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2020-06-11 18:52:15 UTC

2020-06-17 02:30:09 UTC


2020-06-17 02:30:22 UTC


2020-06-17 02:30:47 UTC

I’m still waiting on update Beardson so Maybe delay my matchup

2020-06-17 02:31:06 UTC

Thats chill with me

2020-06-17 02:31:06 UTC

Got like 10 more minutes

2020-06-17 02:31:37 UTC

Haven’t played in 10 years... or more rushing to set everything up on all β€˜β€˜tis fancy new tech

2020-06-17 02:35:14 UTC

Shit how do I get into lobby from invite?

2020-06-17 02:41:26 UTC

My bad that’s me my Shit is glitching our

2020-06-17 02:44:12 UTC

I’m ready Beardson absolute is dima

2020-06-17 03:38:12 UTC

would it be possible to do a kind of spectator with discords screen share, you could just join then stream it like the #SNN setup. idk if you can join 2 on one account or need to run discord on an alt in a browser but one point of view should be fine. who shows their Point of view could be voluntary or coin flip

2020-06-17 03:38:53 UTC

Do you need a really good connection to get that to work?

2020-06-17 03:39:26 UTC

multible people can stream halo, he needs to still be in the game to host tho or let one of the contestants host

2020-06-17 03:39:46 UTC

not sure never tried it just assumed its less of an ask then getting every sign up to get OBS and stream on dlive which is the only other alternative I can think of

2020-06-17 03:40:27 UTC

Makes sense.

2020-06-17 03:41:15 UTC

Spectator mode would be ideal but chances of adding that to a 15 year old game that has been ported twice are slim.

2020-06-17 03:41:16 UTC

also its streamsnipe proof bc if you wanna see a stream you cannot stream yourself

2020-06-17 03:42:05 UTC

Very true

2020-06-17 03:43:14 UTC

they shoulda added a spec mode in h2a at the very least, the h2a online tourneys kinda not good quality using pro players streams to spectate

2020-06-17 03:43:39 UTC

Yeah I remember those days.

2020-06-17 03:44:06 UTC

The worst competitive Halo I ever watched was H4 though.

2020-06-17 03:48:09 UTC

what ruined h4 for me ultimately was something barely anyone mentions, which was flinch instead of descope. who the hell thought removing descope and adding flinch, which no one likes, is a good idea

2020-06-17 03:48:36 UTC

You're right, that was the most under bitched about mechanic

2020-06-17 03:49:26 UTC

I remember whining about the damn boltshot constantly

2020-06-17 03:50:28 UTC

like i get a perfect snipe line up and 1 br shot kills your aim, at least in old games you still had a chance with the noscope

2020-06-17 03:51:10 UTC

I heard it made some people get motion sickness when they were sniping lol

2020-06-17 03:51:28 UTC

also the boltshot wouldnt really be a problem if it was a weapon on the map like the old halos

2020-06-17 03:51:40 UTC

but woops gotta add loadouts

2020-06-17 03:58:19 UTC

I'm ResistCommunism / Stephen by the way

2020-06-18 19:44:30 UTC


2020-06-18 19:45:49 UTC

Is this where the cool guys hang out?

2020-06-18 19:53:18 UTC

seems like it

2020-06-18 19:53:41 UTC

this is it

2020-06-18 20:09:34 UTC

Oh baste

2020-06-19 02:58:06 UTC

beardson aint ready 4 this

2020-06-19 03:12:06 UTC


2020-06-19 03:17:53 UTC


2020-06-19 03:19:27 UTC


2020-06-19 07:39:05 UTC


2020-06-19 07:39:08 UTC


2020-06-19 07:39:10 UTC


2020-06-22 06:37:49 UTC

You guys ever just sit in your truck?

2020-06-23 06:15:10 UTC

Beardson found the nuts tweet

2020-06-23 22:51:46 UTC


2020-06-26 01:34:22 UTC

2020-06-28 04:15:53 UTC

white sharia now am I right borthers

2020-06-28 04:17:10 UTC

2020-06-28 04:26:20 UTC

yo someone should like, actually make this discord sick

2020-07-01 04:23:56 UTC

2020-07-01 12:02:43 UTC


2020-07-14 04:23:25 UTC

halo gamers?

2020-07-14 05:51:27 UTC

@Zozmal halo?

2020-07-14 05:51:50 UTC

hell yeah brother

2020-07-30 21:01:50 UTC

@Zozmal a lil late, but halo swag

2020-08-12 21:50:03 UTC

Look at all these cool guys


2020-08-13 05:19:44 UTC

Yo, I'm Enward Slizzerhands on dLive. I joined earlier as Enward but this is my main account

2020-08-13 16:13:56 UTC

Reminder to get your free "A Total War Saga: TROY" from the Epic Store. Deal ends tomorrow morning.

2020-08-15 02:41:42 UTC

Lots of #coolguys

2020-08-15 07:28:32 UTC

πŸ–• πŸ˜‹ πŸ–•

2020-08-15 07:30:22 UTC


2020-08-15 11:51:33 UTC

I hate women

2020-08-15 20:15:31 UTC

Alright fellas got a few things set up. Adding roles now for subs. If i miss you just DM me.

2020-08-15 20:15:43 UTC


2020-08-15 20:16:14 UTC

dm or ping me if you need help setting something up, gonna be running a tabletop game

2020-08-15 21:00:03 UTC


2020-08-15 21:02:42 UTC

its hard to be a black man in america

2020-08-15 21:03:12 UTC

free tweet for you guys knock yourselves out get some dopamine

2020-08-15 21:06:27 UTC

haha it's funny because he's being praised for doing something that should be normal

2020-08-15 21:09:10 UTC

Does dlive scale images down for stickers?

2020-08-15 21:09:20 UTC

Or do you have to ul specific dimensions

2020-08-15 21:09:32 UTC

i think it scales

2020-08-15 21:09:37 UTC

i cant remember tbh

2020-08-15 21:09:42 UTC

If so then good

2020-08-15 21:09:55 UTC


2020-08-15 21:09:58 UTC

That's 512x512

2020-08-15 21:10:11 UTC

Is it 256?

2020-08-15 21:12:16 UTC

Try 128

2020-08-15 21:12:40 UTC

no i mean im not doing that

2020-08-15 21:12:49 UTC

O rofl

2020-08-15 21:49:22 UTC


2020-08-15 21:55:00 UTC


2020-08-16 02:50:26 UTC

Dam bro

2020-08-16 04:21:37 UTC

We still doing movie night tmrw

2020-08-16 04:22:01 UTC

Is the sub roll irony bro?

2020-08-16 04:56:26 UTC

do i dare ask what that mouth is??

my best guess is faith goldy

2020-08-16 18:49:35 UTC

"Are women even people??" will be the most important question of the 21st century.

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