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I’m not 100% sure I’m going to get to go yet.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. But I will not be able to attend.

Back a couple months ago. But where I’m out of my normal region I can’t just leave for a few days like I had planned.

And we didn’t know we even coming here until 2-3 weeks ago.

We were *

I had the vacation days approved when I was in my region like normal. But when we got moved things changed, I can’t just Get off work and get in my personal vehicle and drive home. So the time off was approved in a timely manor. Circumstances just changed and it was out of everyone’s control. If I was in my normal region I wouldn’t be missing.

It’s just a temporary move, it isn’t permanent. This place just needed employees and we just got sent here.

Next year I should be set for things. Where I became a member late in the year I had used some days earlier in the year so my vacation days was limited.

I’ll be listening, talking as I can.

Hey Thomas, I got a new phone a couple days ago and I cannot move between channels on mumble.

Just wanted to msg prior to the meeting.


Doing pretty good myself. And you?

Hey. I was able to jump on Mumble if I could get verified.

Yeah it was pretty wild from the looks of it, I live In the eastern part of the state and it hit our west. But I was in Peco’s when all that went down.

I’m pretty sure it’s only me and Lee in KY and he wasn’t affected either, he lives in the northern part of the state.

16 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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