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What time



see you then

I am 5 minutes away

what is the address?

Missing attachment: P1070533.JPG
Missing attachment: P1070503.JPG
Missing attachment: P1070501.JPG
Missing attachment: P1070525.JPG
Missing attachment: P1070497.JPG
Missing attachment: P1070496.JPG

I send the footage link to you right?


Try the settings

and then apply

I can do after 7pm Thursday night Dec 2

Is it on mumble or?

Is the call on Jitsi or mumble?


Hey there

Thomas wanted me to ask you if you have a go pro for the next demo?

Do you know what time we're meeting on Dec 2nd?

There's something I want to do earlier that day and just wanted to know the timing for scheduling

Whether it was closer to 7pm, or 9 or 10

And next Sunday is activism right?


Good to know

As long as it's after probably 8 or 9

I can do Sun, will not be available for Fri

We can meet there sure

I still need why activism

There was definitely more than just 5 to 10 secs of footage lol

Gimbal part came in

Eta 12:40

Whats your eta?

This is the link

Will let you know when all the folders are in

I have to upload one folder at a time because when I drag it all at once it crashes for some reason

should have it all up by tonight or tomorrow

I uploaded more to training

759 to 793

was there a mumble meeting?

Oh, I coukdn't connect

Yeah I had that one

still can't connect

Mumble wouldn't let me sign in

I let Tyler know

I am having trouble getting into mumble

Ok, i will get on mumble tomorrow night then

i guess I could do tomorrow 9pm after I get verified

Ok I'm on

Let me know when to log on to get authenticated

60 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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