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2018-07-15 01:28:15 UTC

1. Open https://receive-sms.com/, keep tab open.
This will be used to phone verify you social media account.
2. Create Gmail or ProtonMail email account
This will be used to register your social media account
It is important to keep this information for continued use of sock.
3. Register FB/Twitter/Instagram acct with gmail account, verify with receive-sms.

4. sync all accounts using https://hootsuite.com/

*Pro Tips*

when creating your sock accounts it is vital to use a different browser than the browser you use for your everyday social media.

If you are creating multiple socks for the same platforms and intend to use them on the same browser you must clear your cache and cookies after every use. New FB and twitter algos track that data to flag accounts for this type of use.

By creating a sock for the big three SM platforms and synching them you can get a 3x's force multiplier. This will also make log in and out of each account much easier as you will only need to log into your socks hootsuite accnt. The cookies and cache rules still apply if you intend to do more than one account for each platform.

Each new account you create on each platform will need a new sms phone verification and a new email.


to make an img non reverse searchable, all you need to do it flip it or resize it in photoshop, this will wipe the existing exif data. For american social media it is best to use european pictures for your profile to build it out. DO NOT FORGET TO RESIZE AND FLIP>

2018-07-15 01:28:21 UTC

Less is more, keep any and all searchable information off of your profile, list employment at large institutions as well as education to decrease risk of exposure due to internet researchers. Keep your friends list under 100 on all platforms.

To maintain your accounts it is recommended you post with your accounts no less than every other day.

If you are interested in stepping your game up, there are site you can purchase aged social media accounts that were previously phone verified.

Aged accounts give you the added bonus as they will not be asked to verify after a certain amount of time.

These accounts work best with software like FollowingLike which will manage your aged accounts on all SM platforms and will allow you to operate thousand of accounts in unison undetected. This requires additional know how and experience with this software, but comprehensive how to videos are available for FollowingLike.

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