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As of right now im not sure i will be able to make it. Its going to be right on the edge of my 90 days at work amd I recently was in an accident so im shopping for a car rn. Im still going to try and make it but its not looking too promising. Ben has a broken arm and money issues too (hes got 3 kids hes got to take care of) and gary i think is either out of sick time or only has 2 days left.

Im hoping I can at least get myself there if I travel with NW10

Well then it would come down to getting the time off. I cant afford to be fired rn

My employment time wasnt exactly planned for. Its an issue of being hired in this time frame. I have to make sure I can pay my bills. I wont miss an event if I can help it, its not something Im trying to avoid

No im working but there is a probation period. They might not let me take time off. Its hard to tell im going to request the time off and see if it is approved

Im not suppose to take time off. Technically they cant approve it so Ill have to go to my boss directly to ask

So they may be mandating the vaccine in my workplace soon so I may be looking for a new job again. Bright side is if i can find a job and dont have to move I dont think it will be an issue getting the time off

I cant exactly do that because they administer the shot on location. Ill see if I can find out which one it is and say i want the other one so the idea might work

Idk if you were already aware but the "american freedom party" is blatantly ripping off PF symbols. I just saw this shared by Eric Striker.



Just seems weird because they dont seem to be gaining any traction but use PF symbols

I saw that, alot of PhD's and stuff. Which is why I find it odd they cant get their own thing going. Theyre basically unknown even in our circles

Im not sure he will actually show, he never did activism as a member. I dont really have a way to get him there. Im looking at losing my job over the mandate. (I was the only one in this cluster who might have been able to go)
Cant he link up with NW10?

The main issue rn is securing new jobs, me and my gf are working at the same place, and we were already just starting to recoup our money. I need to make sure I can get income and not spend the little I have. Its a pretty shitty situation, its not a matter of me not wanting to be there. Im going to be looking for a new job tomorrow and Hopefully i can tell a new employer i have prior commitments on those days

Yeah thats part of the issue is I could do more if it wasnt winter. And now NY is going into a "state of emergency" over covid. Its giving me anxiety man we need to get new jobs but Im thinking we might just have to gtfo.

If we werent so tight on money it wouldny be so bad

Im just venting but yeah its no fun

Hey buddy can we talk

I might be moving to FL

I dont think so. They fired me today so I think we're going to be moving to FL.

Im really nervous man, this state is full of zombies. If I can figure out how were getting down there I might be able to come to the event I just need to make sure we have a home and job.

Im going to try and make this work but shit is really not going well rn

I already msged Lawrence about it too.

Me and my gf/fiance. NY, at least in my area, is full of people who seem to not care about this shit at all. Theyre fine getting the jabs and having no freedom. I cant live like this, i wont compromise my integrity and inkect myself with a baby flesh vaccine

Idk anyone down there. We're just trying to find somewhere theyre not going to mandate

Im going to start a job/apartment search today

If I can get some help that would be a godsend. I really feel alone in this. Even going to TX near you I would do it

Yes we can last a month, thats kinda pur breathing room. We just paid rent

Ok, maybe I can do that. Ill reach out to some guys, maybe we can have a call about this sometime?

Not even in the house, even an apartment near by. Just somewhere with help. Even Gary told me he probably wont hold out if they mandate so Im just starting to see the walls close in so to speak in my area

I can handle that

Ill talk to them tonight. If I can get help then I think I can make it

Well we have shit so we would have to find a place. Thats our next goal. I can do anything no issue there. What kind of work is it?

Im a good worker, no worries there

Still got to sort some things out and figure out what exactly im going to be doing. That would be immensely helpful tho so im gonna keep it in mind

You still on?

Sorry got distracted

I get that. I know it might seem silly but this is a very rough time. On top of all this my grandma says it will literally kill her if I move. Ive lost my grandfather, and uncle (and she lost her best friend too) in 1 year. She begs me to just get the shot and cries about me leaving, its not easy to make this decision but I have too. I also am getting over covid so its just been a real shit time. Im going to try and make it, I promise. I just need to pull myself together.

I can talk tonight i went to bed soon after i msged you. Still feeling a little sick

I get that. I need to figure things out still. I have no income, I have to find some sort of work so we can leave. Idek how I would get down to NW10 rn. I dont have a vehicle to spare, my gf needs it to get to work. This is not a situation I expected myself in. This state is going to lockdown again soon, i need to come up with $1600 to get out of my lease. This is all on top of still being sick.
If I need to be down there by tomorrow idk how I can, I need to be given info on a location or something if im even going to try.

Idk how i can just go away for 3 days without looking for a job.

And thats understandable if they cant help. Ill find something.

I was looking for a job. I can hop on at night just lmk a time

Sav is an ex member who was removed for inactivity. I have a hard time believing he would have showed up but i did have gary give him the contact info

Ask Mason Tx he should have it

Did antifa really find the cars, slash tires, etc? Im seeing that claim from jovi val but hes a retard so I dont want to take his word on it

Thats a serious misstep in security. That shouldnt have happned. Im glad you managed to get out of there. I should be at the next one.

Yeah ive been in a situation like that and you always hear at least one crazy idea lol

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