Message from RocketManNK in Turtle Hermit School #random

2018-09-29 13:30:13 UTC  

flake said he got the idea of demanding FBI investigation from rosenstein

2018-09-29 13:30:15 UTC  

he had no reason to

2018-09-29 13:30:54 UTC  

what article?

2018-09-29 13:31:39 UTC  

Rosenstein is obviously focused on delaying/stopping FISA declas

2018-09-29 13:31:51 UTC  

so he told flake to pull this stunt

2018-09-29 13:32:14 UTC  

RR+democrats convinced flake

2018-09-29 13:32:24 UTC  

and RR was talking to trump last week. Ok, but track with me here... Flake is flake. He's going to vote yes because he (presumably) has to. if he wanted to sabatage trump and Kav, he can just vote no. Hes lame duck

2018-09-29 13:32:37 UTC  

Grassley has literally nothing to gain by going along with it

2018-09-29 13:32:40 UTC  

and he did

2018-09-29 13:33:06 UTC  

thats not persuausive

2018-09-29 13:33:07 UTC  

neither does trump, but he went ahead and ordered it, with the limited scope (which, again, makes no sense)

2018-09-29 13:33:33 UTC  

Trump has no choice

2018-09-29 13:34:04 UTC  

The only one with the choice has no choice. I see.

2018-09-29 13:34:10 UTC  

Grassley and Trump and Mcconnell had to go along because flake can sink K just by himself

2018-09-29 13:34:26 UTC  

how is there a choice?

2018-09-29 13:34:40 UTC  

because flake doesnt really have the choice to begin with

2018-09-29 13:34:48 UTC  

or he'd just be a no vote with all the dems

2018-09-29 13:35:03 UTC  

i still think he will vote no

2018-09-29 13:35:27 UTC  

I think Trump just needed the week... or something else we dont understand

2018-09-29 13:35:30 UTC  

because Rosenstein ordered him to

2018-09-29 13:35:44 UTC  

traditional motives do not explain any of this.

2018-09-29 13:35:56 UTC  

you think RR still has any power to order anyone to do anything?

2018-09-29 13:36:12 UTC  

he obviously did

2018-09-29 13:36:16 UTC  

read the article

2018-09-29 13:37:07 UTC  

RR is not fired, or resigned. that means he's still in charge

2018-09-29 13:38:00 UTC  

we know RR is deep state. Flake is either DS or controlled by DS

2018-09-29 13:38:00 UTC  

Congratulations @RocketManNK, you're now level 2.

2018-09-29 13:38:49 UTC  

Not sure if posted before

2018-09-29 13:38:56 UTC  

@Moooooooooooooo Hatch and Graham probably had STRINGS cut

2018-09-29 13:40:01 UTC  

Hatch was always a good guy

2018-09-29 13:40:14 UTC  

and a Trump supporter from the beginning

2018-09-29 13:40:38 UTC  

You all are right. I was just pointing out that the clowns are definitely in action so on a fundamental level, I’m really hoping we trust Gina. If that’s the case, this could literally go supernova overnight.

2018-09-29 13:40:40 UTC  

but Graham, yeah. He's acting totally different now

2018-09-29 13:41:16 UTC  

whats the supernova scenario? im not seeing it

2018-09-29 13:42:16 UTC  

The FBI could surface and use it to expose MK Ultra which literally would go nuclear imo. The level of Mind Control we live in is truly numbing.

2018-09-29 13:42:38 UTC  

what in the hell am i looking for in those 3000 words?

2018-09-29 13:42:43 UTC  

that he met with RR?

2018-09-29 13:42:50 UTC  

look for Rosenstein

2018-09-29 13:44:48 UTC  

and read bwteen the lines a little