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2020-11-18 18:07:29 UTC

I'll start this off. I do lock picking. It's fun & easy. Plus a really good skill to have


2020-11-18 18:08:23 UTC

How many neighbors door knobs have you defeated yet?

2020-11-18 18:10:44 UTC

@Void both my direct neighbors. They locked themselves out. This was months apart though

2020-11-18 18:15:19 UTC

I was expecting something more sinister from the mouse man guess not.

2020-11-18 18:25:23 UTC

@Void I'm not a criminal, just handy.

2020-11-18 18:26:08 UTC

Here's a few of my practice locks


2020-11-18 18:27:38 UTC

Have you picked up any skills from the lockpicking lawyer?

2020-11-18 18:30:02 UTC

My uncles had their own little Locksmith business. One of them even converted an old ambulance into his mobile workshop

2020-11-18 18:48:41 UTC

@Void some. Him & Bosnian bill are usefull

2020-11-19 03:57:12 UTC

I live in ca and I like to shoot my airgun in my yard... Any other airgun hobbyists?


2020-11-19 03:57:48 UTC


2020-11-19 04:01:56 UTC

I recently went shooting for the first time with some really cool stuff... I did alright at 75 yards (winchester,AR15, M1 grand)


2020-11-19 05:53:52 UTC

Nice mate

2020-11-19 07:16:13 UTC

Cool, I should get an airgun myself

2020-11-19 07:49:49 UTC

Scale modelling. Pictured a 1/72 scale Horten Ho229 from Revell


2020-11-20 03:20:54 UTC

Drone photography


2020-11-20 03:21:53 UTC

@TheMousez That looks stunning

2020-11-20 03:22:02 UTC
2020-11-20 03:22:37 UTC

Here's a video I did while on vacation. I was on my way to fall creek falls & stopped in this little town.

2020-11-20 03:23:26 UTC


2020-11-20 03:24:22 UTC

That town looks nice as hecc

2020-11-20 03:26:30 UTC

@C4X3 it's small. But I drove through while on my way to camp. It was nice

2020-11-20 05:09:30 UTC

That in 4k or 1440p?

2020-11-20 05:09:34 UTC

Looks good

2020-11-20 05:48:35 UTC
2020-11-20 08:52:36 UTC

Dang that drone photo looks incredible

2020-11-20 08:53:14 UTC

I'd take photos from a drone myself were they not so expensive

2020-11-20 08:53:21 UTC


2020-11-20 13:11:23 UTC

@bpip9 Mavic Mini

2020-11-22 14:19:30 UTC

@TheMousez carrot pasta with ginger sauce


2020-11-22 14:23:25 UTC

I see a PS4 controller

2020-11-22 14:38:59 UTC

Yes im am a gamer tho i haven’t had much time on anything but the new zelda game on switch & cod mobil this year. Gaming took a back seat to chaos. @bpip9

2020-11-22 14:39:57 UTC

Yeah, I've been thinking the same myself

2020-11-22 14:40:49 UTC

Especially with the new Spidey with a BLM mural

2020-11-22 14:42:18 UTC

This is my setup i have xbox1 but the power ribbon is on back order and those towers were 2x as tall but i sold off a bunch of retro made about 8k in 3 moths


2020-11-22 14:45:41 UTC

I was disappointed to see that new Zelda game turn out to be just Hyrule Warriors 2

2020-11-22 14:46:05 UTC

Also, that's a stunning setup

2020-11-22 14:46:09 UTC

I love it

2020-11-22 15:30:24 UTC

I broke my no more gaming vow last night & bought new cod on xbox

2020-11-22 15:31:23 UTC

real men play FS19

2020-11-22 15:31:51 UTC

big tractors go vroom

2020-11-22 15:36:26 UTC

Wait... That seuqel to BotW with Zelda having short hair is a separate game and still in development <:wow:448313086093295616>

2020-11-22 15:36:34 UTC


2020-11-22 17:44:22 UTC

@bpip9 yeah HW2 is just a Dynasty Warriors game ripping assets from BOTW

2020-11-22 17:44:32 UTC

Which I have been playing for a fuckin year now

2020-11-22 17:45:04 UTC

I don't rush to completion, I try to take my time and smell the flowers, explore every little corner, do all the sidequests even if it's just gimme 55 rushrooms

2020-11-22 20:56:21 UTC

I've played over 420 hours of the game

2020-11-23 11:51:40 UTC

This is one of my favorite hobbies - drawing sprites


2020-11-23 17:36:21 UTC


2020-11-24 17:39:39 UTC

I really need to finish my next staff.

2020-11-24 17:39:44 UTC


2020-11-24 23:16:10 UTC


2020-11-25 05:48:02 UTC

Im a graphic artist and music producer


2020-11-25 05:48:15 UTC


2020-11-26 00:09:28 UTC

Very proud of this one. It came out excellently


2020-11-26 00:19:47 UTC


2020-11-26 18:07:22 UTC


2020-11-26 18:07:24 UTC

I draw shitty weeb stuff

2020-11-26 21:43:09 UTC

Shitty? It looks great, I really dig this

2020-11-26 21:46:13 UTC


2020-11-27 20:27:54 UTC

Really, really proud of this one!


2020-11-28 17:51:48 UTC

Does anyone where i can get blueprints for printing a gun/guns? Asking for a school project

2020-11-28 18:52:55 UTC

I used to go to a college that had a 3D printer

2020-12-04 11:31:10 UTC

look up the blueprints for a Luty

2020-12-04 19:46:03 UTC

Took me quite a while but I managed to make some awesome sprites of Piccolo


2020-12-04 19:47:33 UTC

@bpip9 Badass

2020-12-04 22:43:40 UTC

Thanks, I spent a lot of hours working on it though

2020-12-04 22:44:01 UTC

Time well spent

2020-12-08 00:32:40 UTC

Ugh I just want my forge already

2020-12-08 01:50:16 UTC

@πŸ…±ΓΈg Wizard they're easy to build. I've built more than 10.

2020-12-08 01:51:02 UTC

I'm thinking about making a knife out of a sawblade Wednesday.

2020-12-08 02:01:59 UTC

I just want to make one for my next project

2020-12-08 02:02:08 UTC

I want to make a metal wizard staff

2020-12-08 02:02:16 UTC

Ive done wood I want to try metal

2020-12-08 02:26:39 UTC

Solid metal? Or a metal cap/figure?

2020-12-08 02:28:11 UTC

You'll need a welder of you're going to do a full metal staff. It will also weigh a ton

2020-12-08 03:03:35 UTC

I’ve debated back and forth on what I want to do. My uncle is a welding master and working with metal sculptures. I want to make a twisted gnarled staff out of rebar with a metal cage like top containing a piece of white quartz

2020-12-08 03:05:53 UTC

Or I could make a top piece that burns into the current wood staff I am working on and apoxy it in

2020-12-08 03:07:37 UTC

I would do a topper. Rebar is very heavy & you'd want about an inch thick staff .

2020-12-08 03:09:53 UTC

I could get hollow pipe and work with that

2020-12-08 03:10:06 UTC

I just gave so many idea

2020-12-08 03:12:06 UTC

An example of what my uncle makes


2020-12-08 03:12:15 UTC

Let me get a better angle

2020-12-08 03:12:48 UTC


2020-12-08 19:44:13 UTC

8 tablespoons of brown sugar 1 tablespoon of black pepper. Trust me

2020-12-08 19:44:17 UTC

Put that on whatever

2020-12-09 10:04:21 UTC

Citizen of Skavenblight exercising his god given right, just finished painting 9 of these


2020-12-09 10:04:32 UTC


2020-12-09 12:38:47 UTC


2020-12-09 13:04:24 UTC


2020-12-09 15:25:47 UTC

Also I see some Tomoko profile pic, best waifu

2020-12-09 19:09:36 UTC

A msn of culture I see @DouglasUppity

2020-12-09 20:17:47 UTC

I did all I could today. Now to let the epoxy dry so I can do the rivets & final shaping of the handle

2020-12-09 20:17:57 UTC


2020-12-09 20:18:06 UTC


2020-12-09 20:18:14 UTC


2020-12-09 20:18:19 UTC


2020-12-09 20:18:49 UTC

Rivets, final shape of the handle, polishing & sharpening is tomorrow

2020-12-09 20:19:28 UTC

Mans is producing WMDS. Someone better call George W. Bush

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