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I’m going to get a covid test today been running a low grade fever the last couple days so I’m probably not doing anything this weekend. It’s probably just a cold. I did get my vehicle out of the shop finally.

Newer apartment building and parking lot concrete probably off Colfax and we could find.

Oh I didn’t see the article that went with it. Maybe just see if anything else pops up on it. Seems like a needle in a haystack.

Hey John I’d like to speak to you about home buyer stuff when you get a chance. I just gathered some information to get a basic idea so I won’t have to ask you as many questions.

Hey so I guess we met on the hike but haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’m not going to be able to make it next weekend because I’m already taking time off work for December and have a 9 mo Son and pregnant wife so I was gonna see if you wanted to get involved in whatever we got going on this weekend or do some activism ourselves?

What make you fire the shot and join PF

Anyone out tonight?

If there’s anyone that needs help with travel expenses that otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it let me know and I can help. I don’t believe there is anyone from N3 that does but I’ll double check. See y’all soon!



What happened?


just making sure you’re alright bro I don’t catch everyone of your troll storms with Antifa on the TL lol

Yeah absolutely. PF reflects slow organic growth and responsible sincere leadership. Unlike many groups in for the clicks and the grift.

FYI I’m flying to the event solo. If it makes more sense to fly for you and only have to take a couple days off let me know I’ll help you with travel arrangements.

I’m downtown now

are you doing anything tonight down here?

just gonna do some stickering

No worries bro

Missing attachment: 0CB6ECAE-BCAB-46E1-955E-768428773CF6.jpeg
Missing attachment: 658EB14D-0BEE-4F83-A001-D90F2D7F53A2.jpeg
Missing attachment: C89A7C0A-F2A8-4533-B863-6B64F9037915.jpeg
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I found the punch a Nazi in the face zone lol

apparently it’s been reclaimed as America now 😉

Check activism

Yeah it was pretty high up lol

I put up a few more but only posted 4 pics

almost to my exit goodnight bro thanks for coming out

Ralph said he doesn’t think he’s a good fit for PF later on and I don’t think he’ll be in PF much longer

kinda disappointing but he’s moving out of state anyway so whatever

year some people just can’t find the time

I found some really good spots to stencil in Parker

Thomas messaged me for my order number so I’ll just wait til they come

one has pre existing graffiti the other I’m not too sure about looks like some was already covered up

but there’s a ton of footbridges at parks

Hi Jesse hope all is well with the family and your newborn?

My wife is due March first with our daughter Brinn. We have a lot of boys stuff if you need anything let me know.

Man that’s great! Yeah my boy was born in the winter so I’ll put together some winter cloths in that size for you. They grow quick those first few months so hardly wear those first outfits. I’ll have to send off by mail as I’m flying in next month or I’d just pack an extra bag. The guys are renting a van and I’d love to road trip sounds like a great memory but I’m old and got the job and kids lol I’m looking into buying property soon so all is well on the Rocky Mountain front! Im actually gonna pack a box up tomorrow on my day on with my wife so let me know where to send. Goodnight White man. Gott Mit Uns.

Ok 3-6 Winter got both. 👌🏻

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with the family!

Are you guys already in the road?

Have a safe drive. I’m hitting the gym hard this week. See y’all soon!

Ahh atlas I meant to message Jesse CO lol

I got a box ready to send how do you want me to get it to you?


Read the comments?

Looks like a troll storm

is there anti White kikery in the trailer?



I didn’t recognize Sarah Silverman voice but not surprising that filthy yid

Yeah there’s no point other than to Target kids with anti White garbage

yeah I could see it going viral

is is airing in theaters or just Pedoflix

May just be a HBO premier

You know there’s a huge production company I think Starz located in Centennial here

You should honestly see it

they talk about a bunker at DIA

this thing is right by the Centennial airport and I wouldn’t doubt it if it didn’t actually have a bunker and tunnel for human trafficking

Duel conspiracy IMO

that leak half truths to cover up tracks

I think if anything it’s somewhere near

and honestly this building I’m talking about is worth taking a look at from the outside it’s built like a fortress

yeah I hear ya

what are you referring to with the “natural” effect?


I’m not sure why we would suppress something like that

was someone proposing that?

yeah maybe a catchy QR code and sticker or flyer would be worthwhile

You’re repeating yourself but yeah totally agree


Since I doubtfully will be seeing you before we take off next week. Would you mind posting in N3 a list of at least what to be prepared for with cold weather and whatever else may be overlooked?

I’m on a social media blackout for 30 days unfortunately otherwise I’d spam the shit out of it on some threads

Where have you been spreading it? Just /pol/ or you use other platform for normies?

Sounds good thanks man.

Hey I’m at the mall

if you’re free

All good bro

have you heard from the guys

they made it back safe today hopefully

have fun see ya later

We’ll be alright and I know maybe on break from college in the future

Missing attachment: AB385415-2F5D-48F5-A17E-9B23DB3B5A4D.jpeg
Missing attachment: 411D7732-002A-4CFF-9461-CF9C31B2AEC5.jpeg
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Missing attachment: F6C45B9D-C954-42B9-B807-492483D3D8A5.jpeg

You guys make it back safely?

I dropped about 10 flyers at Barnes & Noble this evening.

Forgot about taking pics horizontal lol

I’ll get it down

make it back from Utah

yeah PF flyers

yeah not everything gets posted anyway

oh ok darn

hopefully everyone is still making it next week

you guys got the rental figured out

when you say posted you mean on telegram

Is there a telegram channel I’m not following

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