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in today's world, many people misidentify the problems of society as a result of racism, sexism, etc. We are often pitted against each other for oppressing or taking advantage of one another (many minorities believe they are oppressed due to their race, men holding down women, immigrants taking the jobs of current citizens, the poor taking advantage of welfare, etc). We often blame the 1% for robbing the other 99% of their prosperity. In reality, our current monetary system is the actual root of these problems (or at least significantly magnifies the problem). Due to the constant and creeping inflation (often understated considering food, rent, utilities, etc are not counted in the official inflation numbers), the lower class who spends the majority of their earnings on rent, food, etc find every day to be a harder and harder struggle. Contrary, those with many assets find their net worth to increase in value and everyday becomes easier. As a result, the simple function of time in the current system causes the wealth gap to continuously grow wider. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being successful, but there is something wrong with finding success only due to taking advantage of a fundamentally corrupted monetary system. A gold:silver standard is needed to put all people of all classes and backgrounds on a level playing field. This is necessary for a healthy world to exist.

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Personally, I find to be the best monetary system available today (besides safely holding precious metals at home/in a local vaulting facility that is outside the banking system)

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First off, hold what you safely can in physical metals.
After that point and for spending, Kinesis is a good option. It allows ppl to use/save gold and silver in secured and audited vaults. The metal is held in the owners title and is accounted for and transacted via blockchain. Tiny transaction fees are used to pay yields on savings in precious metal (savings pay yields again & are in metal). You now have the choice to put yourself on a gold standard if you desire and exit the current monetary system.

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Had the same Halloween action as past few years. Good old trick leading up to the post Halloween treat...weird how it does that (as if planned by the invisible hand...)

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Where does the bot pull silver prices from?

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Def not live