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2020-09-06 20:53:42 UTC

first 10 seconds excellent 1v1

2020-09-07 04:17:01 UTC


2020-09-07 04:19:56 UTC


2020-09-07 04:20:23 UTC


2020-09-07 18:53:14 UTC


2020-09-07 18:54:04 UTC

blacks are the real jews

2020-09-07 19:50:37 UTC


2020-09-08 03:51:17 UTC


2020-09-08 09:42:45 UTC

ty george sorros

2020-09-08 09:54:48 UTC

> @JDMOONAN lol dont get any better then this! flaming running man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK1awFBails&fbclid=IwAR1e-HtELzWVU1WAf5YZc8Wo68LHGQxNFUm-eOLJDZPiVKGZYWtGpygQ0pQ
@Crom70 lol i like how he walk after just before that dude said fking idiot

2020-09-08 14:35:20 UTC


2020-09-08 14:37:13 UTC

[system]attention: starting test1 for Aoe combat changes in cyrodil..

2020-09-08 14:37:23 UTC

eso get gud. fuck that game

2020-09-08 15:16:14 UTC

@Gaboon lol, i feel the same way bro..The wife and I have both cancelled our ESO Plus.

2020-09-08 18:29:03 UTC

@Rage @Gaboon fuck that game, buggy bullshit

2020-09-08 18:43:59 UTC


2020-09-08 19:21:26 UTC


2020-09-08 19:22:03 UTC

I found @Jace's patch! Tell me I'm wrong!

2020-09-08 19:22:21 UTC


2020-09-08 19:24:25 UTC


2020-09-08 19:25:15 UTC


2020-09-08 19:43:21 UTC
2020-09-08 19:58:16 UTC


2020-09-08 21:24:15 UTC


2020-09-08 21:58:15 UTC

back when humor didn't have a PC check

2020-09-08 22:06:39 UTC


2020-09-08 22:08:26 UTC
2020-09-09 00:08:38 UTC

@Rage brb just going to smoke

2020-09-09 11:05:19 UTC

Imagine calling him a bad president! Let’s see all the liberals try to twist this one! I’ll be waiting! https://apple.news/AmLWAtIU9RwiicYhO--ak_A

2020-09-09 13:11:27 UTC

trump number 1

2020-09-09 16:28:02 UTC


2020-09-09 23:20:29 UTC

I'll be on here in a bit, I am in my philosophy class and I love this class!

2020-09-10 04:31:34 UTC


2020-09-10 04:32:01 UTC


2020-09-10 04:32:30 UTC


2020-09-11 22:17:33 UTC

almost the entire grew playing d 3 again. must mean game content is taking a nose dive. i'm not sure what else to play. other then assasins creed coming out. i guess i'm waiting for new world

2020-09-11 22:18:17 UTC

Baldur's Gate 3 coming out with an early release .. been checking out the articles

2020-09-11 22:19:15 UTC

I'm waiting for D4 tbh guys, plus it would seem I had a dope as chick come walking into my life, so there is that too!

2020-09-11 22:57:38 UTC

blizz better do d4 like bad ass. because i think shadowlands is gonna flop fucking big time. but we'll see

2020-09-12 04:00:46 UTC


2020-09-13 06:38:28 UTC


2020-09-13 06:49:30 UTC

@JDMOONAN this goes for you too, fuck politics, fuck BLM, FUCK YOU, FUCK ME, FUCK ALL YOU CUNTS, I'm legit tired of hearing this shit, I DONT FUCKING CARE, yet you still bring it up, ME ME ME ME ME ME( IM TOO GOOD AT THIS GAME) you have very few viewers , bitch about others saying "GAY" or "FAGGOT" yet say it yourself, (oh i got a new................................ blah blah blah, ME ME ME ME ME, thats all i fucking hear, good for you, cunt. fuck you and your bullshit, you have made me feel like i feel about that cunt @dank, it's honestly sickening, enjoy your place in exile FAGGOT, you switch from topic to topic like a slut out of luck with nobody to fuck, first alan watts, then trump, then politics no one wanted to hear, yet you still pushed your fucking suckage, FUCK YOU, YOU ARE A CUNT IM OUT FUCK ASS PIECE OF SHIT

2020-09-13 06:55:56 UTC

lmao faggots

2020-09-13 11:52:47 UTC


2020-09-13 13:45:28 UTC


2020-09-13 19:38:46 UTC

WTF did I miss?

2020-09-13 20:08:37 UTC

So what went down with Jace? Did he like trip out or something? What did I miss?

2020-09-13 20:45:27 UTC

To bad they are not even in a alpha for d4 yet

2020-09-13 20:45:33 UTC

Means its still years off

2020-09-14 07:00:54 UTC

Think the jace guy had a fit and spazzed out mate

2020-09-14 18:44:42 UTC

Jace 2020

2020-09-17 02:17:24 UTC

Hello @Gaboon are you there bro?

2020-09-17 18:20:32 UTC

Wow so Cauterize is on the cool down too! How gay is that?

2020-09-17 18:21:38 UTC

none of the aoes hit with cooldown is improving performance so far .. or at least I can't tell

2020-09-17 18:32:15 UTC

I mean it was nice in that last X to not get spammed by aoes I will say that

2020-09-17 23:35:47 UTC

@Miller I'll be in dis here in a few

2020-09-17 23:37:55 UTC


2020-09-17 23:38:13 UTC

msg me im in another disc with fen and lala

2020-09-17 23:59:20 UTC

@Miller I'm in

2020-09-18 00:36:33 UTC

@Gaboon Hello are you there? Come in and chat with us... Tell Jace I said quit being a cock stash and get in here!

2020-09-18 00:36:44 UTC

@Gaboon Hello

2020-09-18 00:38:11 UTC

gabbon u get rid of ur discord?

2020-09-18 00:38:55 UTC

cleaning. listning to music. moms coming to visit. were kinda done in here. to much politics/bullshit no one wants to talk about

2020-09-18 00:39:24 UTC

@no body is even talking about politics dude!

2020-09-18 00:39:38 UTC

yah pretty much done. ill be around peace

2020-09-18 00:39:45 UTC


2020-09-18 00:43:42 UTC

that sounds harsh. not much has changed with me. im persoanlly going through a lot of bullshit at work and i mean A LOT. and having to rethink my lifestyle i have to loose weight and shit. so don't take that too personal im jsut fasting from people lol

2020-09-18 00:59:07 UTC

@Gaboon Well I sent you a private message cause we both know what is up!

2020-09-18 01:21:20 UTC

Ok ok circle jerk. Everythings fine.

2020-09-18 01:25:27 UTC


2020-09-18 06:53:26 UTC

The first week of tests was a wasted opportunity double ap was bugged and ic event kept everyone out of cyro anyways

2020-09-18 06:53:40 UTC

And the 2nd test has 0 effect on server stability

2020-09-18 16:27:41 UTC

And the aoe cool down make no sens

2020-09-18 16:28:18 UTC

Because u can stack many aoe its just a cool down on each ability

2020-09-18 19:54:00 UTC



2020-09-18 20:47:36 UTC

I wouldn't grab that with your dick beaters

2020-09-19 01:28:00 UTC


2020-09-19 01:28:19 UTC

@everyone What's the deal boiis

2020-09-19 01:28:59 UTC


2020-09-19 01:29:17 UTC

Let do it to it

2020-09-19 01:32:06 UTC


2020-09-19 01:32:20 UTC

Will be shortly

2020-09-19 01:32:22 UTC


2020-09-19 01:32:26 UTC


2020-09-19 01:33:27 UTC

I'm going to run a couple more city of ash runs first and then go to cyro

2020-09-19 01:34:14 UTC

if you have room, I'm still holding out for an inferno BSW

2020-09-19 01:34:16 UTC

have room?

2020-09-19 01:34:36 UTC

sure do you can just jump in discord anytime Poncho

2020-09-19 01:34:44 UTC

You don't need an invite brother

2020-09-19 19:55:12 UTC

ESO timed me out in Twitch Chat for 10 minutes for posting "PLEASE FIX CYRODIIL"

2020-09-19 19:55:15 UTC


2020-09-20 06:13:40 UTC

Lol sounds about right

2020-09-20 06:36:55 UTC

@Pill Cosby Zz Hello are you there?

2020-09-20 06:37:02 UTC

Hello Kevin

2020-09-21 13:21:07 UTC


2020-09-21 16:33:41 UTC


2020-09-21 19:02:05 UTC

Maybe we will finally get the fucking game fixed

2020-09-21 22:36:14 UTC

RIGHT? No more Todd being an idiot rambling fluffy lip service and maybe eso will actually get some decent programmers to make the game work right... Heres hoping.

2020-09-22 23:16:48 UTC

I miss the smell of Mesquite and Hickory emanating from a Rudy's BBQ off of 183 when I used to drive to work in Austin .. some of the best breakfast wraps you'll ever find

2020-09-23 00:41:23 UTC

Ring of the Pale Order
1 – Restore 15% of the damage you deal as health. You cannot be healed by anyone but yourself.

2020-09-23 01:07:02 UTC

Cyrodiil is lagging bad

2020-09-23 02:24:10 UTC

try the 7 day man fuck the 30 day

2020-09-23 02:24:18 UTC

not grayhost

2020-09-24 02:15:09 UTC

Jd you cock nose :)

2020-09-24 02:17:13 UTC


2020-09-24 04:05:31 UTC

issues with mic

2020-09-24 19:43:59 UTC

<:POGGIES:667881816815960070> Got Partnered with Discord! Need more for ESO discussions + Server Discovery <a:rainbowpartner:750603926008496178> https://discord.gg/ESOU

2020-09-25 02:51:02 UTC

So I have been playing Horizon New Dawn and that shit is awesome

2020-09-26 02:00:06 UTC

the one released this year looks tight .. is there a PC version?

2020-09-28 16:51:58 UTC

Drag me in chat plz

2020-09-29 13:12:48 UTC

Jesus now i am being asked to leave Warmart, I am appalled, what the fuck has this world come to? Has the whole ESO community become cancel culture? Has the ESO community become snowflakes? What has happened to the people of this game. You say anything that goes against their ideas and become the outcast? I am done with being nice anyone who gets their feelings hurt by my content can strait up puff a carrot. I am done being nice at this point, fuck all you faggots!!!!

2020-09-29 13:13:49 UTC

the truth will set you free

2020-09-29 13:16:31 UTC

@Poncho 100%

2020-09-29 13:16:40 UTC

I am over it

2020-09-29 13:20:57 UTC

My youtube channel became what it became because I had no restraints outside of racial comments. I will no longer succumb to this bullshit. I will show my white ass at this point. I have lost friends over trying to be politically correct, and i will no longer deal with it. This Warmart bullshit was the last straw. To all my people I have oppressed with this crap I am sorry and will no longer do it everything out side of racial hate will always be accepted on me stream. END OF STORY! MY LEAF HAS BEEN TURNED!

2020-09-29 13:46:22 UTC

I'm done!


2020-09-29 13:46:48 UTC

oh wow

2020-09-29 13:47:07 UTC


2020-09-29 17:03:03 UTC

I lost it on the kitchen table knives

2020-09-29 17:03:13 UTC


2020-09-30 19:42:53 UTC

Hey Lala u here right now?

2020-09-30 22:46:55 UTC

Hello @Miller Are you THERE? NICK HELLO!!!!

2020-09-30 23:11:09 UTC

Sorry @Maul was out of town for a few hours I'll be home around 12:30am-1:15pm October 1st EST.

2020-09-30 23:35:11 UTC

How bout this dude!

2020-10-01 02:51:21 UTC

Can someone explain why impen is not worth it on light armor? Because I still feel like it’s worth in on at least 4 body pieces and maybe the rest well fitted...

2020-10-01 11:43:58 UTC
2020-10-01 16:35:12 UTC

I hear that shit @Poncho

2020-10-01 19:42:49 UTC

@Miller check DMs

2020-10-02 20:40:32 UTC

@Khem Homie's Trump 45 though lol

2020-10-02 20:41:57 UTC

@kehm why u fag?

2020-10-02 21:20:27 UTC

the dude at 1:05 jesus beaming. lmao, that was the tell. he got folded like 5seconds after that

2020-10-02 22:38:47 UTC

nice kill on Meth

2020-10-05 14:05:42 UTC


2020-10-05 14:06:52 UTC


2020-10-05 19:40:35 UTC


2020-10-05 19:40:47 UTC

That hate tell though

2020-10-05 21:19:34 UTC

hate, much?

2020-10-06 03:33:40 UTC


2020-10-06 10:22:10 UTC


2020-10-06 16:26:49 UTC



2020-10-06 16:27:22 UTC

so spot on it hurts

2020-10-06 16:27:30 UTC


2020-10-10 02:34:48 UTC


2020-10-10 02:34:54 UTC


2020-10-13 17:04:52 UTC


2020-10-13 17:05:25 UTC


2020-10-13 17:06:13 UTC


2020-10-13 17:07:35 UTC




2020-10-14 22:30:28 UTC


2020-10-15 01:27:40 UTC


2020-10-15 22:01:06 UTC



2020-10-16 02:51:41 UTC


2020-10-16 02:55:25 UTC


2020-10-16 02:59:08 UTC


2020-10-16 02:59:40 UTC


2020-10-16 03:00:49 UTC


2020-10-16 03:01:48 UTC


2020-10-16 03:05:24 UTC


2020-10-19 20:23:39 UTC

<@162245163777916929> apparently I'm banned from ur chat XD


2020-10-19 20:24:12 UTC

What for I dont see any good reason in what it gave me

2020-10-21 19:18:39 UTC

Trump 2020

2020-10-21 19:23:36 UTC

<@162245163777916929> are u gonna vote Trump

2020-10-23 12:41:13 UTC

This had me dying last night, I had to clip it!

2020-10-23 21:41:34 UTC


2020-10-23 23:24:38 UTC

@Poncho What up man

2020-10-23 23:24:52 UTC

Sorry I haven't been on been realy busy

2020-10-23 23:39:43 UTC

all good

2020-10-23 23:39:48 UTC

take care of business bro

2020-10-23 23:40:00 UTC

I'm chillin in gen bro

2020-10-23 23:40:35 UTC

if you wanna come and hang for a bit

2020-10-23 23:40:51 UTC

@WEAREShadow!!! Rev what's the deal dawg

2020-10-24 02:20:06 UTC

just got home dude

2020-10-24 02:20:18 UTC

What's up brither

2020-10-24 02:20:34 UTC


2020-10-28 03:28:34 UTC


2020-10-28 22:48:26 UTC

all good reads

2020-10-28 23:01:15 UTC

@Poncho they are all good, however that is not even all of the reading I have to do from one semester, only part of it. Lol

2020-10-29 04:36:29 UTC
2020-10-29 19:21:07 UTC
2020-10-29 19:34:02 UTC


2020-10-30 02:07:28 UTC
2020-10-30 19:31:52 UTC

Alex is a fucking beast

2020-10-30 19:33:20 UTC

the non-member version ..

2020-10-30 20:10:31 UTC

lmfao .. "Frogs are Gay"

2020-10-31 00:13:07 UTC

Lol shit was so funny

2020-10-31 01:29:44 UTC

nice to know that the APD will see their funding go to Welfare


2020-10-31 01:31:05 UTC

Austin's Taxes are going to get froze and any Annexes will be able to part from Austin city limits and APD will become an arm of the State Police after session starts in January

2020-10-31 01:31:12 UTC

It will be short lived

2020-10-31 01:33:54 UTC

I never had an issue with the hippy scene in Austin, especially near 6th ST and Zilker Park, but the politicians are a gaggle of monkeys .. complete fucking morons .. the decisions they made back then and now today prove they can't forecast 2nd and 3rd order effects .. the only legislation Austin has right is keeping zoning tight, to prevent Austin becoming an El Paso or a Houston (city blight)

2020-10-31 19:01:00 UTC

Can i join the call

2020-10-31 19:01:12 UTC

u can now

2020-10-31 19:01:17 UTC

ura member

2020-10-31 19:01:19 UTC


2020-10-31 19:01:27 UTC

its locked?

2020-10-31 19:01:33 UTC

try agian

2020-11-01 16:18:59 UTC
2020-11-03 00:43:31 UTC

that 2x SubAssault on Stamdens is looking not bad

2020-11-03 18:43:37 UTC

Trash change

2020-11-03 18:44:01 UTC

Sub was already cheap as fuck so getting a 2nd cast at the cost of losing its armor debuff was a nerf

2020-11-03 18:44:58 UTC

Thats like putting a free cast on venom claw

2020-11-03 18:45:12 UTC

Already cost nothing so what do you gain over it

2020-11-06 15:56:35 UTC

hmm, frees up having to cast a 2nd time .. there are other ways to debuff/maim .. I'm actually seeing others using it effectively

2020-11-06 21:14:56 UTC

Yes but my point is casting a 2nd time is less useful than having a fracture because all it does is trade dmg for you not having to press a button on a skill that cost pretty much nothing

2020-11-06 21:15:02 UTC

You lose more than you gain

2020-11-06 21:15:19 UTC

Casting shalk takes not even a second

2020-11-06 21:15:31 UTC

Just makes the lazy people happy

2020-11-06 21:16:24 UTC

The skill does not cost enough for the free recast to amount to anything

2020-11-06 21:18:55 UTC

Having to run ransack or a set to get the armor debuff is pretty gimped on most builds compared to how it use tobe

2020-11-06 21:19:11 UTC

Not that it can't work but in comparison its more of a nerf than anything

2020-11-06 21:36:29 UTC

warden has become one of those classes well stamden that is pretty much no threat outside of a zerg unless a really really good player is using it

2020-11-06 21:36:59 UTC

or they just commit to running procs and dont even matter what class you are then

2020-11-06 21:37:04 UTC

because the sets do everything

2020-11-06 22:40:01 UTC

its crazy how they got away from sets like viper and sloads , and now we have this proc meta again

2020-11-06 22:46:45 UTC

everyone in the class rep team at the time told them sloads was a terrible idea and it was over performing in pts week one

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