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*it is totally absurd*

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Canada, Uk and France are all sucky countries, and they aren't MURICA

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dodged the question quite well

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"Doctor Berg, or Doctor Stein)

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Not only does Bernie dodge ovens, he dodges questions too

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Obamacare/ACA could've been great if it wasn't for Republican obstructionism/sabotage & rejecting the Medicaid expansion, praise kek, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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He reminds me of the liberals I debated I'm my school debate club

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Private institutions have to compete, unlike government and public ones

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bernie gonna jump back to greedy rich people

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he's getting slaughtered rn

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Bernie is dying on the inside

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You can see it in his face

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the govt cant just wave a magic wand and give everyone free shit. it's an emotional argument to have a sob story person who got cancer and now wants insurance

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sure it tugs your heart but you have to be honest and analyze it

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Free Rune Armor plox

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did he just realy

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Someone photosop a picture of Rato eating a piece of cheese with Bernies face on it.

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I'm not going to help you spam emails

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bernie is so fucking desperate

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Bernie is frustrated

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that socialist got fucking slaughtered

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oh my god days

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as opposed to months

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extradite bernie to canada

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jesus this is brutal

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ted sounds like he is giving a very stern talking to a student

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stop please hes already dead

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Ted is a national and continental debating champion. All Bernie has on his side is "DUDE THE 1%"

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@A Really Bad Goy Is that really you

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I was told to unload my autism in <#277271250236342273>

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Someone post a different stream