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maybe because its above your paygrade

its all about pitting sand niggers against each other

fucking sunnis VS shiites

2017-05-22 15:35:31 UTC

The ones in another continent?

right now theyre fighting proxy wars

if they call for a jihad all those in europe have to go back

to fight for the holy land

2017-05-22 15:36:03 UTC


2017-05-22 15:36:05 UTC

>implying theyll leave the land of free rapes and money

even if they dont all go back its gonna be a whole lot less fucking muds

2017-05-22 15:36:22 UTC

You act as if these muds have honor

they can nuke each other as far as i care


its their doctrine

2017-05-22 15:36:38 UTC

The muds in Europe have to be forced out

drilled into them since they were kids, you dont anwser to allah you dont get virgins

and allah says you gotta jihad for the holy land

also yes

2017-05-22 15:37:22 UTC

S'all good, theyll just drive a truck into some unsuspecting europeans to get forgiveness and instant access to virgins

2017-05-22 15:37:34 UTC

Theyre not worried about sinning

yeah thats why they have their imams dictating their every move

im still trying to figure out what the master plan is of selling all these arms but i guess we'll see in the coming days or weeks

just like everything else

just like syria

and when comey got shit on

oh great

look at this shit

also trump landing in (((ISRAEL)))

2017-05-22 15:42:49 UTC

There ya go

>diplomatic visits are proof hes a shill

wew lad

2017-05-22 15:43:25 UTC

Hopefully he'll sneak another " THE HEROES ARE THOSE WHO MURDER JEWS" into his speech

might be some 1488D shit we've yet to see

good goy

always rubbing



2017-05-22 15:54:27 UTC


daily reminder there were kids at this concert

wtf they were doing listening to nigger tier degenerate trash like that i have no idea

but they still were there






if youre gonna invest you better hope for a dip

2017-05-23 20:48:12 UTC


2017-05-23 20:53:16 UTC

"B-but trump is still /ourguy/....."

i said it and ill repeat it again

shameless screencap

this shit is getting hard to swallow

but i maintain my loyalty

im not some fucking turncoat john mccain piece of spineless trash

that turns his opinion around at the first hint of disagreement

2017-05-23 22:06:50 UTC

moonist you seem more loyal to a man over any kind of actual belief system

2017-05-23 22:07:00 UTC

even youve admitted trump was never our endgame

just a big step in the right direction

2017-05-23 22:07:14 UTC

so when he dissapoints, and looks like he may be going tits up

2017-05-23 22:07:21 UTC

why do you still stick to him instead of moving on

2017-05-23 22:07:44 UTC

shit, even i still in a way 'support' trump because of what he indirectly did

2017-05-23 22:08:00 UTC

but i also accept hes in reality either a giant shill or has been subverted and held hostage

2017-05-23 22:08:05 UTC

either way, it doesnt matter

2017-05-23 22:08:08 UTC

trump is dead

>it doesnt matter

yes it does you fucking moron

shove your defeatism up your ass

what the fuck do you expect him to do

go to israel and shove the kikes in the oven

theyll sooner kill him and blame it on ISIS than let him not touch schlomos nose

2017-05-23 22:08:43 UTC

no i expected him to cuck

2017-05-23 22:08:46 UTC

and i was right

a broken clocks right twice a day

2017-05-23 22:09:37 UTC

and it doesnt matter because hes not doing any real good for us anymore and i dont see it as worth it to try and #SaveTrump from the jews

2017-05-23 22:09:44 UTC

the americans had their chance to not fuck everything up

2017-05-23 22:10:07 UTC

but burgers being burgers they got high on their own jenkem and blew it

2017-05-23 22:10:16 UTC

and trump was subverted (or elected a shill)

2017-05-23 22:10:40 UTC

its time to find a new approach instead of jacking off over some orange guy from TV

2017-05-23 22:10:48 UTC

and move on


its like he thinks were not affected by them

wew lad

2017-05-23 22:17:06 UTC

of course i know were affected by them

>move on from trump

right now hes the only hope

who the fuck else are we gonna meme into office

2017-05-23 22:17:33 UTC

in in terms of affecting and being affected the scale is pretty tipped one direction

and anyway hes already done more than all these fucking last cuckold presidents combined

2017-05-23 22:17:43 UTC

>Implying America is the last bastion

2017-05-23 22:17:51 UTC

>Implying without America all is lost

2017-05-23 22:18:40 UTC

it seems like you have an absurd amount of faith and an overglorified image of america

2017-05-23 22:19:02 UTC

you do realize they are essentilly the worlds largest isreali colony and the greatest exporter of degeneracy right?

2017-05-23 22:19:13 UTC

and also more or less ground zero for all this faggotry and cuckoldry

blame that on the kikes kid

its like you dont want to see the real problem


2017-05-23 22:20:23 UTC


2017-05-23 22:20:33 UTC

and america is owned, ruled, financed and financing kikes

well guess what faggot trump has to juggle a fucking deep state that keeps prodding him for weaknesses

and kikes that rule the fucking world

2017-05-23 22:20:48 UTC

and white americans are either cucks, fags, thots or cowards

>he thinks cuckanadians are any better


thats some real defeatist shit

2017-05-23 22:21:06 UTC

i never said canadians were any better

2017-05-23 22:21:15 UTC

i said that americans are at least as bad

>as bad

2017-05-23 22:21:32 UTC

the only difference being that they dont have any self awareness

they had the sense of voting in a candidate that wouldnt declare WW3

2017-05-23 22:22:00 UTC

lets say that a huge number of clinton voters were nonwhite

2017-05-23 22:22:09 UTC



2017-05-23 22:22:13 UTC

thats still what

youre being generous

2017-05-23 22:22:17 UTC

41% of the white electorate

majority of votes for cuntton were subhumans

2017-05-23 22:22:43 UTC

no, most were white women


white women

2017-05-23 22:22:52 UTC

still white women

2017-05-23 22:22:56 UTC

arent most women in america single?

2017-05-23 22:22:58 UTC


2017-05-23 22:23:00 UTC


2017-05-23 22:24:23 UTC

and what are the majority of american men?

2017-05-23 22:24:39 UTC

are the majority of american men politically active RWDS supporting ubermensch?

2017-05-23 22:24:58 UTC

no, theyre either gay, cuckolds or center right/libertarian

so automatically that makes them cucks right

wew lad

thats some real edgy assumptions

2017-05-23 22:25:20 UTC

it doesnt make them cucks, but it makes them not useful

2017-05-23 22:25:40 UTC

i mean could america pull its head out of its ass and fix itself?

2017-05-23 22:25:42 UTC


2017-05-23 22:25:55 UTC

unlikely right now

2017-05-23 22:25:59 UTC

and not helpful for us right now

2017-05-23 22:27:01 UTC

thats not the whole of people who actually voted

2017-05-23 22:27:20 UTC

thats a chart of people whowere asked a survey

2017-05-23 22:27:30 UTC

and a map with nostatistics discounting other groups

2017-05-23 22:27:40 UTC

it doesnt specifify what women are voting either

2017-05-23 22:27:46 UTC

is it white ones, non whites, both

2017-05-23 22:27:52 UTC

whats the ratio of white to nonwhites

2017-05-23 22:28:05 UTC

those are some pretty weak .jpegs m8

overthinking this hard

fucking wew lad

niggers are gonna vote for clinton because they want gibs

trump wants to stop gibs

not hard

2017-05-23 22:28:36 UTC

yes but im asking for numbers

single women are either divorced or riding the welfare train

same thing

2017-05-23 22:28:44 UTC

and im not overthinking anything


2017-05-25 05:55:24 UTC

melania will get a black bull soon

alright listen up mongoloids

if youre gonna invest nows the fucking time

we got lows everywhere

that shits gonna be fucking going back up real soon

just about every crypto has been taking it on the teeth

literally taking it worse than that antifa cunt getting punched in the face

2017-05-27 01:41:26 UTC

Invest in what ethereum?

2017-05-27 02:47:49 UTC

ETH but I got some peopel saying ETC has more potential since it is more authentic? but ETH seems more popular

ok listen up fag

ETH is corporate backed now

ETC isnt

ETC is the continuation of the original ETH which is "DA PEOPLE" kinda deal

look kids i could be wrong

this isnt 100% retard proof advice

but right now litecoin is low as fuck

its bound for a correction soon enough

but never put your fucking eggs in one basket

thats rule #1 of any trading market

ripple is also due for a correction soon

now of course if you want to go long term from what ive seen

ETC is a good bet

it seems to be loosely tied to ETH's prices and moves

now theres a new currency coming out called ZEN

on may 30th

now i'd be on the lookout for that since thats zclassic rebranded

zclassic being zcash's ETC

zcash has 20% of mined coins going to the founders

while zclassic is all community baby

so that might take off, but not a sure thing

and bitcoin took it on the teeth today


of course you lazy fat slobs can all see that right on poloniex

i dont need to fucking tell you the goddamn prices and moves and shit

what the fuck do i look like, ghost from TCR?

2017-05-27 05:02:25 UTC

Nah, juts a guy who knows his shit.

2017-05-27 05:02:48 UTC

Where do you get this info? browsing /biz/?

2017-05-27 05:03:06 UTC

I should start doing that instead of shitposting /pol/

2017-05-27 05:08:54 UTC

Been trying to decide whether to use coinsquare or something else

2017-05-27 05:09:09 UTC

CS has lower fees



no i scroll endlessly on /pol/

honestly i use poloniex

it works well and the fee isnt too bad

theres only a fee when you sell


but now im really shitting my ass because ripple keeps going down

so itd be something to watch and when the dip ends just buy

cause i bought at around 11000, it had the signs of getting its ass correcte

but then panic sell

and that triggered more whales to sell

and now were at 9675

all coins are in the red which is good for buyers


2017-05-28 07:49:43 UTC


2017-05-28 07:49:59 UTC

Cool kid

dude hardcore

even a 7 yr old can draw better swastikas than a fucking liberal

that kid has a future so bright he does even need eyes to see

i was 12 and listened to johnny rebel, gas the kikes hang niggers etc

i started wearing those fucking aryan wear jackboots at school with the swastika shaped soles and shit

i know AW was run by a traitor cuck but we didnt know that

okay kids im gonna buy a BNIB corsair 1200W PSU

for 150$ less than market price

now thats finding good deals baby

i went to add a new GPU to my farm and it was like "nope"

i thought it had enough wattage but looks like no


the cost of doin business baby

how the fuck have i never heard this before

ok for those who dont know, this is the epitome of french canadian music

literally copying an english made nigger jungle beat

oh boy oh boy

15 minutes until ZENCASH is officially mineable

ive got my rigs ready what about you cuckolds

2017-05-31 04:29:50 UTC

nope, too pleb for that

2017-05-31 22:40:18 UTC

lol I dont have the computing power for that

fucking wew lad

2017-06-01 01:32:44 UTC

She dindu nuffin, she a good gurl

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