Message from Master Sethern in Safe Space 3 #news

2017-06-03 22:30:30 UTC  

Civic Nationalist LePen, or ethnic suicidal Macron.

2017-06-03 22:30:43 UTC  

it was pretty close wasn't it?

2017-06-03 22:30:49 UTC  

oh wait

2017-06-03 22:30:53 UTC  


2017-06-03 22:30:54 UTC  

If you consider 20% ot 80% close, sure.

2017-06-03 22:30:58 UTC  

oh, nbm

2017-06-03 22:30:58 UTC  

Yeah, around that.

2017-06-03 22:31:00 UTC  


2017-06-03 22:32:08 UTC  

Yeah... So it may be the governments fault, I do agree but the government isn't the one standing out there and holding refugees welcome signs, and bashing anyone that says differently, bloody.

2017-06-03 22:32:37 UTC  

All the while being plowed over by trucks, and being the first to defend it. ( I mean the government is defending it, and so is the.... (((Media!!!)))

2017-06-03 22:32:45 UTC  

But, the people are accepting it hook line and sinker.

2017-06-03 22:33:00 UTC  

a terrible sight

2017-06-03 22:33:19 UTC  

feels like terror attacks in europe are so frequent nowadays

2017-06-03 22:33:31 UTC  

Maybe 1 per month at the moment.

2017-06-03 22:33:39 UTC  

But I went to these videos of the bombings, or

2017-06-03 22:33:42 UTC  

Trucks, and whatever.

2017-06-03 22:33:54 UTC  

The first comments I see is, "It's not all Muslims it's just the radicals!" --

2017-06-03 22:33:55 UTC  


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2017-06-03 22:34:12 UTC  

"Islam is a religion of peace, we must destroy ISIS!"

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2017-06-03 22:35:04 UTC  

So, I'm pretty black pilled on the total survival of the European peoples around the world, in general. I believe in a sort of save those who are willing to be saved sort of thing, and let those who are suicidal to die quickly, and quietly so we may rise a new European race (Not really new but certainly a non cucked one at that.)

2017-06-03 22:41:03 UTC  

@Horatio Cary

My condolences for your people, mate

2017-06-03 22:41:08 UTC  

That gotta suck balls .-.

2017-06-03 22:41:19 UTC  

thanks mate

2017-06-04 02:48:29 UTC  
2017-06-04 02:49:32 UTC  

Master Seth I understand

2017-06-04 02:50:31 UTC  

I'm done sticking my neck out now for these cucks . They will learn or die the hard way

2017-06-04 02:51:11 UTC  

Did you hear them describing the attackers

2017-06-04 02:51:20 UTC  

Nobody can even say theyre fucking arabs

2017-06-04 02:51:39 UTC  

(sigh) When the world get on my level?
You don't need a pogrom or eugenics when some good old fashioned genocide will do so much more.

2017-06-04 02:52:00 UTC  

And 'they were shouting' yeh...what?

2017-06-04 02:52:22 UTC  

Admiral snackbar ..just say it

2017-06-04 19:55:43 UTC  


2017-06-04 19:56:06 UTC  

i'm watching.

2017-06-04 21:55:12 UTC  

where are you watching it

2017-06-04 21:55:38 UTC  

is this more trump free speech demos

2017-06-05 17:33:41 UTC