Message from PF-173220

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Interviewee- 691498
Conductor: Jesse AR
Notetaker: Sam MN


Test Q: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
Questions about views about actions that need to be taken, motivations, and reasons why he’d be a good candidate.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Access to vehicle.

Permanent Resident: Yes.

Political Ideology: Ecofascist. Takes the normal views of fascism and focusing more on the effects of industrialism. Main issues come from industrialization of society.

Drug Abuse: None.

Religion: Southern Baptist, no issues working with those of other religions.

Why Join: Wants to make a difference. Was involved a long time ago but local antifa tore apart groups that were built back then. Was with Vanguard America before PF became an organization.

Skills: Outdoor skills – backpacking, scuba diving, survivalism. CPR certified a long time ago.

Read Manifesto: Yes. Agreed with it for the most part. There was a slight vagueness to it. Agrees with American Nationalism angle. Wants to return to the roots rather than altering the country to something its never been before.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Never interviewed before.

Q2: Never been charged with crimes. Never been employed by government.

Q3: No physical or mental ailments.

Q4: Started as basically an average Trump supporter in 2015/16. Friend introduced him to 4chan and 8chan. Realized they weren’t joking. Joined Vanguard America. Learned specifics of the ideology. Now he focuses on economics and things of that nature more than the social side of the issues. Found out about Vanguard from 8chan. Joined. One person there he knew in real life, and that kept him in it. That secured his base knowledge on fascist, strengthened his views. Past two years he started flipping to ecofascist. He was always a big fan of the outdoors. Did seasonal summer work in national parks, secured his strong enjoyment of ecology. Found out it tied to his beliefs.

Q5: Found out about PF when it was founded, from keeping up with Vanguard. Saw the video on the anarchist bookfair. He’d always thought about joining but put it off due to laziness and business. Two Sundays ago, after Waukesha, he decided to put his application in.

Q6: Civic Nationalism would say they’re nationalist for America, including anyone who says they’re America or who are citizens. Doesn’t agree with that. Being an American comes through blood, shared ancestry – the founders made it for us. Not for people from other places. “Us” is White Americans who have some ancestral background in country.

Q7: His family has been here since 1700’s, ancestors in American and Civil War. Ancestors from the UK. Ethnically he is anglo-saxon.

Q8: Was a part of Vanguard America from early 2017 to mid 2017 after Charlottesville, didn’t do activism with them. Left because people who he knew were doxed by antifa and he got scared and decided to distance himself. Was never doxed personally.

Q9: Thinks violence is justified if violence is used against you or threatened against you. Has watched Philly video. Would only do what’s legal in a demo, wouldn’t want the police cracking down on his fellow activists. Would defend himself if attacked. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

Q10: Was never in a physical confrontation.