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Yes and yes

4, Having difficulty with finding time for activism, Usually only have 3-5 hours but im cutting out more time for it now. I want to get my numbers up soon

9-10 pmork complications

A public service

What are the chances the WI christmas parade massacre was race motivated?

How long before people realize that we are at war, the overspilling generational boomer complacency is maddening.

Using the precious time to organize and set the tone is good though, silver linings.

Control of the media is very difficult now, but not i


Faked one post though so 3.5 crazy nigger problem

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Fucked* but its pronouced phaacked

Understood, wont happen again.

I couldnt loop to take the picture of the fourth sticker, and couldnt take another of that one. A gang of Niggers started walking down the sidewalk being loud and I left.

Headed home now, going to be a tad late to the meeting

Did you need some pro mat?


You free to do some posting sometime?


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Such a good night, uploads are finished. I sincerely hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Thank you

Have a good weekend brother

What are you up to tmr night?

monday night aswell

Alright just give me a time brother

I also got a trophy that night



Its alright, I understand the time limitations. Just lmk man

Our Boys Stay Winning 💯

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One taken down, twenty more put up 😂

Send address, ill be there 6:30 mb on the time

What is the earliest time you can be ready?

I am on the way

Eta 7:10


Left patches in the passenger seat of the yellow truck im 90% sure is yours

Absolutely exploded, still boosting with bot accounts

Dont worry about returning the duck tape btw, you can keep it

How is everything with you, everything good?

done and done, working on finals for college now

Have it

in my shed

can deliver tmr night

Tell me about it in class atm and the final is gonna be huge.

Sent, thanks for the food brother

Its so sad that the average joe is cemented in the two party tyranny way of thinking so much that, an active fascist true patriot group boggles peoples minds to the point of metaphysical machinations of scary Feds. I was glad to be a part of the success this Saturday even if I was apart from the group.

No thank you for letting me borrow them for the evening. Much appreciated. Anyway I can return the favor just lmk

All exam notes and study guides made 1 taken 4 more exams to go. Then 50

50 hours of my week opens up*

Where does one find that?

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