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>i dont post my actions on normiebook so im doing nothing

yeah no im not that stupid

2017-05-02 21:40:00 UTC

If you cared AT ALL for anything "right wing" as you put it you would have actualized your politics by actually showing up in person rather than counter signalling hard all day on Discord

>all day

2017-05-02 21:40:23 UTC

There is nothing fascist, right wing, traditionalist etc about that

i come on here once a day lel

i work for a living

2017-05-02 21:40:40 UTC

That's kinda what Moony does

i literally spread information and facts around this fuckin internet like it aint shit

2017-05-02 21:41:19 UTC

Ya I'm sure you work for a living, probably for CSIS


whatever you say kid

i honestly couldnt give two shits

you dont want to be educated

thats your problem

2017-05-02 21:41:49 UTC

your responses are too cookie cutter , you are painfully obvious in your virtue signalling I can't tell if subversive or 400 pounds

2017-05-02 21:42:29 UTC


2017-05-02 21:42:52 UTC

Playing the "you're a shill" "NO, YOU'RE a shill" game doesn't really help either

2017-05-02 21:43:20 UTC

It is what it is, we can't force everyone to go full out irl activist mode

2017-05-02 21:44:15 UTC

If some people like trolling and memeing, sure, we need those "myseterious meme magicians" on our side

protip : when i say spencer is a kike (if you knew anything about anything, you'd know this), it can also mean he acts like a kike, not is a literal fucking ashkenazi jew

2017-05-02 21:45:35 UTC

I'm not saying he's definitely a shill and I'm not forcing anyone to do anything my only point is that his answers sound robotic and shill-like to me, which could be autist or shill. If autist yes I agree it's fine, we need them too, but don't coutner signal alt right then, autists who lurk chans all day can be useful but they are useful like tools, they are not fascists in any way

>hurrrr my feefees

nobody cares how you feel

i dont fuck around you want an anwser there it is

i mean what i say and i say what i mean

2017-05-02 21:46:23 UTC

Yes obviously I'm not a normie, I still disagree, Spencer is overall good for our movement his Auburn speech was fantastic

and here it is



oh boy we got some work to do

>not knowing about his russian ex wife

>not knowing about his connections to putin

>not knowing about his connections to alexandr dugin

2017-05-02 21:47:24 UTC

>muh russia

2017-05-02 21:47:27 UTC


hey its not my fault these are the facts

2017-05-02 21:47:57 UTC

ya I know that

2017-05-02 21:48:08 UTC

Putin is anti Israel anti NWO overall

2017-05-02 21:48:18 UTC

didn't know about Putin personally

2017-05-02 21:48:31 UTC

Go read Dr Johnson he can educate you on that

2017-05-02 21:48:33 UTC

You don't offer any context to your facts

yeah i have to babby spoonfeed you every step of the way huh

2017-05-02 21:48:55 UTC

Inform us

2017-05-02 21:49:16 UTC

What do you think it means?

ive got all of it saved up

ill post it later

i gotta do life shit

2017-05-02 21:50:27 UTC

If you have information that proves useful, you should share it

while i come back from doing shit with the wife

look up alexandr dugin

and his 4th political theory

and how alex jonestein kept interrupting him in his interview as soon as he tried talking about the real purpose of it

2017-05-02 21:52:56 UTC

He interrupts everybody no matter what they are trying to say

i know but this time it was well placed

every time

2017-05-02 21:53:20 UTC

>In order to escape this coded field of coded thinking, we need to deconstruct all of modernity. If we transcend the borders of modernity, we see a different society, a different notion of man, a different view of the world, a different notion of politics and the state. First of all, we finish the Cartesian subject and see something else. Let’s search for what there is in this other world. In sociology, this is called the transition from modern society to traditional society. The notions of tradition, religion, and pre-modernity already offer us an undoubtedly broader spectrum of alternatives. If we reject the laws of modernity such as progress, development, equality, justice, freedom, nationalism, and all of this legacy of the three centuries of philosophy and political history, then there is a choice. And it is in fact very broad in the least. This is what I have been saying. This is traditional society.

aka literally tear down the world and rule the ashes

2017-05-02 21:55:44 UTC

deconstruct ≠ destruct

ok im really gone

read this

2017-05-02 21:56:13 UTC

He goes on..
>We need to return to the Being, to the Logos, to the foundamental- ontology (of Heidegger), to the Sacred, to the New Middle Ages - and thus to the Empire, religion, and the institutions of traditional society (hierarchy, cult, domination of spirit over matter and so on). All content of Modernity - is Satanism and degeneration. Nothing is worth, everything is to be cleansed off. The Modernity is absolutely wrong -- science, values, philosophy, art, society, modes, patterns, "truths", understanding of Being, time and space. All is dead with Modernity. So it should end. We are going to end it.

then make up your own opinion

2017-05-02 21:56:18 UTC

deconstruct means disassemble and reconstruct from the ashes a synthesis, it is literally the only way society progresses

2017-05-02 21:56:28 UTC


2017-05-02 21:56:43 UTC

Literally nothing I disagree with in that

2017-05-02 21:56:48 UTC

Okay but what does this have to do with russian spies?

nothing just more reading to do

there was a part 2 but it got purged for some reason

2017-05-02 21:57:46 UTC

The question is why is it a bad thing that he has ties to Spencer?

2017-05-02 21:58:05 UTC

He later contradicted all of this?

2017-05-02 21:58:30 UTC

Or you disagree and think the natural order/logos is not something we should return to?

i dont trust a goddamn commie bolshevik and neither should anyone

dugin is just another self-serving piece of neo-bolshevik trash

2017-05-02 22:00:09 UTC

modernity is degenerate and satanic, we need nationalism, religion, tradition, etc... doesn't sound very bolshevik to me

modernity in itself isnt the problem

the fucking kikes are the problem

the sub-humans are the problem

2017-05-02 22:00:38 UTC

Kikes are a problem not the problem

you wanna go back to the fucking middle ages

2017-05-02 22:00:48 UTC

>implying kikes didnt lead the modern world into the state its in now

"some are more equal than others goy"

2017-05-02 22:00:53 UTC

they are our main enemy , doesn't mean what he said is invalidated

t. king schlomo

2017-05-02 22:01:12 UTC

Yes the middle age were much better

2017-05-02 22:01:16 UTC

Kikes have rewritten history

2017-05-02 22:01:23 UTC

to make us think it was a dark age

2017-05-02 22:01:24 UTC

I think Moony's just a tad paranoid


2017-05-02 22:01:31 UTC

Dr. Johnson talks about this a bit

i bet you still think exodus actually happened too

2017-05-02 22:01:34 UTC

Dude you gotta relax

2017-05-02 22:01:36 UTC

lmao yea exactly my point earlier...

and it wasnt just another holohoax



2017-05-02 22:02:15 UTC

Moonie come to the roof party Saturday and you can tell us all about it and simultaneously prove that you are not a shill

nigger im installing my sound system in my car saturday

2017-05-02 22:02:40 UTC

Exodus? Yes it happened


2017-05-02 22:02:46 UTC

To ancient Hebrews

sure it did

2017-05-02 22:02:53 UTC

A lot of shit is fucked in the world, no doubt. And theres probably all kinds of shit we don't know about. But that's no reason to paralyze yourself in your own fear of the unknown.


is this the part where im supposed to go "yeah well ill show you"

and actually show up

2017-05-02 22:03:28 UTC


wew lad

2017-05-02 22:03:52 UTC

so it takes you an entire day to install a sound system?

here read this post

uh yeah nigger i bet youve never done that shit

2017-05-02 22:04:05 UTC

Just calm ur tits and qiut sperging about how every single thing is a conspiracy

i gotta install a new reciever

a new amp

a sub

and all the fucking cables

2017-05-02 22:04:17 UTC

Jews were not in ancient Egypt

2017-05-02 22:04:18 UTC

I just said

2017-05-02 22:04:27 UTC

ancient Hebrew are not modern Talmudic Jews

2017-05-02 22:04:44 UTC

doesn't mean Exodus doesn't apply to ancient Hebrew

same semitic shit

stop splitting hairs

2017-05-02 22:04:54 UTC


2017-05-02 22:04:57 UTC

not at all

the kikes today still drone on about it

2017-05-02 22:05:07 UTC

proto Christians

not as much as the holohoax but its still there

2017-05-02 22:05:11 UTC

eg Europeans

2017-05-02 22:05:14 UTC

eg Whites

2017-05-02 22:05:30 UTC

ya because they pretend to be old testament Hebrews

yeah its especially not why the fucking kikes are pushing this whole MUH EXODUS MUH POOR JEWS IN HISTORY narrative to make us primed to feel bad for the holohoax

2017-05-02 22:05:32 UTC

but they aren't



2017-05-02 22:06:05 UTC

yeah they claim real prosecutions from other peoples

2017-05-02 22:06:10 UTC


2017-05-02 22:06:15 UTC

We all know kikes thrive on getting others to feel sorry for them


2017-05-02 22:06:40 UTC

Doesn't mean it never happened just means it didnt happen to them , they parasite themselves onto other cultures and pretend to be other cultures

even if it were ancient jewbrews the kikes today still try to make everyone believe that they were enslaved

2017-05-02 22:07:17 UTC

Why bother spending energy discussing their lies tho

>why bother debating


2017-05-02 22:08:02 UTC

Because the entire Bible OT and NT are important to Europeans/Whites

2017-05-02 22:08:25 UTC

it;s worth discussing because it is essentially mostly our history and culture

2017-05-02 22:08:57 UTC

I've never considered it as historically accurate

2017-05-02 22:09:20 UTC

but thats just me

2017-05-02 22:09:34 UTC

much of it is but Jews introduce subversion to distort

2017-05-02 22:09:52 UTC

I mean the OT starts with Adam and eve and that shit is fantastical as you can get

2017-05-02 22:10:42 UTC

For example whether you think Jesus is the son of God is one thing but the fact of his existence in the first place is one of the most documented and well known historical fact, as is much of the ancient Bible it has been corroborated in other culture's writings

2017-05-02 22:10:42 UTC

Arguing over historical accuracy of fiction is pretty autistic

2017-05-02 22:11:23 UTC

if the Bible is fiction then all mythology is pure fiction and useless/autistic to talk about

2017-05-02 22:11:49 UTC

The Bible is a mix of history and myth, just because it is myth doesn't mean it is fiction like JK Rowling writing up a story on the top of her head

2017-05-02 22:12:02 UTC

There is deep psychological/biological truth to myth

2017-05-02 22:12:08 UTC

p much. Priests are the ancient predecessors of the Auteests

2017-05-02 22:12:33 UTC

>psychological truth

2017-05-02 22:12:47 UTC

u mean like the 6 gorillion?

Oh boy a fucking atheist

2017-05-02 22:13:23 UTC

You say that like it's an insult?

2017-05-02 22:13:28 UTC

no I mean like traditional myths of a people, do you deny the psychological significance of mythology??

2017-05-02 22:14:07 UTC

I hate to agree with monnie but atheists are materialist autistic imo, they are spiritually vapid

2017-05-02 22:14:15 UTC


2017-05-02 22:14:31 UTC

You mean like parables like "Cain and abel" "the prodigal son" etc?

You need spirituality tbh

2017-05-02 22:14:47 UTC

yes exactly

2017-05-02 22:14:53 UTC

the flood myth for example

2017-05-02 22:14:57 UTC

recorded in at least 10 other cultures

Else youre a fucking husk

2017-05-02 22:15:07 UTC

Oh yeah there's definitely moral values embedded in the literature



2017-05-02 22:15:44 UTC

ya thats all I meant

2017-05-02 22:15:51 UTC

The whole point of religion is to establish a moral standard

2017-05-02 22:16:11 UTC

For a stable society you need that

Like it or not christianity is tied to our culture


2017-05-02 22:16:37 UTC

Otherwise you get a buch of narcissistic hedonists who lack any culture



2017-05-02 22:17:13 UTC

Communism is a religion. It replaces religion which is why it seeks to oppose it

2017-05-02 22:17:35 UTC

the Bible is the best synthesis of Western/European/White culture and history, including metaphysical/mythological truths starting from Babylonia, to Egypt, to Greece, Rome, Germanic/pagan tribes etc, it is literally our greatest achievement IMO, without it we wouldn't have a concept of a pan-White European race (used to be called Christendom)

2017-05-02 22:17:55 UTC

yeah exactly communism is a religion , a spiritually void one, it idolozes leaders

2017-05-02 22:18:14 UTC

Being an atheist doesn't mean you're against religion as a concept. I think it's very helpful to instill proper values in a moral society.

2017-05-02 22:18:43 UTC

No not necessarily you are right but, most atheists happen to think this

2017-05-02 22:18:45 UTC


2017-05-02 22:18:47 UTC

Personally I see religion as necessary "training wheels" for moral development

2017-05-02 22:18:55 UTC

they idolize other things because they dont have God to idolize

2017-05-02 22:21:07 UTC

The Christian religion is the highest development of our species, though others are also useful , but religions are not means to an end, they are not "training wheels" for moral development... the reverse is the case, adopting a religious life is the highest of goals, all things like morality, spirituality etc will naturally follow from it

2017-05-02 22:23:19 UTC

Once you are capable of truly understanding the concepts that religion is meant to represent, it has served it's purpose. What more is there to say of the concept of "God" once you understand why that concept exists and what purpose it serves?

2017-05-02 22:23:42 UTC

because God is not understandable/comprehensible

2017-05-02 22:23:52 UTC

you cannot just understand it an move in

2017-05-02 22:23:54 UTC


2017-05-02 22:24:15 UTC

you need to constantly communicate daily to not only understand but feel and sense God in all ways

2017-05-02 22:24:27 UTC

God is not a concept he exists a priori

2017-05-02 22:24:33 UTC

I dunno, maybe I'm just not on that level, spiritually

2017-05-02 22:24:51 UTC

I was atheist for over twenty years

2017-05-02 22:25:08 UTC

but everybody is on a spiritual path

2017-05-02 22:26:39 UTC

over time some people either go more towards God or against him, for me everything brought me towards Him to the point that I experienced Him very explicitly and believe, if you don't believe in God you cannot really have a clear grasp of his nature (believing in Him will not give you this either but it will clarify it at least a bit)

2017-05-02 22:26:43 UTC


2017-05-02 22:27:03 UTC

if you don't believe but recognize the value of the tradition, morality, myths, purposes etc

2017-05-02 22:27:10 UTC

thats good enough just keep following that

2017-05-02 22:27:35 UTC

Personally I lean towards concepts of Reason and evidence. Things I can grasp in my mind and have a solid foundation in fact. I Fully respect and admire the concept of religiona nd God but personally I've never really "felt" that connection there as others may, so I tend to avoid delving too deep into it

2017-05-02 22:27:41 UTC

not as good as someone who fully is dedicated to the long term spiritual battle but it's much better than the average person who acts against God

2017-05-02 22:28:06 UTC

yup that was basically me you are describing too

2017-05-02 22:28:30 UTC

I never felt him until recently, and then when I did it made me realize all the times in my life I felt him but attributed it to something else

2017-05-02 22:28:48 UTC

Reason and evidence is good but only for certain things, it's extremely limited

2017-05-02 22:29:28 UTC

For practical things, it is ideal

2017-05-02 22:30:05 UTC

the most important things in life you dont reason with. You don't reason or require evidence that you love your wife or children, or people and want to secure a future for them , your hate for Kikes who try to subvert everything CONSTANTLY to prevent this etc, this is not a position you reasoned at

2017-05-02 22:30:12 UTC

yeah sure if I want to build a toaster it's ideal I agree

2017-05-02 22:30:19 UTC

but I don't idolize my toaster lol

2017-05-02 22:31:11 UTC

I'm a scientist by trade I've worked in multiple labs and still conduct independent research, I value reason and evidence very highly they were given by God and are wonderful faculties but they aren't all important and all powerful

2017-05-02 22:31:33 UTC

though our materialist spiritually void enlightenment value-filled society would make you think otherwise

2017-05-02 22:32:06 UTC

I don't "hate" kikes either. "for me, "love" and "hate" are very extreme.

2017-05-02 22:32:31 UTC

kikes are satanic, worthy to hate

2017-05-02 22:32:41 UTC

if anything in the world is worthy of being hated it is kikes IMO

2017-05-02 22:33:03 UTC

they are constantly genocidal against our people

2017-05-02 22:33:11 UTC

Hate is an irrational impulse. I am able to recognize an enemy without hating them emotionally.

2017-05-02 22:33:18 UTC


2017-05-02 22:33:30 UTC

emotions are by definition irrational

2017-05-02 22:33:34 UTC

of course

2017-05-02 22:33:40 UTC

love is as irrational as hate,

2017-05-02 22:33:44 UTC

doesn't mean its not meaningful

2017-05-02 22:33:55 UTC

so it doesn't mean anything to say it's irraitonal

2017-05-02 22:34:26 UTC

it's still inseparable from us as humans, hate is a natural faculty, those who don't feel it are supressing it

2017-05-02 22:34:46 UTC

I never said it wasn't meaningful. I simply wouldn't subject myself to pure emotion while making decisions in life

2017-05-02 22:35:19 UTC

I guess I'm just so used to suppressing it that it's part of who I am

2017-05-02 22:35:42 UTC

in general I agree but often gut feelings are necessary in decision making, business 101 courses will teach this

2017-05-02 22:36:02 UTC

Emotions are much more easily manipulated

2017-05-02 22:36:17 UTC

suppressing natural emotions is really not healthy man

2017-05-02 22:36:29 UTC

many psychological/physical disorders come from this

2017-05-02 22:36:35 UTC

lol oh yeah?

2017-05-02 22:36:50 UTC

you are easily in control of your emotions?

2017-05-02 22:37:00 UTC

In most cases

2017-05-02 22:37:03 UTC

I mean

2017-05-02 22:37:36 UTC

There are extreme cases

2017-05-02 22:37:53 UTC

like if a close family member would be murdered

2017-05-02 22:37:56 UTC

or something

2017-05-02 22:38:12 UTC

most emotions are totally unconscious to you

2017-05-02 22:38:19 UTC

I can prove you wrong by presenting 10 items to you

2017-05-02 22:38:27 UTC


2017-05-02 22:38:30 UTC

and reliably predicting which ones you will pick

2017-05-02 22:38:35 UTC

this is how marketing/advertising works

2017-05-02 22:38:49 UTC

it manipulates emotions that most people aren't aware of

2017-05-02 22:38:53 UTC

that guide out behaviour

2017-05-02 22:39:02 UTC

Yeah which is why I dislike such fields

2017-05-02 22:39:14 UTC

since most people think like you and are under the illusion that they (which they define as their rational faculty) are in control

2017-05-02 22:39:18 UTC


2017-05-02 22:39:33 UTC

because they disprove your metaphysical worldview haah!

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