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Yea...Tyler brought that to my attention when we were stickering

I'm vetting a new guy that day and going to do a sticker run with him.

I'm switching jobs after new years which I hope will give me a more flexible schedule on the weekends

Honestly even without flexibility I'm just tired of my dickhead of a boss.

I'm meeting with 2 new south dakota guys in 25 minutes and 2 guys from Chicago as well

The local group but we still put out stickers some pf some others etc

Ideally over time get then all into pf

Brian is thinking of rejoining

Yea he is he just went to day shift so all of us are gonna start hitting the gym as a group

I wanted to go to the Wisconsin rally this weekend but I just swapped weekends to go to a funeral Saturday

Whoops I responded to Johnny and forgot to message you

On December 4th I'm vetting a new south dakota guy and we are going to dona sticker run also working to bring back some previous pf guys who left due to time restraints but now could help

I wouldn't of scheduled it to conflict with the even but being that I have to work I had hoped to do something for patriot front on that day.

They don't give Fridays off sadly I end up working 12 day stretches sometimes more

A month ago I worked 26 days straight without a day off

After new years I plan to find a job that will give me a bit more free time.

I do just messaged hjn

He was online at 4:30

Got told today I'm working this weekend too after I just worked last weekend...I'm annoyed by it

Your telling me why couldn't I just be black and get on welfare.

Mark sd is stuck still in virginia

Mark sd was left in Virginia is currently stuck there

So mark sd just let us know he is currently stuck in virginia still

He drove a truck had 3 tires slashed

He had Jesse Arkansas with him

Do I need to scramble together the money he needs?

3 tires cost him 540 he said

Yea you have to get the whole story from Mark but currently he spent 540 on 3 new tires but needs the money to pay for the tires

Ok so is he taken care of then?

Yes I was made aware sunday the details of what transpired. I should of trusted my gut instinct when I met him but the Florida guys said he was good.

He was living in Florida for a bit before coming up here

When I first met him in person he wanted to meet in a bar by the time I got there he already drank at least one beer and he had another while we ate. He was pretty glassy eyed which for me is a strike.

I'll be there

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