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2019-01-31 06:26:36 UTC

Follow discord TOS
-Discord TOS are the rules we all must follow, keep that in mind while on discord in general

No Trolling
-We're here to congregate and converse, trolling is not allowed

No Doxxing
-Doxxing ruins lives, sharing someone's personal information is grounds for an instant ban. Do Not Dox. furthermore any attempt to gather personal information without consent will also be grounds for a ban.

No Spamming
-Spamming is not funny, it's just annoying, and we won't tolerate it

No Threatening Of Violence
-Threats of violence, even if it's a joke, is not allowed

Respect Moderators, And Respect Each Other
-It's ok to disagree, it's ok to argue, but be respectful to each other

Do Not Post Illegal Content
-Though self explanatory, we feel it must be expressed

no 3d thot porn allowed.
-anime babes only in anime babes. thot pics may be allowed for the express purpose of asking for a doll body type in thedollhouse.

no bad memes
-bad memes may be removed depending on Moderator discression

no bad hentai
-No super low resolution hentai, no hentai which is a 3 or below on the loli scale, and no disgusting hentai(vore, gay hentai, futa, etc) also. only gifs and images in anime babes. no videos please.

no entryism
-we aren't interested in your mra movement, hearing about how your super chad alpha, or about how we all need to get back to the plantation. infiltrators will be banned.

no thots allowed

no spamming non meme content in our meme channels
-this includes nazi and commie propoganda, etc. this does not include memes.

if you have a cancer name we gonna give you a nickname. cancer names being names that cannot be typed on a keyboard.

Warnings And Bans Are Dealt Out At Moderator's Discretion, and rules may change. be sure to keep up to date.

2019-01-31 06:28:20 UTC

**loli scale**

2019-01-31 06:28:45 UTC

-anything at 3 or below will be removed. not including shortstacks, or non lewd lolis

3 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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