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2017-02-03 21:29:12 UTC  

Plus, 99% of the time we'll be in pretty tame clothing, just 5.11 brand jackets and such.

2017-02-03 21:29:29 UTC  

brb gotta get the mail

2017-02-03 21:29:32 UTC  

inb4 we walk in looking like this

2017-02-03 21:30:09 UTC  

I'd be fine with getting stabbed to death

2017-02-03 21:30:14 UTC  

more like this lol

2017-02-03 21:30:19 UTC  

As long as I'm memed into a matyr

2017-02-03 21:30:54 UTC  


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2017-02-03 21:31:02 UTC  

this is some good shit

2017-02-03 21:31:06 UTC  

the song ?

2017-02-03 21:31:16 UTC  


2017-02-03 21:31:25 UTC  

Should we contact neo nazi/white supremacist groups to bolster our numbers for counter protests

2017-02-03 21:31:30 UTC  

yes it's A E S T H E T I C as fuck

2017-02-03 21:31:36 UTC  

Or would that ruin the image we're crafting

2017-02-03 21:32:12 UTC  

More like this

2017-02-03 21:32:20 UTC  

Current image is a Nationalist/Patriotic American youtuh group that wants to help the homeless

2017-02-03 21:32:26 UTC  

set up soup kitchens

2017-02-03 21:32:40 UTC  

As a way to help the disenfranchised

2017-02-03 21:32:55 UTC  

Helping those that Antifa claim to be helping but aren't

2017-02-03 21:33:07 UTC  

Yea. We need to be a group willing to help people while sending our message, where Antifa makes things worse and hurts others to force theirs

2017-02-03 21:33:18 UTC  

But when do we get violent

2017-02-03 21:33:19 UTC  


2017-02-03 21:33:30 UTC  

Protect people from antfa scum

2017-02-03 21:33:38 UTC  

Legionarii is god tier

2017-02-03 21:33:42 UTC  


2017-02-03 21:33:47 UTC  

Triarii is also good

2017-02-03 21:34:37 UTC  

When it comes to violence, this is my take on it. Extend the olive branch, but if the enemy is intent on fighting, beat the shit out of them with it

2017-02-03 21:36:59 UTC  

this is one of the best video i've ever seen for video games trailers

2017-02-03 21:37:19 UTC  

You play WT by any chance?

2017-02-03 21:38:27 UTC  

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe No I should install it

2017-02-03 21:38:53 UTC  

Grind is super bad unless you deal out the shekels for a premium account tho

2017-02-03 21:39:08 UTC  

This vaporwave is breddy gud