Message from jello in Anticom #general

2017-02-05 06:34:34 UTC  

@esgee we're willing to talk with you in voice chat

2017-02-05 06:34:36 UTC  

come here

2017-02-05 06:34:40 UTC  

well talk with you

2017-02-05 06:34:43 UTC  

Are you afraid we will realize your voice hasn't dropped yet

2017-02-05 06:34:46 UTC  


2017-02-05 06:34:48 UTC  

it has

2017-02-05 06:34:53 UTC  

@Hadrian Those are just int colors

2017-02-05 06:34:55 UTC  

We are so convinced

2017-02-05 06:34:58 UTC  

@esgee come to the voice chat

2017-02-05 06:35:00 UTC  

So far each country has its own colors

2017-02-05 06:35:01 UTC  

we'll talk

2017-02-05 06:35:02 UTC  

anyone from the michigan area?

2017-02-05 06:35:03 UTC  

come on

2017-02-05 06:35:07 UTC  

@Anticom LR#9355 fair enough

2017-02-05 06:35:09 UTC  

which voice cha

2017-02-05 06:35:09 UTC  

American @Hadrian

2017-02-05 06:35:10 UTC  

@esgee come to voice bitch

2017-02-05 06:35:11 UTC  


2017-02-05 06:35:16 UTC  

Relax guys, we're eating each other here

2017-02-05 06:35:17 UTC  

which one faggot

2017-02-05 06:35:31 UTC  

@esgee comfy fuhrerbunker

2017-02-05 06:35:41 UTC  

Holy shit can you two stop the fucking infighting for one second and help us figure out the symbol to use

2017-02-05 06:35:42 UTC  


2017-02-05 06:35:51 UTC  

use a yellow benis

2017-02-05 06:35:51 UTC also voicebros come to the discord, thats' where we focus on doxxing antifa and documenting them

2017-02-05 06:35:56 UTC  

Am I not hitting the point here? Look at most protests. They either have a slogan or a very simple representative flag. This is a movement, not a nation.

2017-02-05 06:36:02 UTC  

We need something easy to recreate but not something too fucking dumb

2017-02-05 06:36:10 UTC  


2017-02-05 06:36:12 UTC  
2017-02-05 06:36:12 UTC  

That's there to argue?

2017-02-05 06:36:12 UTC  

Agreed @Verm

2017-02-05 06:36:16 UTC  

Reverse the colors.

2017-02-05 06:36:19 UTC  

I'm liking @Verms

2017-02-05 06:36:35 UTC  

@Verm From a distance, We'll look like an anti-smoking campaign

2017-02-05 06:36:42 UTC  


2017-02-05 06:36:47 UTC  

@Verm Int flag is just for all nations. Each nation has its own united flag (FL has the same flag as TX i would think for example)

2017-02-05 06:36:50 UTC  

I'm sorry to stomp on your hard work, it looks really cool and all. But it doesn't work if people need to re-create the symbol.

2017-02-05 06:37:01 UTC  

@Sevatar Will do now.

2017-02-05 06:37:08 UTC  

I really like @Anticom LR's tbh.

2017-02-05 06:37:26 UTC  

If you have an easy symbol to recreate pass it to me and I'll put it on. The thing I'm posting isn't the actual symbol, it's the thing in the center that is