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2017-01-30 03:33:08 UTC  


2017-01-30 03:33:42 UTC  

heres a rundown on the chinkouver properties scam

2017-01-30 03:33:47 UTC  

I use to be a quebec nationalist but now i consider red pilled english canadians as brothers in arm

2017-01-30 03:33:55 UTC  

nigger were all canadians

2017-01-30 03:34:01 UTC  

some are french some arent

2017-01-30 03:34:07 UTC  

Tbh fam

2017-01-30 03:34:16 UTC  

I hate the France French guys

2017-01-30 03:34:26 UTC  

The chicks are alright usually

2017-01-30 03:34:41 UTC  

But I swear half of Montreal antifa are France French

2017-01-30 03:35:08 UTC  

theyre fucking retarded

2017-01-30 03:35:24 UTC  

theyre used to their fucking communist europoor shitholes and think that because we're "brothers", things work the same way over here

2017-01-30 03:35:51 UTC  

talking all that good shit about "how socialism just works, look at europe"

2017-01-30 03:36:01 UTC  

oh yeah im looking at europe right now IT SURE LOOKS LIKE ITS FUCKIN WORKING

2017-01-30 03:36:11 UTC

2017-01-30 03:36:29 UTC  

get the fuck outta my country you goddamn francefrog pieces of shit and go fight for your land

2017-01-30 03:37:39 UTC  

I know a few that are based

2017-01-30 03:37:59 UTC  

But the weird metrosexual Frenchmen in the plateau

2017-01-30 03:37:59 UTC  

Mass shooting at Quebec City mosque

2017-01-30 03:38:12 UTC  

We saw lmao

2017-01-30 03:38:16 UTC  

OK lol

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2017-01-30 03:38:20 UTC  

youre like so late to the party kid

2017-01-30 03:38:37 UTC  

maybe if you scrolled up and read what people posted youd have seen it

2017-01-30 03:38:43 UTC  

>the plateau

2017-01-30 03:38:50 UTC  

the plateau needs to be carpet bombed

2017-01-30 03:39:07 UTC  

fuckin hipster fruitbowl faggots paying 1200$ a month for some shitty crooked floor ass 2 1/2 apartment

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2017-01-30 03:39:26 UTC  

Somebody drew Swastikas on the alleys at some point .

2017-01-30 03:39:56 UTC  

I used to live near actual an-coms with " Territoire autochtones non-cédés" on their door

2017-01-30 03:39:56 UTC  

holy shit gas yourselves you goddamn anal secretion sucking buttplug up the ass cuckold connoiseur pedophile priest probing refugee mouth hugging enema bag cleaning pieces of hipster fruitbowl TRASH

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2017-01-30 03:40:17 UTC  

are you fucking kidding me

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2017-01-30 03:40:26 UTC  

Nope lmao

2017-01-30 03:40:32 UTC  

do these people even know what the fuck any of that means

2017-01-30 03:40:36 UTC  

On dude had a Mac with a Bernie sticker on it

2017-01-30 03:40:57 UTC  

you ask any leftist i bet they dont even know what hegelian dialectics are

2017-01-30 03:41:30 UTC  

>bernie sticker

2017-01-30 03:41:38 UTC  

yeah i had some fat fuck teacher of mine that was for bernie

2017-01-30 03:41:44 UTC  

i bet hes feelin the fuckin bern now

2017-01-30 03:41:48 UTC