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Yes sir

Cant log into my Threema though for some reason

Hey man, hope all is well. Lost my phone for about a week. Just found it lol. Cant log into theeema though for some reason. I have some activism to post when I get a moment.

Activism: stickered in newark.

Fitness: working out 3x a week and working out every day

I didn't log in for 2 weeks and it says it failed a backup?

I need to fix it though, havent been in contact with my ND for those 2 weeks

How's it going brother? Glad to see you with us. If you need anything or wanna talk about anything let me know. what part of the state are you in?

Not too bad, just busy with work. Hope you're doing good too. You can still message me in Threema I just cant get on the announcements page for now lol

Oh I know, and I agree. I should've thought about what I was posting more.

Was that meeting last night supposed to be a network one? If so, let me know if I need to post my activism in the page. Have two sticker runs to report.

Okay. Sounds good man.

Message thomas to reverify my mumble account right?

Hey man, it's been a while. Hope all is well. Can you authenticate me on mumble when you get a chance? We have a NW meeting this weekend. Thanks

Okay, sounds good.

Hey man, I'm connected on mumble


Okay, I will see what I have to fix

I generated a certificate.

I'm in the lobby

20 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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