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John Mosby 2018-03-07 20:44:05

Our goys will be protesting this in a couple weeks

Fash Dragon 2018-03-07 21:51:36

Protesting their protest of our speech and protest

Fash Dragon 2018-03-07 21:51:47

Now THAT is meta

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-07 23:41:18

That's a really good idea honestly.
No one is going to defend any of them. As we have noticed the police are either to incompetent to handle the judeo-anarchist mobs or working hand in hand.
Regardless we might disagree with them being cucks and etc. It is essential we defend fellow citizens against Jewish provocation of revolution.

Fash Dragon 2018-03-08 04:35:23

Hey guys this isn't much of an event but I've got spring break coming up and they're evicting me from the dorms for a week. I'm gonna be the wandering Nazi minstrel. I'm either going east or going South. Who wants me to visit?

Joey zyklon 2018-03-08 04:35:57

This poor nazi needs some friends

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:36:03

Come to TN again

We have multiple events going on just this month

CatoHostilius 2018-03-08 04:36:07

How far south

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:36:14

come to canada

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:37:11

Anyone going to this?

Fash Dragon 2018-03-08 04:37:22

I'll be back in town before that

Fash Dragon 2018-03-08 04:37:28

10-18 I'm a free soul

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:41:35


The TN goys are going

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:41:49


U near Knox?

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:43:48

I'm in New Orleans @John Mosby

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:44:01

If it's something big I might go

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:44:43

The more we get, the bigger it is.

johanC 2018-03-08 04:48:39

I'm going to that shit

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:49:21

@johanC awesome.. we have 2 weeks

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:49:38


Are u the LA dude that was at Detroit?

Fuhrerious 2018-03-08 04:49:54

don't threaten me with a good time

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:50:06

Yes.. I had the Uhaul @John Mosby

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:50:29



Im the skinny dude with a bunch of tattoos...we talked for a while

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:51:08

I never got to get u my number, cuz of the antifa fiasco...I'll PM it to u

johanC 2018-03-08 04:51:16

I'm about to come take over @John Mosby spot for a few days

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:51:28

Yeah.. you had to get staples in your head huh? Are you alright? @John Mosby

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:51:40


We will troll some commies while ur up here

johanC 2018-03-08 04:51:50

Lmao @speedy311 John is a bullet proof tiger

johanC 2018-03-08 04:52:04

Literally un killable

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:52:14


Yup, all good.

One of our goys did it at the probs

johanC 2018-03-08 04:52:37

Sounds good to me. I saw a post about a commie bar in knox too

johanC 2018-03-08 04:52:43

We should check it out

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:52:54

Damn dude no lie @John Mosby John and @johanC y'all are some hard MFers

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:52:57


They've tried plenty of times, and Im still here...they need more than blunt objects to take me out

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:53:57

@John Mosby @johanC are on my official list of people to shake hands with and tell stories about to my children

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:53:59


All the love for our folk make us that way...that and plenty of practice

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:54:36

I kind of want to do a anniversary of Mayday but in NOLA.. but it's hard to get people out here..(too many cucks)

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:55:03


Ya, me and Levi crashed an antifa show at that bar the weekend before MSU...we'll hit it again when ur here

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:55:38


Ya, TWP has some ideas for May Day

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-08 04:56:03

All colonels and the Chairman right up front. That's bold as fuck.

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:56:25

Nation of Islam leader says, "Whites are GOING DOWN." Thoughts??

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:56:30

@☦Colton of Yore☦

Our leadership leads from the FRONT

Fuhrerious 2018-03-08 04:56:49

Going down in history for erasing millions of muds again, soon

Fuhrerious 2018-03-08 04:57:08


johanC 2018-03-08 04:57:22

@speedy311 we are all bad mfers

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:57:25

Nation of Islam is all talk

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:57:35

didn't we try to "ally" with them?

johanC 2018-03-08 04:57:41

@John Mosby sounds good brother

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:57:44

around blacks, never relax...

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:58:06

NOI and etc are all meme's.

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:58:21

The only blacks that do shit are the ones the Jews use

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:58:29

Some Nation of Islam chapters are cool with WNs, some not

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:58:29

as cannon fodder

speedy311 2018-03-08 04:58:54

@johanC 💪💪💪

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:58:59

i was never comfy with any co-operation with any non-White group

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:59:09

Jews promise them all our shit, we promise them some land in a future place

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:59:09

Japs I can tolerate... barely

John Mosby 2018-03-08 04:59:18

Depends on the non-white group

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:59:23

Nah, I mean who gives a fuck about that shit.

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:59:38

Rockwell was too generous in his dealings with non-Whites

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 04:59:42

it cost him his life

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:59:42

Like "OH LOOK WE'RE ALL ALLIED AGAINST THE JEW" like stfu faggot that is some boomer tier bullshit

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 04:59:58

If blacks want to be like "Oh yeah we want an ethno-state" yeah that's cool

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:00:18

But fuck, like just fuck to death the idea of "ALLIES WERE THE REAL RACIST"

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:00:35

It wasn't his dealings with non-whites that killed him.

If we expect to be revolutionary, then we need to work with other revolutionaries...doesn't mean they'll live in our ethnostate.

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:00:48

I know this ain't TWP's official policy but i'm looking forward to the ethno-planet

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:01:04

Like I think Hezbollah and all those guys are cool.
Dosen't mean I want the live around them

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:01:15

@John Mosby i meant that i think he was wrong in his "80%" approach to the Jews

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:01:24

One drop rule

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:01:26

I LOVE Hezbollah, and many other Arab nationalists

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:01:53

Im not a's not a workable solution in Murika.

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:02:08

what's one drop? one drop of non-White blood and you get the gas?

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:02:12


John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:02:16


Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:02:26

that's my position

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:02:46

I like The Order's approach...if it looks white and acts white, then it's white

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:03:12

A lot of jews can get in that way

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:03:28

although i'm sure they had protocols in place for that

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:03:32

Oh no I'm one drop when it comes to Jew

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:03:33

and "white" is a pretty vague term.

A lot of Portugese and other Meds look really dark, but I still consider them white...same goes for a lot of Arabs.

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:03:45

Arabs are Semites in my book

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:03:55

it's not a popular senitment and i get that

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:03:57

i won't push it

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:04:11

They are, but we need someone to fight like men and not like a bunch of coward ass Jew kike bastards.

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:04:25

A lot of people in that area are def. white.

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:04:42

the Jew is more than just filling the biological niche of the parasite... i've literally come to believe they're demonic creatures

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:04:46

The Pamiris are a perfect example of Aryan Arabs

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:05:23

Arab means Semite though, doens't it? Like I get that they're middle easterners, but I'm pretty sure "Arab" is a semitic ethnic term

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:05:51

And Jew means Jew

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:06:19

Arab is a linguistic term...doesn't have to do with race

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:06:19

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:06:30

They look like a legit nice old white couple

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:06:48

Needless to say that man on the right is the most feared man against the Zionist occupied planet

Fuhrerious 2018-03-08 05:07:12

i like his voice. he sounds like a villian.

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:07:41

She's actually Anglo, but he's Arab

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:07:55

didn't Schoep of NSM marry a Lebanese Arab?

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:08:10

With nigger kids

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:08:24

She looked very Jewish to me...

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:08:43

i know we're not supposed to counter NF comrades but

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:08:44


Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:08:46

that's pathetic

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:09:45

of Schoep

johanC 2018-03-08 05:10:02

NSM is a fucking joke and I'll choke Jeff schoep to death with my bare hands

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:10:07

A lot of Lebanese are white, but I still wouldn't want my kids marrying them...same goes for a lot of white peoples...just because we are natural allies and of the same race, doesn't mean our cultures are the same.

johanC 2018-03-08 05:10:20

Then fuck him back to life so I can kill him again

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:10:43

When are we jettisoning their fetid carcass from NF?

johanC 2018-03-08 05:11:11

If I had my way it would have been after the white lives matter rally

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:11:26

didn't they do something pretty bad?

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:11:32

or am i imagining things

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:11:57

wait lmao we're in the events

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:12:18

i didn't go

Tarnfurt 2018-03-08 05:12:23

i'm in canada and dirt poor

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:13:32

Wait switch to <#420338445823508480> channel

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:13:38

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY

Shit, ur right...we all need to take this conversation into the proper channel...we are flooding this thread with unrelated chatter

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:14:50

I didn't even notice

Dr.Cocopuff | KY 2018-03-08 05:14:52

until now lol

Fash Dragon 2018-03-08 05:16:34

@johanC when would you be able to hang if I rolled into Arkansas this weekend?

John Mosby 2018-03-08 05:20:09

@Fash Dragon

I think Johan will be in Knox this weekend

Fash Dragon 2018-03-08 05:46:14

@Fash Dragon shieeeeeeeet

Fash Dragon 2018-03-08 05:46:27

Did I just @ myself?

Fuhrerious 2018-03-08 05:46:46

dindu nuffin

FashyGoy1488 2018-03-08 20:00:46
WhitePower_Stroke 2018-03-09 06:08:00

Lol Matt just threw that fucker on his ass.

Fuhrerious 2018-03-09 06:09:57

mosby straight bullied that motherfucker at the end of the video

Fuhrerious 2018-03-09 06:10:06

fuck yo brass knuckles nigga

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 06:11:29

Mosby just walks right into him!

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 06:11:37

Holy shit this is such a hype video.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 06:12:01

Goddamm it was honor standing beside you crazy motherfuckers.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 06:12:10

What better men live?!

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 06:12:37

FUCK our enemies and the traitors that know the truth.

WhitePower_Stroke 2018-03-09 06:23:00

I gotta teach you guys how to fuck shit up.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 06:28:06


☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 06:28:12

Lol just kidding yes pls.

WhitePower_Stroke 2018-03-09 07:41:08

Knees and elbows are your friend, also headbutting us effective.

THTYOUNGTRADBOI 2018-03-09 07:47:12

Under swipes with the foot works like a spin with it, wouldnt know whats coming...theyll drop right on their backs.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 07:54:05

Fake left, elbow right. Sweep the leg.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2018-03-09 07:54:07

Got it.

Odalman 2018-03-09 08:00:24

I have a hard head. Might work.

John Mosby 2018-03-09 14:52:57


I've trained a lot of MMA, and have utilized headbutts in streetfights a bunch...not too many of the situations we found ourselves in called for knees, elbows, or headbutts...We got this nigga

John Mosby 2018-03-09 14:56:54

Sorry guys, but it gets annoying when people who weren't there try to critique your fighting...that wasn't a normal fight, that was a riot, with dozens of dudes coming from multiple angles.

I've trained with a couple big name UFC fighters, and am (non-bragging) pretty good at MMA...getting hit from multiple angels, while trying to keep your leader safe, makes things a bit me, we dropped A LOT of fucking commies

Bix Nord 2018-03-09 15:01:34

Yeah its pretty much impossible to think critically in a time like that. All you can do is react on instinct, and your brain goes eerily quiet while it happens. Looking back and seeing what you coulda done isn't a bad idea, but its not like you will be able to think about what kinda swing to throw when everything gets primal like that.

John Mosby 2018-03-09 15:20:13

In fights you rely on muscle memory and instinct, but most (if any) training doesn't involve riot situations, so you pretty much just go full beast mode at that point. As @Bix Nord said, it's good to review the footage, and try to analyze what you can amend in the next scenario, BUT our TWP goys definitely don't need anyone to "teach us how to fuck shit up", we know how to do that, me.

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-03-09 15:45:46

Remember kids, if they're fat, go for the knees

THTYOUNGTRADBOI 2018-03-09 15:58:01

With the steal toe👌

John Mosby 2018-03-09 16:22:55

Leg kicks are good for both skinny and fat people, but it's hard to get a good kick in such a large crowd, where everyone is so close to each other...I got a few good ones in.

Fash Dragon 2018-03-09 16:29:25

@John Mosby I gotta say that was by far the most tactful fuck off i have ever seen. Great stuff

fassel 2018-03-09 16:29:43

Region 5 meetup at the jobs training weld shop Saturday March 24th 5 pm near Cincinnati Ohio. All vetted twp are welcome. Dm me for info. Heimbach and Hovater will be there

JCAdams 2018-03-09 18:48:48

if outnumbered, try to rotate around the attackers and line them up, so you only are fightin 1 at any given moment. i did this to 2 guys once and that body language and Situational awareness alone was enough to scare them off.

JCAdams 2018-03-09 18:49:48

in close quarters, knees and elbows are your friends

John Mosby 2018-03-09 21:12:16

Knees are best, if the dude has his head WAY down, or you have em in a pump clinch...just normal kneeing isn't effective.

Elbows are NOT for knockouts, but for CUTTING, which is only really effective if you dont have sleeves on (all of us had long sleeves).

John Mosby 2018-03-09 21:14:49

TWP will be establishing MMA classes very soon, and all this will be worked out...there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding what is and isn't effective...the MMA trained goys in TWP know what is going on...we will have everyone on point very soon

Fuhrerious 2018-03-09 21:15:24

Can't fucking wait

Arcturus 2018-03-09 22:01:25

@John Mosby what about knees if they're manlets tho

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