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2019-01-06 12:31:27 UTC  

why does this always happen to me?

2019-01-06 12:32:03 UTC  

Must be your parents fault.

2019-01-06 12:32:28 UTC  


2019-01-06 12:32:33 UTC  

it's society's fault

2019-01-06 12:37:32 UTC  

Slow down. Is one of your parents white?

2019-01-06 12:41:34 UTC  

It's definitely more your parent's fault. As they are the ones who decided to have sex without proper birth control. They are the ones who decided to not abort you. they are the one who decided to smoke crack while pregnant with you. And they are the ones who ultimately didn't throw you in the trash bin after you were born.

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2019-01-06 12:48:57 UTC  

Get em Para

2019-01-06 12:49:08 UTC  

💥 🔫

2019-01-06 12:53:25 UTC  

yeah but society made them smoke crack

2019-01-06 12:53:34 UTC  

checkmate conservitard

2019-01-06 12:53:36 UTC  

Did it? How so?

2019-01-06 12:54:36 UTC  

society made crack illegal

2019-01-06 12:55:04 UTC  

and that's what caused my parents to take the crack

2019-01-06 12:55:36 UTC  

So, your parents do anything illegal?

2019-01-06 12:55:58 UTC  

it's not what they did was illegal

2019-01-06 12:56:07 UTC  

it's just the stupid laws that prohibit it

2019-01-06 12:56:13 UTC  

end those laws

2019-01-06 12:58:06 UTC  

How is prohibiting it forcing them to do it?

2019-01-06 12:59:05 UTC  

if it wasn't illegal then nobody would do it

2019-01-06 12:59:13 UTC  

that's why

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2019-01-06 12:59:34 UTC  

because laws just make it more likely that they will be broken

2019-01-06 12:59:45 UTC  

no laws, no crimes

2019-01-06 12:59:50 UTC  

no crimes, no problem

2019-01-06 13:00:10 UTC  

Right, but a law isn't an action.

2019-01-06 13:00:31 UTC  

no, it's just instruction of what to do and how.

2019-01-06 13:01:32 UTC  

You live in a very strange place then.

2019-01-06 13:01:44 UTC  

Here, where I am from, laws don't tell you that.

2019-01-06 13:02:08 UTC  

I've actually seen people make that argument about drugs lol

2019-01-06 13:02:13 UTC  

Shit's terrible

2019-01-06 13:02:32 UTC  

"just legalize everythin bruh dont be fascist"

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2019-01-06 13:02:56 UTC  

well enough of me being a disingenuous little gobshite

2019-01-06 13:03:15 UTC  

i can understand decriminalising possession (for personal use)

2019-01-06 13:03:39 UTC  

but the hard drugs are something that needs a strong grasp on

2019-01-06 13:03:58 UTC  

poverty leads to some wanting to make a quick buck, and others an escape

2019-01-06 13:04:09 UTC  

poverty leads to that?

2019-01-06 13:04:10 UTC  

next thing you know your community is a shithole

2019-01-06 13:04:19 UTC  

Yeah, cops have seen me make deals and they literally don't do anything because literally everyone here thinks weed should be legal with a prescription