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2017-04-11 20:43:38 UTC  

@NeroHills why are u so fascinating with fucking chimps

2017-04-11 20:44:15 UTC

2017-04-11 20:44:17 UTC  

@NiggerLyncher Sorry, I was horny. I'm not me when I'm horny.

2017-04-11 20:45:08 UTC  

@NeroHills fantasizing about chimps is mental disorder

2017-04-11 20:45:09 UTC  

"Yeah in a few generations down the road my great great great granddaughter will get impregnated by a nigger .

Not gonna be around forever, I can't defend my "pure aryan bloodline" for centuries, so I'm not gonna let it stop me from marrying a qt black girl and having as many brown children as possible."

2017-04-11 20:45:34 UTC  

@Keksson Would you suicide bomb to exterminate all niggers from earth?

2017-04-11 20:45:37 UTC  

y tho

2017-04-11 20:46:00 UTC  

why u want half nigger kids

2017-04-11 20:46:04 UTC  

u want the next trayvon

2017-04-11 20:46:05 UTC  

when doggo has more werk than nigger

2017-04-11 20:46:22 UTC

2017-04-11 20:46:30 UTC  

no need to exterminate all niggers just deport them to africa

2017-04-11 20:46:37 UTC  

no country wants them anyway

2017-04-11 20:46:46 UTC  

@Keksson WTF why?

2017-04-11 20:46:55 UTC  

That's such a waste of space and they'll invade other countries

2017-04-11 20:47:09 UTC  

we need to exterminate and then use the land

2017-04-11 20:47:36 UTC  

lol send them to africa and stop with food-aid. The Problem will solve itself

2017-04-11 20:47:43 UTC  


2017-04-11 20:47:50 UTC  

They'll probably exterminate themselves eventually

2017-04-11 20:47:53 UTC  

stop feeding them

2017-04-11 20:47:56 UTC  

they cant feed themselves

2017-04-11 20:48:00 UTC  

dont deserve to live

2017-04-11 20:48:17 UTC  

Me exterminating my half nigger children

2017-04-11 20:48:19 UTC  

only survive on gibs and my tax money

2017-04-11 20:48:21 UTC  

They'll either stop being niggers and feed themselves or die out. Either way problem solved welfare just makes everything worse

2017-04-11 20:48:54 UTC  

Does it bother you guys that nigger population will explode, and that 4/10 christians will be niggers. Far more niggers than whites. RIP

2017-04-11 20:49:06 UTC  

They are autstic anyway so when you send them food they just breed like fucking rabbits until they are all starving again

2017-04-11 20:49:11 UTC  

Its like they want to die

2017-04-11 20:49:20 UTC  

They cant feed themselves. Atleast not all the niggers in africa, which will lead to chimp-outs and the niggers will destroy farms.

2017-04-11 20:49:27 UTC  

@Keksson AT SKEWL

2017-04-11 20:49:45 UTC  


2017-04-11 20:49:46 UTC  

That's an insult to autistic people

2017-04-11 20:49:57 UTC  

the nigger population is only exploding in africa which will just become hell on earth because they can't figure out farming

2017-04-11 20:50:06 UTC  

i love this chat

2017-04-11 20:50:17 UTC  

They'll all come to europe and 'merica

2017-04-11 20:50:41 UTC

2017-04-11 20:50:42 UTC  

We just tell them no? problem solved

2017-04-11 20:50:45 UTC  

Which are worse? sandniggers or niggerniggers?

2017-04-11 20:50:51 UTC  


2017-04-11 20:50:53 UTC  

Im a sandnigger plz stop