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Tyler SD @PF-604908

Hey Ben, can you vouch for Francis IL, he re-interviewed with the intent of rejoining and being more active.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Ok, we're moving forward with him; here's his script:

Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Tyler SD

Status: On Hold, Returning member, verifying with Jesse CO and ND - Ben CO

Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?
Answer: Last Wednesday.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes.

Permanent Resident: Yes. No plans to move.

Political Ideology: Fascist.

Drug Abuse:


Why Join:


Read Manifesto:

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: This is the second time rejoining, he left for a few monthes in 2018. His first time joining was in 2017, interview was "short and sweet", was in for 8 or 9 monthes; left because he was "scared of feds". He then came back 4 monthes later, just in time for first D.C. trip, then stayed in for 2 years continously. Left last time because of financial reasons, retired from network director because he could not allocate enough time to role.

Q2: Francis IL was his previous name. Attended Chappel Hill Protest, Anti-Zionist protest in 2019, March for Life 2018/2019/2020.

Q3: It was fairly slow until 2019/2020, he became network director in 2020 and picked up the pace with his group; started a weekely activism quota. Expirienced a lot of intimidation by FBI.

Q4: Used RC for text coms, Mumble and started to get into Jitsi (if he recalls correctly).

Q5: For the nation against the state sticker (because he's the one on the sticker apparently).

Q6: All of Ben CO, Jesse CO (Net 5), Wilson CO (Net 5), Andy WI, Jon UT, Anthony UT.

Q7: First time was worried because of FBI intimidation, then second time because of financial and time constraints.

Q8: Worked well with his group, but had issues with some members who were immature or were less willing to do activism.

Q9: They haven't, even though he is "as broke as a joke", he realized he is willing to sacrifice and struggle to contribute to the organization.

Q10: Is more than willing to put up promat and be active, little time constrictions anymore, but is constrained by money. Joined American Kulaks, but hasn't been active outside of meeting with guys initially and paying dues. Went to picket at fighting event with his local Pool Party.

Q11: Yes, absolutely will be ready to commit self if he is given another chance at membership.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

This was also sent to Jesse CO, so you are aware.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

And here is the intermediate document:

Tyler SD @PF-604908
Missing attachment: IntermediateMeetingAndEvaluation11_11_20.pdf
ND - Ben CO @PF-5597

Yeah he was just at the DC event with us, he'll make a good addition

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Glad to hear it.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Hello, you are being contacted because you have been deemed an appropriate representative to participate in the Evaluation Process for an Intermediate who has been interviewed. The Interview record and instructions for meeting the Intermediate will follow this message.

If you are capable of meeting the Intermediate within exactly two weeks, and do not choose to protest this assignment immediately, the responsibility for this Intermediate is transferred to you. Message the Intermediate on the Interview Server immediately. Do not contact them or discuss vetting details on any platforms or apps other than the Interview Server. If you do not have access to the Interview Server, please contact leadership to attain access.

If you cannot complete this assignment and comply strictly with the guidelines in the following Meeting Intermediates document, let me know immediately.

*Please message Jason NY when you have met with the interviewee.


Tyler SD @PF-604908

Result: Accepted


22 Years Old/CO/Denver (Permres: Yes)

Conductor: Jon UT
Notes: Tyler SD

Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
Answer: Political and socio-economic views, religious, character and moral base.

1. Yes.

2. Used illegal drugs in HS, but has been clean for over 2 years.

3. No criminal history.

4. Worked for the city of thornton when he was 16/17 (government).

5. Has tendentious that is going away.

6. Was concerned with pleasing family/society until Trump came around, then (as a normie) was quite the "MAGA-tard" until 18/19, when he got "radicalized" into believing what his forefathers believed. Between marxism being crammed down his throat and noticing patterns like conservatives never enacting action and jews conducting both sides of the political isles which drove him towards that direction. Ironically, on instagram of all places he got red-pilled by pages posting empirical facts which drove him away from his past beliefs and habits.

7. Describes self as a Fascist, White Ethno-nationalist, American Traditionalist. Believes that it's the correct mode of being as the commy left and free market worshiping right are controlled op by jews. Society helped instill that in him as jewish propaganda was so forcefully pushed on him and forced him to notice patterns. Believes Whites are the largest problem before them because though they can enrapture the masses, they are the ones which see through their propaganda.

8. Wants to rejoin the org because he is capable of fully dedicating himself to the organization. He was so enlabored by familial circumstances which causes him to be inactive in the first place. The influence that had him join in the first place was a big banner dropped in Texas, which covered a BLM billboard and got the Org a ton of recruitment from that event (including himself). Is willing to dedicate himself to activism in the Organization.

9. Believes there is an ethnic component to being an American, a conglomeration of the best of European stock.

10. Family came on the mayflower, can prove it.

11. Is a Orthodox Christian, a church helped him out when he needed it the most and they're not pozzed which is why he's there despite previously coming from a Southern Baptist background. Never felt like religious beliefs are at odds with his political belief, even goes as far to say that the Church is at conflict with the Bible; quotes Revelation 2:9 (synogogue of satan). No issues working with members of other religions.

12. Is in school for programming (will be useful in the future as more time goes on), used to be pretty fluid with video/audio software (though says he would still be useful), can weld, has access to powder/painting equipment (says maybe useful for shields).

Tyler SD @PF-604908
  1. In April plans to set a record in powerlifting for his height/weight, for most of the year says "looks like a men's physique competitor". 6'1", 230lbs.

    14. Has never been doxxed.

    15. Says biggest threat to America right now is jewry because of their overall subversion; browning of America, race-mixing, porn, drug pushing, etc. (many, MANY, more examples in a short amount of time, the usual suspects).

    16. Believes that violence is not the best political solution, he's not seeking it, however, does say that it may present itself in the future if things get bad enough. Would be able to conduct self as our activists do.

    17. Last physical confrontation was during the summer, he was seeing a girl and her degenerate friends convinced them into going to a bar in an "urban" area. After leaving the bar, a black man put hands on his girl, grabbed her braid, no legal trouble from the event. Admits it's out of character for him as he doesn't harbor anger in that way.

    18. Is pretty slow to mainstream news (passively ingests them), on TG follows: The Judgement Zone, Fascist Fitness, Nationalist Division, Liveleak, Lauren Witske (then says "even though she's a gate-keeping fuck"), Fighting for Christiandom

    19. Influential works have been History of Central Banking, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The International Jew; Ford was especially influential because he was an honest man of integrity. Says Brigham Young and Joseph Smith were influential despite him not liking mormonism because they were especially antisemetic and unified until the 70s when the mossad pushed to prevent them from continuing to push back on civil rights by replacing leadership with "kike worshipers".

    20. Says ideal family structure is the Nuclear family, but states that the "zogged" modern marriage gives women undue power which is antithetical to the Bible and therefore has reservations about getting married in the current LEGAL system. Further explains how it's different from today through the normalizing of ideas which destroy what's natural. Says he "hates faggots" and degeneracy writ large, to the extent that he would get in trouble with faggots who approached him. Has indulged in promiscuity in the past, but has come to rise above that since college.

    21. Admires Henry Ford the most.

    22. Despises FDR, Hart and Cellar, the jew who were behind birth control and the 19th amendment. FDR especially.

    23. Describes nationalist movement as having problems with being too over-reactionary because they're essentially being edgy despite being right because they are not practicing American Patriotism and rather emulating the past despite different circumstances. We are Americans, not Germans, you have a new identity, a new White identity as an American. Says other issues are the gate-keeping through civnationalism which appeals loosely to the problems from the jews, but side-steps them and never addresses them in order to keep people complacent. The Organization fits in through achieving the best of what he described, but understands that we are under intense scrutiny and are doing the best in every way under the constraints applied.

    24. Sees self as owning his own business in the future, being in charge of his financial future, so that he can "build his castle" so to speak to have a strong base to build from for the future of his family. Says that he wants to help prepare in hand with the Organization to wall against whatever has yet to come.

    25. Has been entirely truthful.

    26. Believes he should join because he believes he can contribute technologically, in addition to be a great advocate for the movement.
Tyler SD @PF-604908
Missing attachment: IntermediateMeetingAndEvaluation11_11_20.pdf
ND - Ben CO @PF-5597

Our cup runneth over, thanks Tyler

Tyler SD @PF-604908

I'm glad to hear that, Jon UT and I were very impressed with this guy, I hope this man and your other candidates have been quality as of late.

ND - Ben CO @PF-5597

Takes time to know for certain, we sure have a lot of them these days

Tyler SD @PF-604908

I want to add this as well, I'm sorry for letting it slip my mind yesterday; he's a returning member but we couldn't find CO guys from when he was around (formerly Francis CO), here's his first interview prior to doing the full interview:

Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Tyler SD

Status: Awaiting verification from vouching members

Test Q: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

Answer: My views on religion, politics, "certain groups of individuals", in-group preference, my value as a male, questions vetting about degenerate things.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes.

Permanent Resident: Plans to move about 30 minutes away, will be in-state.

Political Ideology: Would say Fascist, but normies have ruined that term, therefore would say White-Nationalist, doesn't hate other groups but believes his group comes first.

Drug Abuse: No drug addiction, has smoked week and was given molly unknown to him by some chick. Hasn't touched any since being an adult. Believes problem with degeneracy is: (from a secular view) society, Europeans, have values which keep us what we are, those things destroy our essence, stems from jews exploiting people's short-term gratification.

Religion: Greek Orthodox, specifically brother Nathaniel's sect. Picked Greek Orthodoxy because Russian Orthodoxy is subverted (government infiltrated), ex. a Russian Ortho was arrested for being anti-vax and anti-miscegenation, it was destroyed by Communism. No issues working with those of other religions.

Why Join: Previously was a member, Francis CO, one of 3/4 guys; did not have enough time allocation, family issues conflicted with membership.


Read Manifesto:

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: This is his first time re-joining the organization. Left when he was 19. Left without issue because he never checked back in. Went through a similar process, but was using a different application for the process, met with a local guy and started doing activism.

Q2: Francis CO was his old name, his tenure was in 2019.

Q3: He was fairly active, but one of the 3 CO members, did a few highway banner drops, met up for boxing with the other guys, and put up promat in Denver. Did not go to any larger events, stayed within state, only ever met those 3 members.

Q4: Called in with members (can't remember what app, likely threema), can't remember the software but says "no one else he's come across uses that software".

Q5: "Victory or Death", "Blood and Soil", fliers or stickers that quoted Thomas Jefferson and the tree of liberty.

Q6: Remembers them by their faces, doesn't remember their names.

Q7: Left because Grandmother had cancer, teenage brother got into a lot of trouble; between school and work and that he had a lot on his plate and in turn fell out of the Org.

Q8: Worked great with his members, very active with him before he left.

Q9: Circumstances have changed, family is better, not working as much, less intensive school.

Q10: Is willing to be more involved with local network.

Q11: Will be able to fully commit to activism, no holds barred.

ND - Ben CO @PF-5597

Hang on, is this in addition to the other set of notes for interviewee 424666?

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Correct, this was from his first time through before the first set of notes I sent you

ND - Ben CO @PF-5597


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