22:38 UTC

As long as it's not in an AR

2017-04-17 19:22:45 UTC

piston has better reliability with shit ammo

2017-04-17 19:22:46 UTC

If you really want a shitty shotgun make a slam fire shotgun.

2017-04-17 19:22:47 UTC

Piston ARs have a carrier tilt problem

2017-04-17 19:23:09 UTC

I disagree my buddies and I use cheap shit ammo in our ARs constantly.

2017-04-17 19:23:11 UTC

Eh, maybe, I've seen one where they replaced the plastic barrel with a drilled out wooden block and shot .22 but .22lr is very different from 12ga

2017-04-17 19:23:20 UTC

The BCG ends up grinding itself and the buffer tube and it fucks shit up

2017-04-17 19:23:21 UTC

i doubt after the happening i'll be able to buy top shelf from mutant traveling vendors

2017-04-17 19:24:00 UTC

If you want a gun for SHTF scenarios you should learn to reload and assume you won't find ammo.

2017-04-17 19:24:00 UTC

HK has their own weird semi-piston rifle that's essentially the HK416

2017-04-17 19:24:22 UTC

>Can't find ammo

2017-04-17 19:24:29 UTC

>Reloading on a press

2017-04-17 19:24:31 UTC

Lel what

2017-04-17 19:24:38 UTC

The HK416 can go through the ringer, IV8888 did a torture test and they couldn't kill it

2017-04-17 19:24:55 UTC

I reload, mainly because I shoot competition and have special loads

2017-04-17 19:25:09 UTC


2017-04-17 19:25:23 UTC

Yes, why would you assume you're gonna find ammo for your gun? If it's a SHTF scenario you should assume what you have is all you've got.

2017-04-17 19:25:28 UTC

But yeah you can buy 416s

2017-04-17 19:25:32 UTC

Plus for milsurp it's cheaper to reload than buy, especially for 8mm Mauser

2017-04-17 19:25:48 UTC

What good is reloading benches if you can't find boolets, brass, or primers

2017-04-17 19:25:54 UTC

You shouldn't plan to find food after a bad situation, you should already have it, likewise with ammo.

2017-04-17 19:26:03 UTC

Hopefully you'll have those stockpiled

2017-04-17 19:26:18 UTC

Well you can cast bullets, you have brass, and you just stock up on primers

2017-04-17 19:26:21 UTC

Well yeah but if you're mobile you're not carrying much more than 300 rounds of anything

2017-04-17 19:26:33 UTC

And drag around a giang press with you?

2017-04-17 19:26:44 UTC

It'd be easier to find ammo as widely sold as it is

2017-04-17 19:26:47 UTC

You don't need the giant Dillon or Hornady

2017-04-17 19:26:50 UTC

It's foolish to plan to move unless you have a destination in mind.

2017-04-17 19:26:52 UTC

hello there traveler, can I interest you in some water purification products?


2017-04-17 19:26:59 UTC


2017-04-17 19:27:18 UTC

If you're simply traveling with no end game, you've already lost at surviving.

2017-04-17 19:27:27 UTC

Reloading is greay but in SHTF of very limited value

2017-04-17 19:27:28 UTC

They make ones that are single stage and you just change out the bits on it, can't remember the company but it's what I use to reload my deer rifles

2017-04-17 19:27:43 UTC

Unless the entire goal was escape btfo'd area

2017-04-17 19:28:00 UTC

Even in your S.T.A.L.K.E.R scenario reloading would be an extremely valuable skill.

2017-04-17 19:28:10 UTC

yep, reloading sounds good in meme world, but irl it wont last forever

2017-04-17 19:28:22 UTC

Sure, but carrying around the equipment would be a shit idea

2017-04-17 19:28:27 UTC

can't just craft ammo components from rocks and dead cats like in vidya

2017-04-17 19:28:32 UTC


2017-04-17 19:28:36 UTC

It won't eventually you'll run out of powder and primers

2017-04-17 19:28:42 UTC

There's hand presses.

2017-04-17 19:28:51 UTC

They weigh practically nothing

2017-04-17 19:28:59 UTC


2017-04-17 19:29:03 UTC


2017-04-17 19:29:04 UTC

Instead of having all the shit

2017-04-17 19:29:06 UTC


2017-04-17 19:29:12 UTC

Why not just have a shitload of ammo in the first place

2017-04-17 19:29:29 UTC

I see no reason to waste pack space on shit for reloading

2017-04-17 19:29:34 UTC

why not have a shitload of ammo and a piston rifle to shoot a shitload of shit ammo

2017-04-17 19:29:50 UTC

@James_Coney - LA <@258653473237630987> i have a shitload of free time on my hands today, so propaganda orders are very very welcome

2017-04-17 19:29:52 UTC

we're talking that sweet steel case 223

2017-04-17 19:29:53 UTC

Primers and powder can be cheaper than buying ammo

2017-04-17 19:29:58 UTC

Because a regular not shit DI AR can shoot shit ammo.

2017-04-17 19:30:03 UTC

Mmmyes that tulammo

2017-04-17 19:30:13 UTC

^ all I use in my SKS

2017-04-17 19:30:21 UTC


2017-04-17 19:30:28 UTC

What is optimum gas length for a DI that can shoot wolf 223

2017-04-17 19:30:34 UTC


2017-04-17 19:30:46 UTC

and you're vastly overestimating the weight of a press and compenents.

2017-04-17 19:30:56 UTC

No, just the space

2017-04-17 19:31:14 UTC

Once again though, the ideal situation is to already have a destination, like a cabin or something, which could have a full press.

2017-04-17 19:31:20 UTC


2017-04-17 19:31:23 UTC

That's fine, yesx

2017-04-17 19:31:27 UTC

You know

2017-04-17 19:31:35 UTC

It would probably also help with the boredom

2017-04-17 19:31:47 UTC

But that plan isn't feasible for everyone

2017-04-17 19:32:12 UTC

I'm not saying it is. I'm saying that planning on finding ammo in a SHTF situation is overly optimistic.

2017-04-17 19:32:18 UTC

and less than ideal

2017-04-17 19:32:24 UTC

I agree with you

2017-04-17 19:32:28 UTC

SHTF is already less than ideal

2017-04-17 19:32:29 UTC


2017-04-17 19:32:32 UTC

Has hit the fan

2017-04-17 19:32:39 UTC

Be prepared for super suck

2017-04-17 19:32:48 UTC

So why make it even worse by not having enough ammo to last or relying on pure luck of finding the ammo?

2017-04-17 19:32:53 UTC

@Whitecheese is probaboly noguns. Everyone /k/ommando knows that you reload IN the gun. You set the gun down, barrel up. Put the primer directly above the firing pin. You then put the casing on top of it. Then you pour the powder in till its almost full. Then you seat the bullet. Then you release the bolt. Tadaaa, its done.

2017-04-17 19:32:56 UTC

you should have enough ammo stockpiles to last

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