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2017-05-16 04:38:11 UTC  

I went onto this server from day one, expecting it to be infiltrated by far-left hook-noses, looking to ruin everyone's lives.

2017-05-16 04:38:31 UTC  

Best way to go about it.

2017-05-16 04:39:00 UTC  

Fortunately, I won't lose my job if I'm doxed.

2017-05-16 04:39:07 UTC  


2017-05-16 04:39:33 UTC  

Gonna have a talk with my jew boss this week.

2017-05-16 04:39:54 UTC  

Pre-empting any dox attempts.

2017-05-16 04:39:55 UTC  

I'd still avoid it, though. Even if you can't lose your job after a doxing, if someone actually did it, it'd probably hurt your bottom line all the same.

2017-05-16 04:41:00 UTC  

Oh yeah, it'd probably impact some other stuff somewhere.

2017-05-16 04:42:23 UTC  


2017-05-16 04:42:32 UTC  

Bai bai.

2017-05-16 15:25:54 UTC  


2017-05-17 04:19:34 UTC

2017-05-17 05:14:56 UTC  

lol she's not dating that guy t

2017-05-17 05:14:59 UTC  

as far as i know

2017-05-17 05:15:01 UTC  


2017-05-17 05:38:18 UTC  

1:46:32 lolbertarians

2017-05-17 16:48:30 UTC  

"Hey Jayquan!"
"Yeah Lamar?"
"You think we got enough bling on this?"
"Nah nigga, watch this..."

2017-05-17 16:49:18 UTC  

schizophrenics are genuinely very interesting to watch in action - obviously a tragedy, though

2017-05-17 16:49:21 UTC  

such as terry davis

2017-05-17 16:49:32 UTC  

aka "glowing CIA niggers"

2017-05-17 16:49:52 UTC  

Maybe he's right...

2017-05-17 16:51:01 UTC  

maybe all this retarded shit that the nigger community of America is just a front, and a tactic to keep discerning white people out of black people, where crack dens are actually NSA surveillance bases and half the niggers in America are actually spies for the NSA, to keep the white man under Jewish observation and control.

2017-05-17 16:51:37 UTC  


2017-05-17 16:51:40 UTC  

wouldn't that be some shit

2017-05-18 03:12:26 UTC  

Tristan da Cunha

2017-05-18 03:13:42 UTC