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2020-03-11 02:23:40 UTC

@Deleted User welcome!

2020-03-11 02:24:00 UTC
2020-03-11 02:25:15 UTC

@AZ infidel @DoulTaker @SoulTaker666212 - Thank you very much! 😁

2020-03-11 02:25:23 UTC

@Deleted User heyy welcome did you come here from tylers??

2020-03-11 02:25:35 UTC


2020-03-11 02:25:49 UTC
2020-03-11 02:25:49 UTC


2020-03-11 02:26:04 UTC

@Kayyy - Thank you very much.

2020-03-11 02:26:18 UTC

There's a case I wanna say in Thornton @Deleted User

2020-03-11 02:26:28 UTC
2020-03-11 02:26:49 UTC

@Dallas Heyyy Dallas

2020-03-11 02:27:16 UTC

Just listening to Tyler's live feed right now. He's a wonderful person.

2020-03-11 02:27:19 UTC

And then I'm acquainted with relatives of one of the cases in Denver.

2020-03-11 02:27:23 UTC

Shokpokee minnesota .. madison wisconsin . Periece county Wisconsin

2020-03-11 02:27:40 UTC

@Deleted User tyler really is a awesome guy

2020-03-11 02:27:59 UTC


2020-03-11 02:28:01 UTC

so kayy you into bushcraft

2020-03-11 02:28:23 UTC

If you arent subbed go sub now!

2020-03-11 02:28:31 UTC
2020-03-11 02:28:53 UTC

kayy check out TA outdoors you may like him

2020-03-11 02:29:36 UTC

Will do @Lil Brit

2020-03-11 02:46:04 UTC

there letting people out of the containment area

2020-03-11 02:50:27 UTC
2020-03-11 02:50:49 UTC

@regalshot welcome!

2020-03-11 02:51:02 UTC
2020-03-11 02:51:32 UTC
2020-03-11 02:51:52 UTC
2020-03-11 02:52:06 UTC

Hi sorry

2020-03-11 02:52:26 UTC

I'm second star survival

2020-03-11 02:52:26 UTC
2020-03-11 02:52:51 UTC

@regalshot from tylers channel .. awesome πŸ‘πŸ»

2020-03-11 02:55:36 UTC
2020-03-11 02:57:46 UTC

Ok sorry tried to figure out how to do my channel logo on here lol

2020-03-11 02:58:18 UTC

How is everyone?

2020-03-11 03:00:28 UTC

@regalshot doing great feel free to share your channel here!!

2020-03-11 03:00:52 UTC

Oh thank you

2020-03-11 03:01:18 UTC

Most definitely

2020-03-11 03:01:42 UTC

I haven't done any videos I broke my leg and on 12 week bed rest atm

2020-03-11 03:02:25 UTC

I have videos but nothing new yet lol

2020-03-11 03:03:17 UTC

@regalshot oh man sorry to hear that!

2020-03-11 03:04:49 UTC

Ha ha it's ok I was stupid and went to an abandoned place alone I did all the rookie mistakes...it was a bad night

2020-03-11 03:06:02 UTC

Ohhhh shit no good

2020-03-11 03:07:04 UTC

Well I hope you enjoy yourself in here . Alot of great folks here and we have great convos and share information with one another

2020-03-11 03:07:42 UTC

Yea I was so dumb I've been urbex exploring for like 6 years and I just didnt care that night

2020-03-11 03:08:02 UTC

@regalshot well we all have our moments 🀣

2020-03-11 03:08:10 UTC

This is great hope I can help this community

2020-03-11 03:08:21 UTC

Lol right

2020-03-11 03:09:05 UTC

@regalshot well if you have anything/one you would like to share and promote here is a great place to do so!

2020-03-11 03:09:46 UTC

Also if you look we often have people sitting in the voice chat channel holding various discussions

2020-03-11 03:10:23 UTC

Oh? Ok awesome !

2020-03-11 03:11:15 UTC

yeah its fun in voice chat talking and discussing many topics you'll fit right in

2020-03-11 03:11:22 UTC

Ok I have to change my bandages thank you kay talk to you all soon πŸ˜€

2020-03-11 03:11:27 UTC

And if you have any topics you would like to discuss that arent already a channel I am totally open to making more channels

2020-03-11 03:11:54 UTC

Sounds great soultaker

2020-03-11 03:11:58 UTC

@regalshot wishing you a speedy recovery my friend!

2020-03-11 03:12:00 UTC

also urbex man i wanna do that one day seems like fun cant find the locations to be able to do it sadly but does seem like absolute fun

2020-03-11 03:12:48 UTC

Soultaker I can help you find places

2020-03-11 03:13:09 UTC

your in the US right?

2020-03-11 03:13:14 UTC

Thank you kayyy brb everyone

2020-03-11 03:13:25 UTC

Yes I'm in Texas

2020-03-11 03:13:40 UTC

would be difficult as im across the pond in the good ole UK

2020-03-11 03:15:02 UTC

I've been to London I know a few good places across the pond lol

2020-03-11 03:15:10 UTC


2020-03-11 03:18:46 UTC

@regalshot @DrakesDadgumKnives
Welcome to both of you

2020-03-11 03:23:12 UTC

Ok back thank you as infidel

2020-03-11 03:23:26 UTC


2020-03-11 03:27:19 UTC

Hey soultaker whenever you decide to do urbex let me know

2020-03-11 03:28:00 UTC

I do urbex , bushcrafting, haunted camping

2020-03-11 03:28:00 UTC

when im ready lol i aint from london though so

2020-03-11 03:28:28 UTC

haunted camping is that basically going into haunted woods and camping?

2020-03-11 03:29:02 UTC

Yes its solo camping

2020-03-11 03:29:14 UTC

solo as well wow

2020-03-11 03:29:40 UTC

is that exclusive in the US or you do it in other countries as well?

2020-03-11 03:30:21 UTC

Yea its easier to do it across the pond I've heard

2020-03-11 03:30:37 UTC

probs because we have more haunted woods hahaha lol

2020-03-11 03:31:10 UTC

Because there's so many abandoned haunted areas where you are lol

2020-03-11 03:31:12 UTC

i mean we have ghosts dating back to the medieval period you guys dont so a lot more history there lol

2020-03-11 03:31:27 UTC

we have haunted castles lol

2020-03-11 03:32:01 UTC

Right all we have is civil war areas and revolutionary war areas

2020-03-11 03:32:20 UTC

true true which can be very repetitive after a while tbh

2020-03-11 03:32:32 UTC


2020-03-11 03:32:43 UTC

plus we have more haunted houses as well

2020-03-11 03:33:00 UTC

we have the enfield house lol

2020-03-11 03:33:21 UTC

Right there is so much history in your neck of the woods

2020-03-11 03:33:38 UTC

ok the US may have more now that i think about it but at the same time we have more notorious hanuted houses

2020-03-11 03:34:03 UTC

such as the enfield house, 30 east drive (aka the black monk house) and the skegness hell house

2020-03-11 03:34:50 UTC

Yes most of our haunted areas either get destroyed or its guarded by police and just falling in on its selves

2020-03-11 03:35:18 UTC

or they are just colonial or civil war houses that have the same sorta stories to them

2020-03-11 03:35:22 UTC


2020-03-11 03:35:26 UTC


2020-03-11 03:35:29 UTC


2020-03-11 03:35:32 UTC

Damn right

2020-03-11 03:35:38 UTC


2020-03-11 03:36:01 UTC

heck the black monk house in yorkshire claims to have the most violent poltergeist ever

2020-03-11 03:36:39 UTC

I know! It's been a dream of mine to see it

2020-03-11 03:37:07 UTC

but solo in a woods like that wow you are brave whats the scariest thing that has ever happened to you wilst you were in one of these woods?

2020-03-11 03:38:29 UTC

Lol I was in my hometown in Tennessee I was hammock camping on the mountain side of missionary ridge

2020-03-11 03:38:42 UTC


2020-03-11 03:38:49 UTC
2020-03-11 03:38:54 UTC

And it was a civil war battlefield

2020-03-11 03:39:07 UTC

I need some help @Deleted User dm me

2020-03-11 03:39:07 UTC

as always lol

2020-03-11 03:40:07 UTC

It was about 3 am and I heard moving in the leaves so I grabbed my shotgun cause we have wolves

2020-03-11 03:41:05 UTC

But it was snorting horses and men yelling and talking

2020-03-11 03:42:04 UTC

And I felt this cold dread come over me and it ended as fast as I felt it

2020-03-11 03:42:34 UTC

But that's the scariest

2020-03-11 03:43:08 UTC

That was what made me want to do this

2020-03-11 03:43:23 UTC

yeah that sudden chills you get those feeling of someone or something behind you and you dont know what it is ive had stuff like that before

2020-03-11 03:43:57 UTC

for me though id rather explore haunted locations mostly rather than just woodlands only if the locations are in wooded areas

2020-03-11 03:44:24 UTC

Yes and you cant see anything even with a good torch

2020-03-11 03:45:27 UTC

But I get more spirit activity in the woods than at "real" haunted places

2020-03-11 03:45:53 UTC

who knows a dream for me is to visit the hellfire caves

2020-03-11 03:46:04 UTC

or the drakelow tunnels which i aint that far from actually

2020-03-11 03:46:23 UTC

Oh man yes!

2020-03-11 03:47:25 UTC

regalshot honestly i wanna get into the world of paranormal investigations my mother is going on a ghost hunt at a local pub this friday aka friday the 13th lol!

2020-03-11 03:47:37 UTC

There are these caves in Norrhern California that are so cool they're made out of lava formations if you ever get to come to the USA @Lil Brit let me know well take a road trip

2020-03-11 03:48:13 UTC

I want want to camp at Robin hood grave, or the castle they believe is Camelot

2020-03-11 03:48:13 UTC

i aint planning on going cali my least fav state due its bullshit politics depsite that thanks for the offer though

2020-03-11 03:48:26 UTC

camelot is a real village you can go to it

2020-03-11 03:49:20 UTC

plus the drakelow tunnels were man made being a shadow factory for the Rover car company to make tanks and planes during ww2 and then part of it converted into a nuclear bunker

2020-03-11 03:50:06 UTC

I just love history

2020-03-11 03:50:20 UTC

Lol @Lil Brit dont let the political differences keep you from visiting beauty

2020-03-11 03:50:33 UTC

@regalshotwhere ya from?

2020-03-11 03:50:42 UTC

That's true night

2020-03-11 03:50:43 UTC

wait camelot aint real dammit i swear i genuently swear theres a place called camelot

2020-03-11 03:51:26 UTC

No I think its outside of yorkshire

2020-03-11 03:51:45 UTC


2020-03-11 03:51:51 UTC

It's in Scotland

2020-03-11 03:52:03 UTC

or even stratford upon avon thats my closest guess

2020-03-11 03:52:25 UTC

It's the ruins of a un named castle

2020-03-11 03:52:45 UTC

ha if it turns out to be my local castle i would be dying of laughter lol

2020-03-11 03:52:54 UTC

It has everything from the king Arthur ledgend

2020-03-11 03:53:34 UTC

i doubt scotland

2020-03-11 03:54:22 UTC

It's on a cliff facing the ocean. It has a underground cave leading to the castle and beach. They say its Merlins passage

2020-03-11 03:54:38 UTC

fair enough

2020-03-11 03:54:51 UTC

It's near Yorkshire I think

2020-03-11 03:55:13 UTC

see the best place for a good and proper location to stay in would be the tower of london

2020-03-11 03:55:27 UTC

Oh yes!

2020-03-11 03:55:56 UTC

But I could never get permission to camp there...

2020-03-11 03:56:23 UTC

dont have to camp there probs just stay a night in one of the cells lol

2020-03-11 03:56:41 UTC


2020-03-11 03:56:44 UTC

y'all have a lot more hanuted asylums though i gotta admit

2020-03-11 03:57:02 UTC

Yes ...yes we do

2020-03-11 03:57:43 UTC

But they have so much asbestos and mold it's hard to breath in them

2020-03-11 03:58:15 UTC

this is the sighting of The Grey Lady at my local castle


2020-03-11 03:59:15 UTC

Omg you live near the grey lady?!

2020-03-11 03:59:42 UTC

not near but its the nearest castle

2020-03-11 03:59:54 UTC

not going to say where for privacy reasons

2020-03-11 04:00:00 UTC

Still that's awesome

2020-03-11 04:00:14 UTC

It's ok I understand

2020-03-11 04:00:45 UTC

I've wanted to camp there so bad!

2020-03-11 04:00:59 UTC

cant theres a zoo built around the castle

2020-03-11 04:01:18 UTC

Are you kidding me?!

2020-03-11 04:01:20 UTC

but there is a pub appropriatly called the grey lady inn i think

2020-03-11 04:01:32 UTC

no i really aint joking theres a zoo around the castle

2020-03-11 04:01:42 UTC


2020-03-11 04:01:46 UTC

Are you saying that you _could_ camp there, but you might wake up next to a rhino?

2020-03-11 04:01:52 UTC


2020-03-11 04:01:58 UTC


2020-03-11 04:02:09 UTC

i dont think theres rhinos in this zoo actually i know for a fact there is lions

2020-03-11 04:02:37 UTC

Yeah, forget the lions. I'd rather run from a rhino.

2020-03-11 04:02:39 UTC

Yea I dont need to be a lion snack

2020-03-11 04:02:51 UTC

The rhino could outrun you, but not out-maneuver you.

2020-03-11 04:02:52 UTC

also theres an indoor part of the castle that shows the history of it but also castle critters so animals that would have been found in castles at that time

2020-03-11 04:02:58 UTC

You just gotta make sharp turns.

2020-03-11 04:03:10 UTC

He can't make the sharp turns, or else he will fall over.

2020-03-11 04:03:18 UTC


2020-03-11 04:03:30 UTC

ill dm you the location

2020-03-11 04:03:44 UTC

Cool thanks!

2020-03-11 04:03:58 UTC

Did you know that rhinos are the firemen of the jungle?

2020-03-11 04:04:12 UTC

sounds badass tbh that does actually

2020-03-11 04:04:14 UTC


2020-03-11 04:04:27 UTC

i mean they make good mercenaries (dr who joke lol)

2020-03-11 04:04:37 UTC


2020-03-11 04:04:52 UTC

Ol dr.who

2020-03-11 04:05:00 UTC

video proof of rhinos stomping out fires

2020-03-11 04:05:39 UTC

Hmm that's strange

2020-03-11 04:05:46 UTC


2020-03-11 04:05:50 UTC

such a great movie

2020-03-11 04:06:06 UTC


2020-03-11 04:06:15 UTC

okay, sorry to derail your conversation about that non-haunted zoo around that haunted castle.

2020-03-11 04:06:32 UTC

It's all good lol

2020-03-11 04:07:46 UTC

the castle was obvs built first though very interesting to explore in tbh that picture is not just the full castle ground though theres like a tower section behind the photographer

2020-03-11 04:09:00 UTC

See so much wonderful places where you are we dont have that

2020-03-11 04:09:36 UTC

Major areas are few and far between in the states

2020-03-11 04:10:06 UTC

or have soo similar history

2020-03-11 04:10:30 UTC

the castle actually does ghost tours on halloween

2020-03-11 04:10:51 UTC

there is said to be other ghosts other than the grey lady such as a mad monk and a drummer boy

2020-03-11 04:12:34 UTC

Yes I heard of that but the grey lady is the one people hunt for

2020-03-11 04:12:50 UTC

true true

2020-03-11 04:13:09 UTC

the grey lady does seem to be the popular one but im more interested in that monk

2020-03-11 04:14:26 UTC

I understand and the child is interesting

2020-03-11 04:14:53 UTC

yeah i dont know much about that one

2020-03-11 04:15:06 UTC

the castle eas bult in 1071 and mentioned in the doomsday book

2020-03-11 04:15:25 UTC

it maintains it is home to the ghost of a drummer boy, killed by a musket during the English Civil War, who drums at night

2020-03-11 04:15:40 UTC

It’s meant to be bad luck to see or hear him

2020-03-11 04:18:33 UTC

Hmm that's something

2020-03-11 04:18:43 UTC

really is actually

2020-03-11 04:18:49 UTC

@Karnivore Bwhahahaha

2020-03-11 04:18:53 UTC

so much paranomal stuff

2020-03-11 04:19:24 UTC

Who what where?

2020-03-11 04:19:28 UTC

@Karnivore It's true though about the Rhinos

2020-03-11 04:19:38 UTC

@Deleted User my local castle

2020-03-11 04:19:59 UTC

Lol we may need a new channel

2020-03-11 04:20:17 UTC

@Deleted User paranormal and mysteries channel maybe

2020-03-11 04:20:46 UTC

regel im not to far from a location that may interest you if you are into haunted woods

2020-03-11 04:21:36 UTC

Lol sounds great

2020-03-11 04:21:48 UTC

no joke has a whole mystery to it

2020-03-11 04:22:01 UTC

I just cant wrap my head around the zoo

2020-03-11 04:22:15 UTC


2020-03-11 04:22:27 UTC

i know it is strange having a zoo around the castle lol

2020-03-11 04:22:33 UTC

but it works lol

2020-03-11 04:22:43 UTC


2020-03-11 04:22:52 UTC

@Lil Brit okay cool i was actually thinking bout making that channel haha

2020-03-11 04:22:57 UTC

good zoo as well i gotta admit i do enjoy it lol

2020-03-11 04:23:11 UTC

Atleast the money goes to the castle

2020-03-11 04:23:17 UTC

anothee castle to check out is warwick castle

2020-03-11 04:23:29 UTC

thats a better castle than the one i send yah

2020-03-11 04:23:59 UTC

warwick has more of a medieval experience to it inlcuding the castle dungeons that is very interesting to go into eve thouhg its actors

2020-03-11 04:24:44 UTC

Oh Warwick yes!

2020-03-11 04:24:59 UTC

love that place soo much honestly i wana go back there again

2020-03-11 04:25:25 UTC

They have a full torture room made right?

2020-03-11 04:25:30 UTC


2020-03-11 04:25:55 UTC

in the castle dungeons which is made by the same company who does the london dungeons

2020-03-11 04:26:38 UTC

@Lil Brit made a <#687154220893339667> channel πŸ‘πŸ»

2020-03-11 04:26:48 UTC

i know

2020-03-11 04:27:01 UTC

thanks so much kayy yah really are a good soul ill keep yours and not take it

2020-03-11 04:30:33 UTC

Thank you kayyy

2020-03-11 04:34:54 UTC




2020-03-11 04:35:11 UTC

nice moon pics kayy

2020-03-11 04:36:00 UTC


2020-03-11 04:45:21 UTC

Uhh ohh

2020-03-11 04:52:05 UTC

Im totally next to the fire too πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯ @Deleted User

2020-03-11 05:05:13 UTC


2020-03-11 05:05:37 UTC

Still overcast here

2020-03-11 06:00:15 UTC

I need to wash my knee fucking Christ

2020-03-11 06:00:47 UTC

Not my fault

2020-03-11 06:00:56 UTC

What happened

2020-03-11 06:01:34 UTC

Oh lord I could have got video

2020-03-11 06:01:46 UTC


2020-03-11 06:01:59 UTC

I do my own stunts also

2020-03-11 06:02:05 UTC


2020-03-11 06:02:11 UTC

i detect a good story

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