Message from PF-781150

RocketChat ID: crJYg7hx4zZ3WEfsM

Interviewee- 976952

19 /PA / Philadelphia


Conductor: Jason NY

Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Q: What do you expect will be asked in in this interview

A: expects something about ideology, certain beliefs

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation:yes

Permanent Resident: may leave a year from now

Political Ideology: reactionary, doesn't like modern day american culture.

Drug Abuse: no

Religion: christian, non-denominational

Q1: never interviewed before

Q2: no crimes and no government involvement

Q3: no ailments

Q4: grew up on the southern border, listened to sargon, was zionist, neocon, going through highschool became racially aware. Moved close to DC in 2019, adopted Q Anon, got telegram and started watching western chauvents and nick fuentes. Ideology is “his own now”, slowly reading about terrorist attacks and started to care about his heritage and his poeple.

Q5: found out about PF through telegram (western chauvinist), decided to put in application after DC Rally. It was personal to him, drove him to take action.

Q6: yes has heard of civic nationalism. It is nationalism but more liberal, freedom, tolerance, etc. it is possible for foreigners to become an american but rare. There is a ethnic component, US was founded by europeans, in order for founding ideas to take root it needs to have a base.

Q7: heard stories that his family dates back to civil war from british isles. Identifies as irish

Q8: never been in any groups in the past or activism, has like minded friends, online friends, PF is very cool and good looking, not stupid, hiding identies of members. Doesnt know how he would see himslef as an activist. Would feel comfortable with activism.

9- the use of violence is justified when in need of self defense, could reframe from using violence if needed

10- 4 yes ago. Family arguments,

11- normally has mornings off,

Q12: biggest treat would be its health, theres no other problems if america wasn't hurting ourselves through politicians and institutions. Not teach our kids to hate themselves. Voting and il

13- uses YouTube, Twitter, telegram, online.
Checks western chauvinist, disclose TV, njp gang, follows local government officials on Twitter. Capelsammy is his Twitter

14- labels his beliefs as reactionary, a lot of it has to do with heritage, leading on white nationalism. Went from different schools and became racially aware.

Q15: sometimes his religious and political beliefs contradict, figuring things out on his path.

Q16: bought books but never read any literature, watched europa the last battle has been influential on his beleifs.

Q17: he is currently underweight but trying to bulk but cant bench 200lbs, no fitness reutine. He is 5’7 and 117lbs, could run mile under 10 mins.

Q18: ideal family structure is a father, wife and two kids is reasonable, nowadys it is rarely to find mom and dad togther. Against porongraphy, homosexuality and shouldnt exist. Would support the banning of said beleifs. Divored parents,has step sibilings.
19- caring and cared about the environment, hot rid of corporations, definitely considered a man, got shot and continued his speech.
20- despises FDR, it all went wrong under him, central bank before him was wrong too. Majority of what he put into place is haunting us today
21- nationalist movement is fraud since there is no communication amoungst groups, need to show that people are not alone, need to show a show of force. Need to show unity, would hold banners up together. PF could help other groups
22- sees himself with a stable job as a technician, become a member of a group, once to feel comfortable with raising a family