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I will not be able to attend the meeting today as I have back to back study groups from 8-10

I apologize

I have an online quiz this evening, an exam tomorrow and then an exam this Friday

Will do

Due to my tight schedule and other things with life I cannot in good conscience say that I am a member of the Org as I am unable to commit adequate time to participating in activism and other actions for the org. I apologize about this change and know that I have no ill will against the org I just can’t balance everything in my life currently and give everything the time that I deserves. I hope that for the relatively short time I was here I managed to do some good for the cause.

I hope that I have not crossed the rubicon with my leaving as I have many good friends and in the future if I get things more in order I would be interested in going again and giving the time that the org deserves.


As I’ve told him I can’t balance everything I’ve got going on rn and give the org the time it deserves

Thank you very much. If I’m able to get things in order I would like to rejoin and put out for the cause. I have make good friendships and met great people. If there is a major event in the future I’m sure I will hear about it through the pipeline and if I’m free I will come out for the cause. Thank you James.

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

I understand. Running this section of the org is difficult and I definitely think you are doing a good job. I have just began some challenges in my life that the balance of time wouldn’t work. I appreciate your concern and keep doing what your doing. The org will grow and the cause will advance. Hopefully I’ll see you in the future brother.

11 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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