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Tyler SD @PF-604908

Hey Jesse, can you vouch for Francis IL, he re-interviewed with the intent of rejoining and being more active.

His behavior didn't raise any red flags. He did, however mention he was a PI, but he wasn't hiding that. Grill him on that and I'm fine with him rejoining.

PI - Private Investigator

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Roger that, thank you!

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Ok, here's his script since we decided for now that we're moving forward with him:

Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Tyler SD

Status: On Hold, Returning member, verifying with Jesse CO and ND - Ben CO

Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?
Answer: Last Wednesday.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes.

Permanent Resident: Yes. No plans to move.

Political Ideology: Fascist.

Drug Abuse:


Why Join:


Read Manifesto:

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: This is the second time rejoining, he left for a few monthes in 2018. His first time joining was in 2017, interview was "short and sweet", was in for 8 or 9 monthes; left because he was "scared of feds". He then came back 4 monthes later, just in time for first D.C. trip, then stayed in for 2 years continously. Left last time because of financial reasons, retired from network director because he could not allocate enough time to role.

Q2: Francis IL was his previous name. Attended Chappel Hill Protest, Anti-Zionist protest in 2019, March for Life 2018/2019/2020.

Q3: It was fairly slow until 2019/2020, he became network director in 2020 and picked up the pace with his group; started a weekely activism quota. Expirienced a lot of intimidation by FBI.

Q4: Used RC for text coms, Mumble and started to get into Jitsi (if he recalls correctly).

Q5: For the nation against the state sticker (because he's the one on the sticker apparently).

Q6: All of Ben CO, Jesse CO (Net 5), Wilson CO (Net 5), Andy WI, Jon UT, Anthony UT.

Q7: First time was worried because of FBI intimidation, then second time because of financial and time constraints.

Q8: Worked well with his group, but had issues with some members who were immature or were less willing to do activism.

Q9: They haven't, even though he is "as broke as a joke", he realized he is willing to sacrifice and struggle to contribute to the organization.

Q10: Is more than willing to put up promat and be active, little time constrictions anymore, but is constrained by money. Joined American Kulaks, but hasn't been active outside of meeting with guys initially and paying dues. Went to picket at fighting event with his local Pool Party.

Q11: Yes, absolutely will be ready to commit self if he is given another chance at membership.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

I'm also sending a message to Ben CO, just so you are aware.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

And here is the intermediate document:

Tyler SD @PF-604908
Missing attachment: IntermediateMeetingAndEvaluation11_11_20.pdf

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