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2017-04-16 11:26:44 UTC

Protestantism started when Martin Luther made translations of the Bible so the common man could read it for himself

2017-04-16 11:26:57 UTC

And the Church wanted him and every pleb who read it to die

2017-04-16 11:27:36 UTC

Because we can't have every random fucker be able to read the bible

2017-04-16 11:27:41 UTC

That's heresy

2017-04-16 11:28:32 UTC

oh okay gotcha, I should of known that, Martin Luther is based as fuck, he wrote a few really antisemetic books.

2017-04-16 11:28:51 UTC


2017-04-16 11:29:29 UTC

But yeah the Catholic church at the time was making a damned fine living from lying to people while preaching from the most sinful and corrupt city in Europe at the time

2017-04-16 11:29:36 UTC

And he was all like

2017-04-16 11:29:39 UTC

"this shit's fucked"

2017-04-16 11:30:20 UTC

And then he went on an edgy phase and broke the tenants of monogamy later but that's rather unrelated to the whole bible part

2017-04-16 11:30:49 UTC

oh wierd, was he a polygamist or an adulterer?

2017-04-16 11:31:12 UTC

Think it was adultery

2017-04-16 11:31:34 UTC

Thing is he swooped a nun and eloped

2017-04-16 11:31:36 UTC


2017-04-16 11:31:50 UTC


2017-04-16 11:32:21 UTC


2017-04-16 11:32:52 UTC

have you ever seen how they executedNicolae CeauΘ™escu, now thats how you deal with commies XD

2017-04-16 11:33:38 UTC

My grandpa actually did push a commie out of a helicopter midflight

2017-04-16 11:33:44 UTC

Only nam story he'll tell

2017-04-16 11:33:55 UTC

thats based

2017-04-16 11:34:00 UTC

But he and his dudes found a Chinese intelligence agent

2017-04-16 11:34:10 UTC

Established comms halfway back to base

2017-04-16 11:34:27 UTC

CO: "No, you did not find a Chinese spook here. They're not here."

2017-04-16 11:34:36 UTC

"But we've got one on the bird."

2017-04-16 11:35:03 UTC

CO: "No, no you do not. There is not a Chinese intelligence officer on your helicopter."

2017-04-16 11:35:28 UTC

"Welp... alright guys, there are no chinks on this bird"

2017-04-16 11:35:31 UTC


2017-04-16 11:35:41 UTC


2017-04-16 11:36:20 UTC

>Tfw MacArthur was right even though he was wildly incompetent and clinically crazy

2017-04-16 11:37:46 UTC

yeah, have you ever seen the Yuri videos? Communists have been subverting American culture through the academic system since the 50s - 60s

2017-04-16 11:38:23 UTC

The one where he says they were playing the long game? Yeah

2017-04-16 11:40:24 UTC

yeah, and that they are just using the degenerates and sexual deviants to destabalize society in order to make it easier to take over

2017-04-16 11:41:56 UTC

Beg your pardon but I'm a degenerate and have no desire to see such bourgeoisoi elements of society I love so much be trampled under gobbunism

2017-04-16 11:42:53 UTC

Luxuries, decadence, self-fulfillment and generally everything you actually enjoy in life are hated by commies

2017-04-16 11:43:04 UTC

Actual commies anyway

2017-04-16 11:43:38 UTC

im a degenerate aswell, I'm pretty libertarian on this subject, I think people should be allowed to do as long as their not hurting anybody, however I don't believe that hedonistic behavior should be promoted, or that people should create an identity around it.

2017-04-16 11:43:52 UTC

to do whatever*

2017-04-16 11:44:15 UTC

What else is there to base your identity upon than what you do

2017-04-16 11:44:32 UTC

Doesn't mean every facet needs to be broadcasted to the world on a neon sign

2017-04-16 11:44:43 UTC

But anyone's sense of self comes largely from their actions

2017-04-16 11:44:54 UTC

Or at least I think it does, or should

2017-04-16 11:45:09 UTC

Plus you'll always have little niche groups formed around a common thing

2017-04-16 11:48:41 UTC

yeah but I think that only happens because people in the west are not allowed to have an identity based on your ethnic background, especially if your white. That's why people identify with these "safe" pseudo identities like stoners, or w.e

2017-04-16 11:51:54 UTC

its done on purpose to divide people into little nieche groups in order to get people to vote against the greater interests of the nations. If people created their identity around being members of a nation it would be a lot harder for outside groups to convince people to go against their interests in order to make the nation more acomodating for the outsiders.

2017-04-16 11:52:13 UTC

If your identity is based entirely around something you have no part in choosing

2017-04-16 11:52:17 UTC

You're a retarded asshole

2017-04-16 11:52:19 UTC

See: Fags

2017-04-16 11:52:40 UTC

It's not like a grand conspiracy

2017-04-16 11:52:51 UTC

I bet I could find a mailing list for crazy straw enthusiasts

2017-04-16 11:53:15 UTC

People with like hobbies tend to hang around together, same goes for professions and entertainment

2017-04-16 11:53:31 UTC

It's not a new thing

2017-04-16 11:53:48 UTC
2017-04-16 11:54:02 UTC

Shit anyone who keystones their entire personage around any singular thing no matter what it is is a retard

2017-04-16 11:54:46 UTC

Like woohoo, you're *insert race here*

2017-04-16 11:54:48 UTC


2017-04-16 11:55:16 UTC

Let's all get together and talk about how white we are

2017-04-16 11:55:41 UTC

I don't believe that was posted on reddit

2017-04-16 11:57:31 UTC

gotta get out of your chans then

2017-04-16 11:58:51 UTC

i think I said that wrong. I don't mean that your ethnic heritage should be the only thing you identify with, I mean that citizens of a country should see themselves as a cohesive group with similar (political/cultural) interests instead of divided groups with opposing political interests. But I do strongly believe that everyone should be proud of where they come from and imersed in their local culture in order to develop patriotism

2017-04-16 11:59:27 UTC

Yeah they have those

2017-04-16 11:59:30 UTC

In China

2017-04-16 11:59:36 UTC

Ask them about sesame credit

2017-04-16 12:00:02 UTC

I hated school in Canada, especially social studies, it went from "be proud of your people's achivements and the mark they left on history" to "hate yourself because of your peoples achivements and the mark they left on history"

2017-04-16 12:00:04 UTC

If you find me two people that agree wholeheartedly on literally everything I will go to seminary school to marry them myself

2017-04-16 12:00:16 UTC

Jesus fuck

2017-04-16 12:00:55 UTC

My history classes in Texas taught us that Canada slung harder in WWII than we did pound for pound

2017-04-16 12:01:37 UTC

On top of economic ties, imports and exports, like a little bro worthy of respect

2017-04-16 12:01:44 UTC

And now

2017-04-16 12:01:47 UTC

Fucking leafs

2017-04-16 12:02:49 UTC

when we did ww2 history we spent a couple days on the Normandy invasion, and two three weeks on holocaust stuff, they made us watch Shindlers List and a bunch of other grewsome documentaries

2017-04-16 12:03:23 UTC

Holy fuck

2017-04-16 12:03:37 UTC

we also spent a lot of time on China and Canada's leading role in globalizing the world

2017-04-16 12:03:44 UTC

I mean none of it was sugar coated but nothing was glossed over either

2017-04-16 12:04:00 UTC

We also read the unabridged version of whatsherface Frank's diary

2017-04-16 12:04:07 UTC

Where she said she made out with some chick

2017-04-16 12:04:24 UTC

the other class did Anne Frank's Diary, ours read Night

2017-04-16 12:04:34 UTC

holyyyy fuuuuck

2017-04-16 12:04:40 UTC

Canada is truly beyond redemption

2017-04-16 12:05:25 UTC

yeah lol

2017-04-16 12:06:16 UTC

we were based

2017-04-16 12:06:20 UTC

in both wars

2017-04-16 12:06:34 UTC

Happy Easter @everyone

2017-04-16 12:06:50 UTC


2017-04-16 12:06:54 UTC

eat some chocolate guys

2017-04-16 12:08:26 UTC

its pretty bad, our universities are pumping out much more radical leftist nonsense than Berkley, there was just a study done at the university of toronto that babies are racist because they learn better from people of the same race as them, and a few months ago I read a study that in order to beat racism we need to promote interacial dating to children as young as 9. That was a huge wtf. Since when do kids that young date?

2017-04-16 12:09:10 UTC

>not having a harem before 8

2017-04-16 12:09:13 UTC

what are you a fag ?

2017-04-16 12:09:24 UTC

and just the other day islamic blasphemy laws got passed by our government under the guise of fighting islamophobia

2017-04-16 12:09:25 UTC


2017-04-16 12:09:30 UTC

i guess

2017-04-16 12:09:31 UTC


2017-04-16 12:09:36 UTC


2017-04-16 12:09:50 UTC

yeah that bill is retarded

2017-04-16 12:09:56 UTC

but its not like law yet

2017-04-16 12:09:58 UTC

if not wanting to have sex with kids makes me a fag, then get me a rainbow muscle shirt and some short shorts

2017-04-16 12:09:58 UTC


2017-04-16 12:10:21 UTC

i thought the bill got passed allready

2017-04-16 12:10:25 UTC

we just need a good conservative candicate

2017-04-16 12:10:28 UTC

it kinda did

2017-04-16 12:10:32 UTC

but its not law

2017-04-16 12:10:44 UTC

it just passed the floor or some shit

2017-04-16 12:11:02 UTC

yeah but the senate has a very high rate for signing bills into law

2017-04-16 12:11:15 UTC

we'll see what happens

2017-04-16 12:11:25 UTC

tbh if that does become law I wouldnt care

2017-04-16 12:11:31 UTC

Should we just like

2017-04-16 12:11:34 UTC

Annex you guys already

2017-04-16 12:11:35 UTC

im still gonna say shit

2017-04-16 12:11:38 UTC

plz do

2017-04-16 12:11:42 UTC


2017-04-16 12:11:44 UTC

Kk I'll get right on it

2017-04-16 12:11:48 UTC

some parts are pretty based

2017-04-16 12:11:59 UTC

the major cities arent though

2017-04-16 12:12:09 UTC

vancouver is lefty/chink central

2017-04-16 12:12:35 UTC

But only if we rename Alberta to 'Northern Texas' and get to throw all our natives in Sask

2017-04-16 12:12:38 UTC

libs are probably gonna be kicked out soon though

2017-04-16 12:12:47 UTC

communist are not fascist

2017-04-16 12:12:48 UTC

they are pretty hated

2017-04-16 12:12:54 UTC

ndp has turned into basically sjws

2017-04-16 12:13:04 UTC

and conservatives are idk

2017-04-16 12:13:11 UTC

they are canadian conservatives

2017-04-16 12:13:13 UTC

Communism and facism share hardline authoritarianist ciews

2017-04-16 12:13:14 UTC

nothing like the us lol

2017-04-16 12:13:23 UTC

AntiFa is fakecommunism anyhow and is indeed facist

2017-04-16 12:13:49 UTC

communism is not anything close to fascist

2017-04-16 12:14:08 UTC

Kay so

2017-04-16 12:14:16 UTC

+ <- This is a political spectrum

2017-04-16 12:14:27 UTC

communism and facism both exist on the uppermost side of that

2017-04-16 12:15:14 UTC


2017-04-16 12:15:33 UTC

did you know that hitler used marxism tactics

2017-04-16 12:15:50 UTC

Did you know we don't worship Hitler

2017-04-16 12:16:17 UTC

Bet you didn't because you're an antifa fake-as-fuck anarchocommunist that thinks your retardation is somehow clever

2017-04-16 12:16:28 UTC

Or even new

2017-04-16 12:16:29 UTC

nationalism started in america

2017-04-16 12:16:45 UTC

Dear lord what the fuck did I just read

2017-04-16 12:16:54 UTC

low effort trolling

2017-04-16 12:17:07 UTC

Nationalism: patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.

2017-04-16 12:17:17 UTC

advocacy of political independence for a particular country.

2017-04-16 12:17:19 UTC


2017-04-16 12:17:29 UTC

Sure sounds like a concept less than three hundred years old

2017-04-16 12:18:07 UTC

why is national socialism on the far left of the spectrum, I thought hitler was a authoritarian centrist that blended parts of free market economics and social safety nets to create national socialism?

2017-04-16 12:18:08 UTC

do you know who Edward Bellamy is

2017-04-16 12:18:31 UTC

Because Nazis weren't actual national socialists

2017-04-16 12:18:44 UTC

what do you mean?

2017-04-16 12:18:54 UTC

im actually confused now

2017-04-16 12:19:13 UTC

SS Socialism socialist

2017-04-16 12:19:18 UTC

because everyone says it wasnt real communism w.e when the autocracy leads to mass murder

2017-04-16 12:19:26 UTC

NatSocs as a political entity in war-period Germany were somewhere between Nationalism and Totalitarianism on that chart

2017-04-16 12:19:56 UTC

that chart is a meme

2017-04-16 12:19:59 UTC


2017-04-16 12:20:02 UTC

SS stood for Schutzstaffel which roughly translates to protection service

2017-04-16 12:20:13 UTC

It's what the actual political ideologies are

2017-04-16 12:20:25 UTC

And not your fedora-tier make believe ideas of them are

2017-04-16 12:20:40 UTC

Anywho Bellamy is a so-so author, what about him

2017-04-16 12:20:51 UTC

Christian socialist

2017-04-16 12:21:05 UTC

If you really think he was the first person to think, "Hey, isn't our country great?" You're a raging fucking retard

2017-04-16 12:21:07 UTC

started socialism

2017-04-16 12:21:08 UTC

And the worst kind

2017-04-16 12:21:12 UTC

the willfull kind

2017-04-16 12:21:15 UTC


2017-04-16 12:21:30 UTC

Socialism has been around a fucking lot longer than him

2017-04-16 12:21:35 UTC

Just how uneducated are you

2017-04-16 12:22:37 UTC

And marxist socialism, which is what you're thinking of, was coined by guess who

2017-04-16 12:22:45 UTC

I'll give you a guess

2017-04-16 12:22:52 UTC

It's in the name, you can do it

2017-04-16 12:23:34 UTC

Roman used socialism to bring Christianity under control in the middle east

2017-04-16 12:23:49 UTC

Lol fucking what

2017-04-16 12:23:57 UTC

Socialism is a political/economic system

2017-04-16 12:24:07 UTC

Romans used good ol fashioned wholesale violence

2017-04-16 12:24:14 UTC

Also Marx was born and published before Bellamy

2017-04-16 12:24:19 UTC

look up christian socialism

2017-04-16 12:24:49 UTC

You just tried to tell me that Bellamy invented to concept of socialism

2017-04-16 12:24:51 UTC

Make up your mind

2017-04-16 12:25:30 UTC

no bellamy started nationalism

2017-04-16 12:25:45 UTC

No he fucking didn't

2017-04-16 12:25:59 UTC

SPQR was pretty fucking nationalist

2017-04-16 12:26:11 UTC

As were every Mesopetamian culture

2017-04-16 12:26:49 UTC

And the Romans went through multiple religions, social structures, and systems of government before they were done

2017-04-16 12:27:02 UTC

And economics especially as they expanded

2017-04-16 12:27:02 UTC

catholic church is socialist Christianity

2017-04-16 12:27:08 UTC

Happy easter faggots

2017-04-16 12:27:27 UTC

this is my point though, marxist socialism is completely different from national socialism. Their incompatible ideologies and I did not understand why they were next to eachother on the chart. Marxists see the world as an eternal struggle between the working class of all nations and the economic elite, that won't stop until the economic elite are destroyed and their winnings redistributed by the comunist party. National Socialists see the world as different groups competing in a finite environment for resources and dominance.

2017-04-16 12:28:03 UTC

The Catholic church waxes and wanes from being a military organization, a mafia, a government, a multinational authority and many other things over history

2017-04-16 12:28:10 UTC

Have you ever actually read a book

2017-04-16 12:28:22 UTC

About literally anything you're talking about

2017-04-16 12:28:34 UTC

Or do you get all your info from your antifa buddies on twitter

2017-04-16 12:29:18 UTC

Do lefties even understand a lot of us despise natsoc

2017-04-16 12:29:31 UTC

Though I'm pretty sure I can safely say that by defnition it would be impossible for a religious institution to be 'socialist' unless it leads a theocracy

2017-04-16 12:29:34 UTC

everything formed out of the Roman Socialism

2017-04-16 12:29:40 UTC

Nope, they think we're all literal nazis

2017-04-16 12:29:54 UTC

"Everything formed out of something that didn't actually exist"

2017-04-16 12:30:12 UTC

I'm just as opposed to natsoc as I am to communism

2017-04-16 12:30:22 UTC

everything liberalism marxist nationalism everything

2017-04-16 12:30:34 UTC

I'm a libertarian so I too hate authortarian regimes

2017-04-16 12:30:36 UTC

roman socialism

2017-04-16 12:30:40 UTC

Jesus christ

2017-04-16 12:30:55 UTC


2017-04-16 12:31:02 UTC

>when you debate with a leftist

2017-04-16 12:31:19 UTC

You do know that Rome didn't invent every system of government or society ever, right?

2017-04-16 12:31:28 UTC

I hope you don't actually think they did

2017-04-16 12:31:48 UTC

But here's the thing. If you're gonna call me a nazi over and over, what's stopping me from literally putting them in concentration camps? I'm already getting punished for the crime, why not commit the crime for real?

2017-04-16 12:32:01 UTC

LOL ok

2017-04-16 12:32:05 UTC

You raise a good point Platz

2017-04-16 12:32:46 UTC

Joe you do know the Greeks came before the Romans, right? At least before Rome expanded

2017-04-16 12:32:58 UTC

Rome socialist started the west as we all know it

2017-04-16 12:32:58 UTC

Eventually they swalloed Greece and took the parts they liked for themselves

2017-04-16 12:33:02 UTC

tbh all they are doing is pushing people to it imo

2017-04-16 12:33:02 UTC


2017-04-16 12:33:19 UTC

anyone who dissagrees with them is a nazi

2017-04-16 12:33:26 UTC

well fuck it

2017-04-16 12:33:32 UTC

By the time Plato and Aristotle were busy doing nothing at all of value, Rome was a representative government

2017-04-16 12:33:33 UTC

let me actually be one then

2017-04-16 12:33:35 UTC

And not at all socialist

2017-04-16 12:33:58 UTC

" woman "

2017-04-16 12:33:59 UTC


2017-04-16 12:34:13 UTC

And Greece, which is where more of western ideology comes from than Rome, pioneered democracy as we know it

2017-04-16 12:34:14 UTC


2017-04-16 12:34:15 UTC

Sort of

2017-04-16 12:34:25 UTC

Proof of concept at the very least

2017-04-16 12:34:37 UTC

im not a lefty, nor am I a national socialist, I am a libertarian centrist with authoritarian tendancies. At this point I am pretty much okay with the idea of exercising state power in order solve some of these problems in order to preserve our liberty and civil rights in the long run.

2017-04-16 12:34:42 UTC

The Chinese started imperialism

2017-04-16 12:34:49 UTC

>Libertarian with authoritarian tendencies

2017-04-16 12:34:53 UTC

Bud you have a problem there

2017-04-16 12:34:58 UTC

Ahaha fucking what

2017-04-16 12:35:13 UTC

Empires rose and fell long before the Chinese organized as a state

2017-04-16 12:35:18 UTC

Rome started Socialism

2017-04-16 12:35:29 UTC

Unless you mean to tell me that Assyrians came AFTER China

2017-04-16 12:35:58 UTC

Africa started AIDS

2017-04-16 12:36:12 UTC

We all know that

2017-04-16 12:36:21 UTC

But France actually started Socialism in the late 1700s

2017-04-16 12:36:54 UTC

Literally everything you've posted can be proven wrong with a cursory google search

2017-04-16 12:36:57 UTC

Except the last one

2017-04-16 12:37:14 UTC

Everyone knows AIDS became a thing because an African flight attendant fucked a monkey

2017-04-16 12:37:20 UTC


2017-04-16 12:37:32 UTC

Like an actual monkey, not a racial epithet for black people

2017-04-16 12:38:03 UTC

Fuck I wish I had my mod back so I could ban him but we might be able to put some truth in this boy yet

2017-04-16 12:38:43 UTC

Oh thought it was an African guy

2017-04-16 12:38:44 UTC


2017-04-16 12:39:26 UTC

happy easter mien niggers

2017-04-16 12:40:25 UTC

"Would you want to have sex with me now then?"

2017-04-16 12:40:29 UTC


2017-04-16 12:40:49 UTC

I thought you were mod?

2017-04-16 12:41:02 UTC

I missed out on a shit ton anyway

2017-04-16 12:41:12 UTC

Yeah but it got temp removed because I kicked (read: not banned) someone reeing waaay too hard in my general direction

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