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2019-01-17 20:13:24 UTC  

fed workers already goin to private sector

2019-01-17 20:13:25 UTC  

Keep it shutdown forevet

2019-01-17 20:13:25 UTC  


2019-01-17 20:13:36 UTC  

Shut the rest down too

2019-01-17 20:13:38 UTC  

tfw less and less fed workers

2019-01-17 20:13:41 UTC  

FBI cia etc

2019-01-17 20:13:47 UTC  

Rid them all. Useless

2019-01-17 20:13:59 UTC  

FBI hasn't don't shit . They didn't even stop 911

2019-01-17 20:14:10 UTC  

only one that's truly useful is fda because it tells me vaping with 0 nicotine is bad

2019-01-17 20:14:13 UTC  


2019-01-17 20:14:24 UTC  

Eventually we'll need to start it back up because some deranged Bernie Bro is going to poison the food supply.
But until then, teaching the American people that they can live fine without big government is just a positive thing for the right wing going forward.

2019-01-17 20:14:30 UTC  

Fucking useless thieves stealing the printed money built by the private prison industry..

2019-01-17 20:14:31 UTC  

i dont even vape and i know that's bullshit

2019-01-17 20:14:49 UTC  

@Sylva kek

2019-01-17 20:14:51 UTC  

Well you look at the standard bernie fanbase

2019-01-17 20:14:54 UTC  

They're mostly losers

2019-01-17 20:15:02 UTC  

low in the social hierarchy and blaming the world for it

2019-01-17 20:15:03 UTC  

Remove the FBI remove the CIA remove the dod. Border patrol.too.

2019-01-17 20:15:14 UTC  

isnt the bernie fanbase now antifa mostly

2019-01-17 20:15:20 UTC  


2019-01-17 20:15:21 UTC  

now we have bombs in france

2019-01-17 20:15:23 UTC  


2019-01-17 20:15:23 UTC  

```"The Department of Defense has to approve military air travel. As he made clear in the letter she can still go she just has to travel commercial."```

2019-01-17 20:15:24 UTC  

We don't need none of that shit. Arm the citizens. Put robots with lazers on our borders. Done.

2019-01-17 20:15:25 UTC  

weakening the Nanny State is only a good thing

2019-01-17 20:15:32 UTC  
2019-01-17 20:15:44 UTC  

```Amid mounting confusion, Fox News is told there are furious calls going back and forth among Capitol Hill, State, Pentagon and White House offices.```

2019-01-17 20:15:57 UTC  

@Stefan Payne not if we remove them.. they waste our money and don't provide.

2019-01-17 20:16:07 UTC  

Remove air Force one too.

2019-01-17 20:16:14 UTC  

"multimillionaire nancy pelosi forced to pay out of her pocket like a normal person to fly places while trump accepts only $1/yr salary as president"

2019-01-17 20:16:17 UTC  


2019-01-17 20:16:21 UTC  

Make presidents do Google Hangouts in a basement fuck them.

2019-01-17 20:16:27 UTC  

however will the 9 figure net worth nancy pelosi live?

2019-01-17 20:16:39 UTC  

Fuc them and the 50 million a week wasted on their private jets

2019-01-17 20:16:43 UTC  

Lol Trump is schooling the Dems right now

2019-01-17 20:16:51 UTC  

nothing Trump has done lately has been bad optics

2019-01-17 20:16:59 UTC  

Trump is a hypocrite

2019-01-17 20:17:08 UTC  

All politicians are

2019-01-17 20:17:17 UTC  

i think him staying on the wall got me back

2019-01-17 20:17:19 UTC  

```Trump is a hypocrite```
He's the most honest politician we know right now.

2019-01-17 20:17:26 UTC  

i was a bit shaky cuz he wasnt focusing on the wall as much