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2020-09-08 09:42:45 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

ty george sorros

2020-09-08 09:54:48 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

> @JDMOONAN lol dont get any better then this! flaming running man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK1awFBails&fbclid=IwAR1e-HtELzWVU1WAf5YZc8Wo68LHGQxNFUm-eOLJDZPiVKGZYWtGpygQ0pQ
@Crom70 lol i like how he walk after just before that dude said fking idiot

2020-09-09 13:11:27 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

trump number 1

2020-09-18 16:27:41 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

And the aoe cool down make no sens

2020-09-18 16:28:18 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Because u can stack many aoe its just a cool down on each ability

@JDMOONAN lol u are waiting to destroy some antifas butts?

2020-11-16 07:02:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-09 08:52:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

@JDMOONAN there is that vids where police open the fences and tell pple to get in (antifas)

2021-01-10 07:14:39 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Fking sorros

2021-01-12 17:25:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

is trump banned on discord aswell ?

2021-01-12 17:26:22 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

thats time for a new social media then

2021-01-15 19:42:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

really ?

2021-01-15 19:46:20 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

what about odyssey ?

2021-01-15 19:46:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

its like youtube nah ?

2021-01-15 19:46:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

sec ima link u

2021-01-15 19:50:15 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

spent time cause u cant google it lol

2021-01-15 19:55:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

when i tried to find it it dont appear on gooogle

2021-01-15 19:55:54 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

to drop the link i mean

2021-01-15 19:56:44 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

lol hard to deal with that

2021-01-15 19:56:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

i would say to stop eat anything they product

2021-01-15 20:35:20 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

yeah i just opened a new email service

2021-01-15 20:35:55 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

thinking to buy some credit on that odysee thing

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