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2017-07-27 19:21:37 UTC  

You dont have to. God knows i have my views for good reason. He knows i love him and his will no matter what it is. Because in the end we are nothing more then apart of him. All this earthly bullshit will mean nothing when we die.

2017-07-27 19:24:20 UTC  

It will only mean more to the next generation. And all i want to do is make sure the next generation doesnt have to die struggling looking for happiness when it is in them and around them. Our race and being apart of a race and a great race is what makes us happy. Not drugs. Not money. If we were to unite, our daily lives to live would be easier, and more fullfilling because we do it for us as a people on earth, and we obtain peace and order for the world. And when we die then we will be with him.

2017-07-27 19:25:27 UTC  

But, till then, having a religion of guilt is not what we need. Because right now. We need to feel no guilt. No sorrows. We are doing this for peace.

2017-07-27 19:29:18 UTC  

If i were to kill every jew on earth, i would not feel a shred of guilt. Everything that would save us, is a sin.

2017-07-27 19:31:19 UTC  

Look at your destiny. If we dont do something we will die. And our children will grow up in schools with just niggers and mixed breeds.

2017-07-27 19:31:30 UTC  

With dildos as pencils

2017-07-27 19:31:42 UTC  

And everyone is a flaming gay faggot

I hate those things too but I must have patience god will not abondon us

2017-07-27 19:32:46 UTC  

We are not gaining ground through pure means. What we are doing is advocating for mass genocide and violence every single day so we can change the outcome that (((they))) want. That's why trump wont help us in the long run. We must help ourselves.

2017-07-27 19:34:17 UTC  

No he wasnt. But, realise that the goal that we want is bathed in blood and sin. And nothing will save you.

2017-07-27 19:35:46 UTC  

Everyone went to hell in the old testament. Realise that.

2017-07-27 19:36:22 UTC  

No one went to heaven before jesus.

2017-07-27 19:36:45 UTC  

The best you could get was "limbo" and now that doesnt even exist.

So in war blood will be spilled and Jesus will purge us of sin. God has also commanded us to go to war before

2017-07-27 19:37:34 UTC  

He doesnt purge us of sin just because we asked. I am not sorry for the future horrors i will create for my man. Are you?? If you are, why are you doing this. Jesus would never forgive you for the end.

2017-07-27 19:37:56 UTC  

The end goal is beautiful. The solution is brutal. And no god can forgive it.

The Saracens and infadels will be slain by the order of god

2017-07-27 19:38:59 UTC  

God helped Babylon destroy the Assyrians. Both of them went to hell

2017-07-27 19:47:11 UTC

2017-07-27 20:01:39 UTC  

No he isnt. Satan is the one to see humans as the evil selfish beings that we are and is the punisher due to our selfish ways. If i go to hell, i will thank Satan for the punishment because that means my motivations, reasons, wants, and desires arent pure enough for god. And i do not deserve to stand by god if i am not truly pure in who i am.

2017-07-27 20:02:22 UTC  

Angels should never worship humans. Humans are sick and disgusting.

2017-07-27 20:03:45 UTC  

I believe that i will be with god when i die. But, if it turns out i am not pure in who i am as i thought then, sadly that is how it is. I will say sorry to god for eternity while i live and die forever in the inferno.