Message from PF-173220

RocketChat ID: oDpqob86crHQBdNnG

Q11: Has weekends available, and evening and afternoon hours on weekdays for the most part. Schedule would allow for weekly meetings.

Q12: Biggest threat to America right now is media (social media and its extension) because they control the narrative and political discord. Media pushes anti-white agenda and inciting acts of violence against whites, like in Waukesha and BLM riots. The Jewish control in the media pushes the anti-white narrative. The biggest threat to the jews is a unified white population.

Q13: Gets news from Telegram, word of mouth, or occasionally watches Fox News. In 2017 he would listen to Fash the Nation from TRS. Five telegram channels are western chauvinist, activism, athletics, identity, NJP accounts (Spectre, mike peinovich, Striker)

Q14: Overall he is an optimist, because he always felt everything happens for a reason and everything will work out in the end. He is happy where he is now.

Q15: In the past felt like religion and politics conflicted. Heard that “jews are god’s chosen people.” Now he knows that John 8: 31-40 talks about how Jews are the synagogue of satan.

Q16: Industrial Society and its Future was a big influence on him, as well as “Between the Lines of Grift” by Eric Rudolf. He was the one that bombs the Olympics and gay club. Then he went to northern Carolina and lived there until local police found him. Showed that a single person can make a big change and even with the entire government searching for you, its easy to go to the wilderness. Personally, he wouldn’t use those means but they were justified.

Q17: Has been weightlifting, so he’s above moderate in cardio and weightlifting. He’s 6’1” and 170 lbs.

Q18: Ideal family structure is a mother (staying home), father (working), and at least three children. Today, both parents work and children are sent to daycares. Not having children is advocated or waiting until you are older. Individuals or gays adopting children. Thinks this is all a bad thing. He was raised in a traditional family, close to ideal. Wouldn’t be against banning sexual deviancy.

Q19: Admires Daniel Boone because he was an independent explorer.

Q20: Despises MLK because of how he’s presented as a lot better than he was, and the media uses him to push multiculturalism.

Q21: Biggest flaw in nationalist movement is infighting over slight ideological differences or religion. Probably the situation in the country would have to get worse for people to put aside their differences. PF sticker and posters help like minded people see that we’re in their communities and they shouldn’t feel alienated, and with whom they could join.

Q22: In several years plans on moving once he’s out of school. Wants a solid career and to start a family.