Message from PF-3637

RocketChat ID: JCPbiDLC3zqF2Ai2Q

Also, Paul has relayed to me some of the reasons why you decided to leave. I am thankful for your criticisms and want to use them to improve our methods. These issues are fair, and easily addressed, but my problem is you never voiced these criticisms before deciding to quit.
I am sorry if you felt as if you were treated as just a number, I think if you made it to more meetups you would see that's not the case. Rocketchat and Mumble are rather impersonal. I would agree that Mumble meeting frequency and length should be dialed back.
I am new to this leadership position, and improving in that regard I need feedback. So thank you. It is difficult balancing the duties of life with the ones of the Organization, especially the role of Leadership, and if I have shortcomings there, I will do better.

I care deeply about the well being of everyone in PF, and NW2 in particular. Even though I don't know you well, if you said you needed my help urgently and immediately, I would drop everything to do so. I just wish you voiced these concerns earlier. That is all.