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2020-04-15 02:28:51 UTC

@Kal jump in discord foo

2020-04-15 03:46:01 UTC

@Kal have a goodnight bud

2020-04-15 03:46:36 UTC

@JDMOONAN night man, fun tonight

2020-04-15 05:40:18 UTC

That leap


2020-04-15 22:48:30 UTC

@Miller <:cock:597168003167289351>

2020-04-16 00:18:11 UTC

New headset came in and I am filling out an app for a house. brb in 15-20.

2020-04-16 01:14:16 UTC


2020-04-16 01:14:32 UTC


2020-04-16 21:51:00 UTC

@Mike Wazowski is it true josh 1v2'ed miller?

2020-04-16 22:22:22 UTC

Idk but he 5v1'd me once then got super hostile when I blasted him 🀣

2020-04-16 22:23:06 UTC

Josh that is πŸ™ˆ

2020-04-17 01:17:33 UTC


2020-04-17 19:08:33 UTC

Gearing up for PvP isn’t a simple task because of the need for Critical Resistance. The other issue regarding itemization in PvP is that it’s very limiting due to the need for building Critical Resistance. This means other popular traits and builds aren’t as viable in PvP unless you’re a glass cannon or top-end player. To bring more viable stat and set combinations into PvP play, we are now granting a baseline Critical Resistance. In conjunction with that change, we are making several adjustments to item sets which grant Critical Resistance. We also are making changes to the Impenetrable trait by reducing the value.

2020-04-17 19:08:42 UTC


2020-04-17 22:10:21 UTC

its either going to make other traits viable or just accomplish nothing

2020-04-17 22:10:34 UTC

hopefully it opens up more traits

2020-04-18 02:17:43 UTC
2020-04-18 02:19:15 UTC

Televzr is not letting me download tracks anymore... what programs you guys use to get soundtracks?

2020-04-19 02:22:25 UTC


2020-04-19 02:26:50 UTC


2020-04-19 08:20:18 UTC


2020-04-19 16:12:13 UTC

what happen when you just click just chatting on twitch! https://clips.twitch.tv/RichPunchyBaguetteFloof

2020-04-19 21:52:20 UTC


2020-04-19 22:49:48 UTC


2020-04-19 23:32:36 UTC

fuck you

2020-04-20 19:42:54 UTC

Stuhn’s Favor
2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
2 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
3 – Adds 1487 Physical Penetration
3 – Adds 1487 Spell Penetration
4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
4 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
5 – Increases your Physical and Spell Penetration by 13355 against Off-Balance enemies.

2020-04-20 22:27:56 UTC

Reduced the armor granted from this set to 3300, down from 6450.
Reduced the Ultimate on proc to 8, down from 14.
Reduced the duration and cooldown to 5 seconds, down from 6 seconds.

2020-04-20 22:28:42 UTC

Engine Guardian:
This set now restores 550 Magicka or Stamina per tick, rather than 1204.
Increased the healing to 1955 per tick, up from 1204.
Reduced the range of the beam to 15 meters, down from 28 meters.
Fixed an issue where the sphere would not attempt to cast again after being interrupted.
Fixed an issue where the cooldown displayed was incorrect to its actual cooldown. It previously displayed 10.7 seconds, but is now 10 seconds as intended. This will also fix an issue where if you managed to proc the set after 8 seconds, you would not summon a new sphere and simply prevent the set from proccing again for another 8 seconds, resulting in a 16 second cooldown from the original cast.

2020-04-20 22:29:03 UTC

Mighty Chudan: Reduced the 1 piece bonus to 1487 armor, down from 2975.

2020-04-20 23:10:05 UTC


2020-04-20 23:11:47 UTC


2020-04-20 23:15:07 UTC


2020-04-20 23:51:47 UTC

They even gave this thing is own border


2020-04-21 14:26:16 UTC

Yes 100% block chance is a thing, been playing the game for less than 35 hours and have already broke the game.


2020-04-21 20:27:17 UTC

that was meta when the game launched the blocl chance builds have already been nerfed from what they use todo

2020-04-21 22:41:08 UTC

What game is that

2020-04-22 07:13:32 UTC


2020-04-22 23:38:02 UTC

@Ish it is Wolcen

2020-04-23 00:08:49 UTC

@Keiseki need to get some food

2020-04-23 00:09:11 UTC


2020-04-23 06:28:52 UTC


2020-04-23 15:48:19 UTC

@Keiseki Yeah... he's measure for square footage which is a legit task. i never saw him measure the length of his grass haha

2020-04-23 20:57:45 UTC

@KalTry 'Combat Log Statistics' instead of FTC

2020-04-24 02:14:32 UTC


2020-04-25 00:54:29 UTC


2020-04-25 01:46:33 UTC

I made her into a squirter

2020-04-25 01:46:46 UTC

"unlocked the matrix"

2020-04-25 21:40:47 UTC


2020-04-25 21:43:33 UTC


2020-04-25 21:44:57 UTC

@JDMOONAN you can't hear me?

2020-04-25 21:44:58 UTC


2020-04-25 21:52:18 UTC


2020-04-25 21:58:59 UTC


2020-04-26 06:23:04 UTC
2020-04-26 08:47:15 UTC

Fucking cuck


2020-04-26 08:50:44 UTC

@Joshlenoir kill the lilttle faggot dam right

2020-04-26 08:51:16 UTC

im 10000% anti consquences

2020-04-26 08:51:16 UTC

You two and your love affair, it's so cute!!!

2020-04-26 08:57:22 UTC

I found it guys, the game to play during quarantine.

2020-04-26 09:35:45 UTC


2020-04-26 09:37:52 UTC


2020-04-26 09:40:56 UTC


2020-04-26 10:17:12 UTC


2020-04-26 10:35:17 UTC


2020-04-26 10:36:59 UTC


2020-04-26 17:54:42 UTC


2020-04-26 19:29:48 UTC

thats pretty fucking gay

2020-04-27 02:02:39 UTC

You're all pretty fucking gay.

2020-04-27 14:22:26 UTC

STRONGLY considering a MAGCRO bomber.... convince me otherwise

2020-04-28 01:56:36 UTC

@Kal this lecture is a good one to show you, because he talks about the fall of man, or when Eve took a bite of the apple...


2020-04-28 04:21:51 UTC

@Gaboon hello are you there??? Do you not like us anymore???

2020-04-29 05:27:14 UTC


2020-04-29 08:46:40 UTC


2020-04-30 06:08:40 UTC

@Joshlenoir What happened dude you too good for us now?

2020-04-30 06:14:55 UTC


2020-04-30 06:14:58 UTC

my ears needed a break

2020-04-30 06:15:30 UTC

also im tired and needed food lmao

2020-04-30 07:46:21 UTC


2020-04-30 22:17:36 UTC

Lol wade look at this

2020-04-30 22:17:46 UTC


2020-05-02 02:34:20 UTC

got him @fenrirpk


2020-05-02 04:51:13 UTC



2020-05-02 21:21:18 UTC

@Miller the hint in that death recap

2020-05-03 07:28:29 UTC



2020-05-03 23:42:16 UTC

You want the door open? lemme whoop this dick out


2020-05-04 20:47:20 UTC

alliance change tokens on the PTR

2020-05-04 22:36:29 UTC


2020-05-04 22:41:46 UTC

worlds richest woman


2020-05-04 22:43:27 UTC


2020-05-04 22:45:22 UTC


2020-05-05 00:28:08 UTC

@Miller is rust worth buying?>

2020-05-05 00:28:18 UTC


2020-05-05 00:28:25 UTC


2020-05-05 00:28:35 UTC


2020-05-05 00:28:41 UTC

hop in discord

2020-05-05 00:28:43 UTC


2020-05-05 00:28:45 UTC

play with us

2020-05-05 00:28:50 UTC

Are servers filled pretty consistantly?

2020-05-05 00:28:55 UTC


2020-05-05 00:30:07 UTC

toxic af like me?!

2020-05-05 00:30:38 UTC

grilling dinner, ill join in a bit

2020-05-05 00:45:23 UTC

join discord were in a server

2020-05-05 00:45:27 UTC

in rust

2020-05-06 21:34:36 UTC

jd u are actually autistic if u think this...

2020-05-06 21:40:43 UTC


2020-05-06 21:46:14 UTC

@BraggerBubble01 Part of what she is saying is true, with the patent part anyways, but I watched that on the Dr. Burzynski trials here in TX, the health board of the state tried to take his license for 25 years, finally lost so the FDA patented all other pieces of the antineoplaston so he couldn't extend his research. watching something and then researching it is never a bad thing, but if you look at something and say it's wrong without even looking into it I would say you're just as naΓ―ve as the person that believes everything that is said in this video.

2020-05-07 01:06:16 UTC

i'll be in channel after i eat ma chicken.

2020-05-07 01:16:21 UTC


2020-05-07 01:42:56 UTC

When you're trying test a build in IC and a ocean of blues runs up


2020-05-07 04:23:01 UTC


2020-05-07 04:24:30 UTC


2020-05-07 04:25:30 UTC


2020-05-07 04:25:44 UTC


2020-05-07 14:37:00 UTC



2020-05-07 22:49:27 UTC

anybody get online

2020-05-08 00:31:41 UTC

you do the math and then, faggot

2020-05-08 01:04:15 UTC


2020-05-08 01:04:31 UTC


2020-05-08 01:04:45 UTC


2020-05-08 01:04:50 UTC


2020-05-08 01:05:19 UTC

roses are red, guns are lethal, trapeze artist with diarrhea shits on 23 people

2020-05-08 01:05:30 UTC


2020-05-08 01:07:34 UTC


2020-05-08 01:08:12 UTC

she looks like she likes it on the face

2020-05-08 01:08:22 UTC


2020-05-08 01:08:53 UTC


2020-05-08 01:09:29 UTC

her face says, jizz on me

2020-05-08 01:25:39 UTC


2020-05-08 01:27:31 UTC


2020-05-08 13:45:35 UTC

don't get on my guy about aliens he speaks some truth

2020-05-08 13:45:39 UTC


2020-05-08 19:36:38 UTC

Percocet in ya buttcheeks

2020-05-08 20:34:13 UTC

Percocet in ya buttcheeks

2020-05-08 23:48:58 UTC


2020-05-09 02:18:26 UTC

Percocet in ya buttcheeks

2020-05-09 02:18:52 UTC


2020-05-09 07:22:05 UTC
2020-05-09 22:47:00 UTC


2020-05-10 00:22:17 UTC

Long overdue
I exhale you
I opened up to you
Venom in mania
Now, contagion
I exhale you
The deceiver says, he says
You belong to me
You don't wanna breathe the light of the others
Fear the light
Fear the breath
Fear the others for eternity
But I hear them now inhale the clarity
Hear the venom, the venom in
What you say inoculated
Bless this immunity
Bless this immunity
Bless this immunity
Exhale, expel
Recast my tale
Read my allegorical elegy
All that I'm to do
Calculating steps away from you
My own
Growing through
Delusion from mania
Exhale, expel
Recast my tale
Weave my allegorical elegy
All control
You poison
You spectacle
Exorcise the spectacle
Exorcise the malady
Exorcise the disparate
Poison for eternity
Purge me and evacuate
The venom and the fear that binds me
Unveil now
Lift away
I see you
Chased away
A long time

2020-05-10 00:23:11 UTC

Those are the lyrics to Fear Inoculum, tell me that doesn’t look crazy similar to the Coronavirus bullshit going on, just saying!

2020-05-10 00:42:24 UTC

I guess you dont like Percocet in ya buttcheeks

2020-05-10 00:45:35 UTC


2020-05-10 22:39:19 UTC

@JDMOONAN So I went back to vlas today, I needed another potentates shield. I open one box... sturdy shield. second box... impen shield. yo. who wants to go to vegas?

2020-05-11 02:09:57 UTC


2020-05-11 03:38:48 UTC

So this coming Friday I am going to go against the grain. I am going to do what I hate doing. I am going to zerg. Chaos riders continue to zerg me and my wife down time and time again every time I try to log in and have some fun. And they also are dicks about it. This past friday for example there was 50 DC in IC. and they think they are skilled

2020-05-11 03:38:59 UTC

so I want to show up with 24+ and bend them over hard

2020-05-11 08:58:56 UTC

You know I'm not one to brag but this shit is fucking funny!

2020-05-11 09:31:13 UTC

Guys I'm watching these clips from the stream and we are some funny ass dudes

2020-05-11 09:31:31 UTC

Shit is so funny to listen to when we are playing in a group

2020-05-11 17:14:04 UTC

@JDMOONAN that was the video i couldnt say [email protected]

2020-05-11 17:14:31 UTC


2020-05-12 02:11:55 UTC

Dude tis play list I mixed for this montage video is fucking lit!!!!

2020-05-13 00:24:12 UTC

While trying to find the issue with my net I found my cables cut outside lucky me. Didn't find out whom it was yet but now I got to call to see when someone from my provider can give an estement. One week before I go back to work this happens.

2020-05-13 01:16:07 UTC

@Keiseki Sorry to hear about that man...

2020-05-13 03:44:40 UTC

@JDMOONAN bro you dont like Percocet's in ya buttcheeks?

2020-05-13 09:14:28 UTC

@Jace lol nah I perfer some coke

2020-05-14 00:56:24 UTC

How many kitties does it take to taken down a shit hawk

2020-05-14 22:21:22 UTC

Got a new cable 30 mins ago and things seem to be working so far

2020-05-15 03:04:57 UTC

dont forget, tomorrow. we zerg.

2020-05-15 10:13:14 UTC



2020-05-15 10:13:32 UTC

What happened to homies health?

2020-05-15 16:34:05 UTC

yo is that the build youve been working on?

2020-05-16 01:25:33 UTC

@ReckedDX i need my 300k you have it yet

2020-05-16 03:18:05 UTC

@ReckedDX nah that is the exploiter build

2020-05-16 03:35:01 UTC

@ReckedDX In a bit taking care of a few things first

2020-05-16 11:51:42 UTC

Ok DUNK SQUAD we are at war

2020-05-16 11:51:52 UTC

TKG has crossed the line

2020-05-16 13:07:49 UTC

Tonight when I get on we are going to be working on the group build to wipe that shit guild off of the server. I need all the core members on around 9pm central time to get this going. We are at war. I am working on calling all of our guild allies in to help with this issue. TKG has crossed the line and we will put them in their place!

2020-05-16 15:39:17 UTC

Aint gonna call for no Xirks??

2020-05-16 15:51:34 UTC

Nope you're a zergling

2020-05-16 16:32:49 UTC

@JDMOONAN I've got some plans with my brother this afternoon, no %100 sure what time I will be back home. If for any reason I miss it I will get with you. I know you are on late sometimes so I can do it even later tonight if needed. I'll try my best to be there though

2020-05-16 18:52:24 UTC

IM IN!!!

2020-05-16 21:27:26 UTC

i will try but there is a chance i will not be there

2020-05-17 01:36:25 UTC

My sister is splitting the other her husband so I’m going to have a dink and a cigar with her so I’ll be on a bit late!

2020-05-17 01:36:58 UTC

Let’s try to shot for 11 central

2020-05-17 01:37:06 UTC

So everyone can make it

2020-05-17 02:17:35 UTC

damn 11... :/

2020-05-17 03:55:46 UTC

@ReckedDX we are in discord

2020-05-17 13:06:12 UTC

Ok <@&542584691958743041> I have had a long chat with Van Zant this morning and the war is still on, but the toxic crap will stop, he has a greed to leave our scrolls alone during their raids so if we are 1vXing into late night it doesn't effect our Xing, but we are still at war with them and they are looking forward to the fights, win, lose, or draw. The bagging from TKG will no longer happen, and our guild will not bag them if we wipe them. He has assured me that they will not attempt to lop side the buffs on the camp, but TD will try so we will need to focus on wipping them at times. Van Zant has always been a respectful person, and he has apologized for anything the newer guild members have done to dunk squad members and assured me it will not be toxic. But none the less we have a war with them and I intend I wipping them a few times boiis, so let's get'er done!

2020-05-17 13:07:19 UTC

That also means if ep has their scrolls I have assured him we will stay out of the way for them to get theirs back in return they leave ours alone.

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