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2019-02-05 18:26:39 UTC


2019-02-06 01:20:10 UTC


2019-02-06 02:57:54 UTC

why don't you have a vetting channel

2019-02-06 03:12:09 UTC

not really a concern for what is done in here

2019-02-06 03:13:48 UTC

wasn't going to say it but yes online vetting is kinda bullshit.

Trump @ SOTU โ€œAmerica will NEVER be a socialist countryโ€

2019-02-06 05:04:07 UTC

They got a strike....LAME

2019-02-08 17:29:43 UTC

@everyone People are voting for Chad Groyper : )


2019-02-09 02:50:23 UTC


2019-02-09 15:44:44 UTC


this is only going to cause men to physically attack women.

2019-02-09 16:36:23 UTC

Legends are made when you corner white men

2019-02-09 16:37:24 UTC

All of the jews pets are fucking retarded. They talk about how theyโ€™re gonna replace and destroy us while also knowing that we kill each other for sport when thereโ€™s no browns to kill

2019-02-09 16:37:56 UTC

How the fuck do they think itโ€™s a good idea to get on the white mans bad side

parasites have no choice but to always double down.

something about ensuring the body is unable to create an immunity.

2019-02-09 16:47:56 UTC

Theyโ€™re retarded

2019-02-09 16:48:49 UTC

Iโ€™ve spoken to blacks in America who say the same thing, they understand that fucking with whites is asking for trouble, at least 1/100 of them understand this

another legit reason why nations are racial.

multi-cultural societies cause opportunistic selfish personalities.

its destruction of your own peoples systems.

whites no longer act like whites, blacks no longer act like proud lion hunters.

2019-02-09 17:45:38 UTC

Yea, all this speech control is literally driving people insane

2019-02-09 17:46:59 UTC

When your told your nature is evil and that your people deserve to die out for being so evil that you raise the worlds standard of living it creates real ni๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธas like robert bowers

2019-02-09 23:43:02 UTC

Hello everyone

2019-02-10 00:38:30 UTC

live stream

2019-02-10 06:06:41 UTC


2019-02-10 17:43:55 UTC

look at these sick fuckerz

Hes donating all his incoming procedes to the american legal defense fund for our guys.

and in an hour he will be reading Hitlers Revolution. @here

2019-02-10 21:51:04 UTC

Help our brothers in jail

2019-02-10 21:51:06 UTC
2019-02-12 08:13:47 UTC


2019-02-12 08:13:49 UTC


2019-02-12 08:13:58 UTC

Heโ€™s been a plant the whole time confirmed

2019-02-12 08:15:51 UTC

Thatโ€™s not the only plaque from the Jewish community on his wall. He has multiple from before he was elected

2019-02-12 08:16:33 UTC

They only pretend to hate him in the media and the lesser Jews are too stupid to understand the master plan but it works out cuz they kvetch anyway. Making us think mr trump is on our side

2019-02-12 08:16:40 UTC

Dude fuck jews man this shits fucked

2019-02-12 08:17:44 UTC

lead the opposition and have "civil" wars to confuse the goyim

2019-02-12 08:18:30 UTC

jews on every side pulling for their particular flavor of the NWO....

2019-02-12 08:23:42 UTC

Should we go decentralized like the yellow vests?

2019-02-12 08:25:00 UTC

Itโ€™ll be hard for jews to divide a counter-Semitic movement thatโ€™s already in a schism

2019-02-12 08:29:07 UTC

People keep saying we gotta play the long game and have a long march through institutions but thatโ€™s impossible when they have a centuries long head start

2019-02-12 08:29:11 UTC

They want us dead

2019-02-13 22:31:22 UTC

Welcome to ZOG - Muh Israel

2019-02-14 03:03:52 UTC
2019-02-15 00:47:44 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcHzl7WsM0w&app=desktop Guard at the Synagog of satan shoots the guy filing at about 4 min in.

2019-02-15 00:56:33 UTC

it was just a warning shot at the ground....looks like he was hit with shards off the cement.

its a small hole, but that doesn't mean anything.

2019-02-15 01:00:48 UTC

Not sure to be honest they wouldnt let him take the camera when the cops came...put him in cuffs and took him to the hospital

2019-02-15 01:04:26 UTC

ah nevermind they eventually put the camera in the ambulance with him.

im at the point where they are giving him an IV bag.

2019-02-15 01:11:06 UTC

@everyone Pat Little is about to go live streaming more of chapter 2 from Hitler's revolution. We will be raising money for the ALDF

2019-02-15 02:01:02 UTC

If you want to support the ALDF you can donate to Pat here https://streamlabs.com/littlerevolution2. Our goal is 1000 and have about 200 to go

2019-02-15 02:56:02 UTC


2019-02-16 06:07:46 UTC

Sticker bombing Brooklyn tonight with these!

2019-02-16 06:07:49 UTC


another crisp healthy stream, remember to donate! โค

2019-02-17 00:45:52 UTC

Pretty sure world news daily report is satire

2019-02-17 03:33:55 UTC


2019-02-17 03:33:59 UTC

i shoulda posted in memes

2019-02-17 03:34:13 UTC

i just forgot that the chinese rover was on the other side of the moon

2019-02-17 03:34:18 UTC

not the visible side

2019-02-17 03:34:25 UTC

so this would've automatically been fake

2019-02-17 03:34:45 UTC

because that rover that messed up on mars last week only traveled 28 miles total

2019-02-17 03:34:57 UTC

over 14 years

2019-02-17 03:35:15 UTC

no way a chinese, russian, or american rover would travel so far so quickly

2019-02-17 07:15:42 UTC

@World Goyim Unite why do you call Charlottesville a โ€œneo-naziโ€ protest

2019-02-17 18:37:54 UTC

We must secure the existance of the sub gap and a future for bros

Subscribe to pewdiepie 88 times

2019-02-18 02:55:16 UTC


2019-02-18 21:12:40 UTC

was about to post about that lol

2019-02-18 21:13:22 UTC

You can follow https://twitter.com/VKandidat to get updates on streams and other announcements

strange. chat is now disabled after the stream ended.

2019-02-18 23:49:30 UTC

yea the chat goes for a few min after the stream but eventually goes away

2019-02-19 01:31:53 UTC


2019-02-19 20:47:00 UTC

Anyone know what's going on with Pat?

2019-02-19 20:47:28 UTC

Is he ok?

2019-02-19 20:50:20 UTC


2019-02-20 00:13:12 UTC

I have not heard of anything happening that would cause me to be concered....I saw him say something like 30 min ago

2019-02-20 03:07:45 UTC

Waiting for the link but Patrick Little is planning on doing an AMA on https://www.reddit.com/r/SubOfPeace/

2019-02-20 20:25:50 UTC

If you have Telegram you can get updates from https://t.me/PatrickLittleNews and follow https://twitter.com/VKandidat

2019-02-21 01:33:03 UTC

If interested in coming to Fash Bash then please ping me


2019-02-21 03:27:30 UTC

@Jovi Val TV where is it at?

2019-02-21 03:28:44 UTC

Chris Cantwell is a federal informant and collaborates with the Huffington Post

2019-02-21 03:29:01 UTC



2019-02-21 03:29:05 UTC

I hope you guys didnโ€™t buy from his website

2019-02-21 03:29:39 UTC

I heard Vic talk about it on the gas station the other day

2019-02-21 03:29:47 UTC

Big oof

2019-02-21 03:29:53 UTC

all over some prank calls

2019-02-21 03:30:01 UTC

way to go cantwell

2019-02-21 03:30:07 UTC

Yea, good job cantwell

2019-02-21 03:30:14 UTC

Hey Chris itโ€™s asmador

2019-02-21 03:30:41 UTC

*hangs up and rants about prank callers for 10 minutes*

2019-02-21 03:31:31 UTC

I don't like infighting between jew namers but seriously....getting the feds and huffpo involved...

2019-02-21 03:31:44 UTC


2019-02-21 03:48:30 UTC

Please ping me for more info ty

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