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Interviewee- 414016
Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Sam MN


Test Q: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
Hard to say, would hope something involving the bettering of a society his family could live in.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Access to vehicle.

Permanent Resident: Perm resident, no plans to move.

Political Ideology: Nationalist. Trying to learn more about politics with this. Nationalism is a sense of pride in what used to be his country and his people. His people are of European descent.

Drug Abuse: No drug abuse or addiction.

Religion: Protestant. No issues working with those of other religions.

Why Join: Doesn’t want to feel like he’s standing on the sidelines anymore.

Skills: He’s a tradesman. He could fix a little bit of everything. Experience in camping and hiking. Minor paramedic skills. Used to edit videos, needs to get into practice.

Read Manifesto: Yes, thinks it’s good. Narrows down what he believes. There was no issue about holding back the tongue, it was straightforward. Liked where it spoked about identity of what American is – that it admitted that America isn’t what it once was.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Never interviewed before.

Q2: Never been charged with any crimes. Never been employed by government.

Q3: No restricting ailments.
Q4: Started getting serious about politics at 14, believed some “out there” things at that time because he didn’t know what he was thinking about. He is now more mature in his beliefs. When he was younger his beliefs were more “angry.” He was a nationalist but he couldn’t really put a name on it. He saw that people of his skin color were being put at fault for things. His family experienced discrimination for their race. He became more quiet/careful - now people actually listen to him. Nothing has really changed about his beliefs. Nationalism hasn’t changed, neither has what he acknowledges about his identity. He became a nationalist by seeing that it was wrong to be one, if the media disliked it then there must be something right with it.

Q5: He saw a news article on the organization about the Philadepphia action. Liked the organization and presentation. He knew that when the media says something negative that means they were the opposite.

Q6: Migratory foreigners can acclimate to our culture but they can never truly be American. There is an ethnic component to being an American – being decended from Europeans, the people who built this country.

Q7: His parents were from England and France, here since the 1650’s. He is of Euroepan Descent.

Q8: Has done independent activism, put up propaganda stickers in a neighborhood. They said facts about immigration. It was around when he was 14. Contained crime statistics and such. Has like-minded family that he can talk about his beliefs with. Wanted to contribute and actually fix something instead of staying home and complaining. Could see himself doing stickers, posters, and marches.

Q9: Violence is justified when the safety of his life is endangered. Could maintain discipline in a march. Understands and agrees with the violence statement.

Q10: The last time was when he was a teenager. Stays away from it.