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2018-08-23 19:48:20 UTC


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2018-08-23 23:04:06 UTC

You missed one @Deleted User

2018-08-23 23:04:16 UTC


2018-08-23 23:04:46 UTC

@stedly Now?

2018-08-23 23:08:45 UTC


2018-08-27 07:41:17 UTC

@Deleted User ping test

2018-08-27 07:42:13 UTC

No ping and delete it @seal right after trying to see if the notification still pops up

2018-08-27 07:52:20 UTC


2018-08-27 07:52:23 UTC

Thanks man

2018-08-28 09:01:50 UTC


2018-08-28 09:02:03 UTC

Winner winner tendie dinner

2018-09-03 16:26:27 UTC

I highly recommend Firewall: Zero Hour to anyone with a PS4 who's looking to get into VR. The bundles are down to like 150-200 depending on location and the game bundle with AIM controller is like $70-80

2018-09-03 23:47:23 UTC

Fortnite is for faggots. Prove me wrong.

Pro-tip: You can't.

2018-09-04 09:25:42 UTC


2018-09-06 22:19:02 UTC

playing runescape

2018-09-06 22:53:45 UTC


2018-09-07 06:50:13 UTC

You guys should check out parsec

2018-09-07 20:02:50 UTC

@everyone Which game developers do you want to see updates from? Discuss it here.

2018-09-07 20:03:12 UTC


2018-09-07 20:03:27 UTC

They still haven't fucking fixed their servers

2018-09-07 20:03:29 UTC

Warhorse Studios. Kingdom Come Deliverance is based AF

2018-09-07 20:04:03 UTC

They refused to put black people in their game, despite SJW berating them nonstop

2018-09-07 20:04:04 UTC

Adding those 2 gimme a few minutes

2018-09-07 20:05:01 UTC

Although the refusal to add black people was for historical accuracy (takes place in early 15th century bohemia)

2018-09-07 20:05:35 UTC

Also why am I bluepilled?

2018-09-07 20:05:47 UTC

I guess i dont post here often enough

2018-09-07 20:05:53 UTC

Don't question it

2018-09-07 20:07:35 UTC

ArenaNet added.

2018-09-07 20:07:48 UTC

Keep the suggestions coming.

2018-09-07 20:11:54 UTC

These are what I have added so far.


2018-09-07 20:12:15 UTC

Just 5 game developers?

2018-09-07 20:12:21 UTC

That enough?

2018-09-07 20:12:28 UTC

Or do we want moar?

2018-09-07 20:18:28 UTC

hard to find uncucked video game developers now a days

2018-09-07 20:19:33 UTC

Well look harder... LOL I guess. I dropped off the gaming thing a while ago.

2018-09-07 20:20:23 UTC

what games did you use to play?

2018-09-07 20:20:58 UTC

all mainly from now provably bluepilled infected game devs

2018-09-07 20:21:07 UTC

Blizzard - Starcraft 1/2

2018-09-07 20:21:18 UTC


2018-09-07 20:21:25 UTC

That would be Fall out and Skyrim

2018-09-07 20:21:37 UTC

Valve - Counter-Strike

2018-09-07 20:22:09 UTC

I played the crap out of CS 1.6

2018-09-07 20:22:52 UTC

back in the day i played CS

2018-09-07 20:23:22 UTC

mostly emulate nowadays and use parsec. Its a great program.

2018-09-07 20:23:59 UTC

Should I add the consoles then?

2018-09-07 20:24:04 UTC

Xbox and Playstation

2018-09-07 20:24:32 UTC

nah that would be a ton of post

2018-09-07 20:24:39 UTC

maybe nether realm studios?

2018-09-07 20:25:34 UTC

Wanna create a good balance for this channel, not too much nonsense like <#483490557591814155>

2018-09-07 20:25:47 UTC

Just enough, to generate some conversation.

2018-09-07 20:26:57 UTC

ya i agree

2018-09-07 20:27:14 UTC

in the future ill probably post stuff about how to emulate and plays tuff online

2018-09-07 20:27:27 UTC

I remember /pol/ general had <#472483754557046804> and it was dead for weeks at a time.

2018-09-07 20:31:40 UTC

Just add valve

2018-09-07 20:37:02 UTC

Parsec is the smash bros online thing right

2018-09-07 20:43:01 UTC

@Peppercats @ncore redpilled is for people who post often and add to the server

2018-09-07 20:43:10 UTC

Post more and you will get the role

2018-09-07 20:43:43 UTC

parsec is used for smash a lot yes but its mostly for ''cloud gaming''

2018-09-07 20:46:26 UTC

I already know that

2018-09-07 21:13:38 UTC

I just hope for a day where Paradox and their now Tencent owned asses are going to stop being greedy bastards and release half decent dlc for half decent prices.
One can dream because casual Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis and Stellaris and Crusader Kings etc. just want to have fun. Paradox. I still have hope...

2018-09-07 21:15:44 UTC

Then again they’re Swedish, and Swedish game devs don’t have a good reputation at the moment. *cough* Battlefield *cough*

2018-09-07 21:16:19 UTC

Sadly most companies are going with the ''release a half made game and make people pay for the rest'' mode

2018-09-07 21:16:50 UTC

And what’s worse
We take it

2018-09-07 21:18:33 UTC

its a tough situation. You play a game and like it but you want more because something ''missing''

2018-09-07 21:18:53 UTC

Resident evil 5 is a good example

2018-09-07 21:19:15 UTC

the multiplayer mode was on the disc but you had to buy the dlc to ''unlock'' it

2018-09-07 21:19:25 UTC

Or Bioshock Infinite

2018-09-07 21:19:51 UTC

heard the bioshock games were good but havent played one yet

2018-09-07 21:20:13 UTC

Or Asura’s Wrath

2018-09-07 21:21:10 UTC

Just story driven games with not to shabby gameplay which lock more gameplay and crucial story elements behind a paywall

2018-09-07 21:22:08 UTC

Is dlc rape the unavoidable future? im worried it is

2018-09-07 21:24:06 UTC

we'll eventually get some sperg pissed off enough to replicate this at EA

2018-09-07 21:28:23 UTC

i hate EA they ruin everything

2018-09-07 21:41:05 UTC

And the norms keeo feeding into their practices

2018-09-07 21:41:44 UTC

When did preorder numbers and company stocks mattered instead of the game

2018-09-07 21:41:49 UTC


2018-09-07 21:42:02 UTC


2018-09-07 21:42:07 UTC

the developers dont care after they have your money

2018-09-07 21:42:19 UTC

Its just like movies

2018-09-07 21:48:41 UTC

ya same thing

2018-09-08 00:23:54 UTC

Is this game gonna be worth it?

2018-09-08 00:24:08 UTC


2018-09-08 00:24:14 UTC

>daylight setting

2018-09-08 00:24:29 UTC

Its got day changes apparently

2018-09-08 00:26:04 UTC

The only game im really hyped for right now is resident evil 2

2018-09-09 23:28:13 UTC

can you add https://twitter.com/PdxInteractive ? (Paradox Interactive)

2018-09-09 23:29:34 UTC

@US Mev will do.

2018-09-09 23:29:40 UTC


2018-09-10 02:48:41 UTC

@US Mev added

2018-09-15 22:59:22 UTC
2018-09-15 23:00:17 UTC

great program that can be used to connect to your pc while youre not home or to have friends join your pc and play old and new games online.

2018-09-16 02:49:01 UTC

What games do you play

2018-09-16 02:49:23 UTC

My mobo cucked out and now wont connect to my monitor

2018-09-16 13:45:39 UTC

I just found the channel name silly, zoomin games, zoomers

2018-09-16 13:45:43 UTC


2018-09-16 13:52:09 UTC

>game similar to shadow of colossus
> its like game of thrones because winter lol
Truly zoomer

2018-09-16 13:53:57 UTC

@0sama5pinlad3n lots of different psx and ps2 games. Sometimes newer tuff like wii games

2018-09-16 13:55:08 UTC

Would you need a certain emulator with a certain build version to play with others?

2018-09-16 13:56:01 UTC

Like if you wanted to play monster hunter, would yoh need a certain build of the psx2 emulator, and can only play with others with that version

2018-09-16 13:57:48 UTC

only one person needs to have the emulator and game

2018-09-16 13:58:29 UTC

the other person just connects to the host pc. Sometimes the emulator version matters but for the most part it isnt important

2018-09-16 13:58:44 UTC

way better than traditional netplay

2018-09-16 13:59:27 UTC


2018-09-16 14:00:03 UTC

The last 2 games on that list i posted looks ok, the rest seems like indietrash

2018-09-16 14:04:06 UTC

could try it sometime if youre bored fam

2018-09-16 14:04:30 UTC

Those look like porn games tbh

2018-09-16 14:04:35 UTC

quality porn games too

2018-09-16 14:05:10 UTC

you can also take turns playing single player games

2018-09-16 14:05:37 UTC

She can do w/e she wants as far as I'm concerned

2018-09-16 14:05:46 UTC

But she's not allowed to leave the room

2018-09-16 14:14:07 UTC

Need advice for emulation i can also help with suggestions

2018-09-16 14:27:48 UTC

Cool, once i get my computer running again. Where do you get your emulator roms? I only really know of emuparadise

2018-09-16 14:29:51 UTC

And for emulators, i know of zsnes, vba, dolphin, psx2/3, cemu, and pj64. Are there any xbox emulators?

2018-09-16 14:32:43 UTC

Open source command and conquer

2018-09-16 14:38:48 UTC

bitgamer has clean and safe rom torrents. Almost every emulator

2018-09-16 14:39:04 UTC

xbox doesnt have any good xbox emulators

2018-09-16 14:39:33 UTC

romhustler is ok just be careful what you click on

2018-09-16 15:53:56 UTC

@Gremloc you have to have an account for bitgamer right? Just googled it

2018-09-16 15:57:26 UTC

oh ya i forgot. ya you need one. I joined a long time ago when they had open membership

2018-09-16 15:57:49 UTC

emu paradise got nuked by nintendo

2018-09-16 16:41:21 UTC

It seems open for application so ill try

2018-09-16 16:43:45 UTC

Why s country important

2018-09-16 16:44:15 UTC

bit gamer?

2018-09-16 16:47:44 UTC


2018-09-16 16:47:51 UTC

They ask for country

2018-09-16 16:49:24 UTC

idk i joined like a year ago

2018-09-16 17:01:03 UTC


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