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Yes. Have you watched any of the activism videos on telegram or on the PF odysee channel?

Just to see what kind of activism would be done?

Are you available any of the days before Christmas? Say Saturday- Wed?

Let me ask my guys and I'll confirm. It'll be in the evening if everything's a go

We can do Sunday, can you?

Shoot for 4-5pm? I'll get a location once you confirm.

I'll send you a location the end of Saturday. How close to the cities are you?

Sunday may not happen. My work just called me and they're sending me all the way out to rochester from Saturday till before Christmas. Sundays usually aren't bad where I live, but I've never been to Rochester so I'm telling you now we may have to reschedule. I'm really sorry. I'm as pissed as you rightfully might be.

This vetting will happen, either as planned or the week after Christmas. So help me God.

10 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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