Message from Bluesy in Anticom #general

2017-02-06 06:06:51 UTC  

none of us jumped down the redpill slide with immediate JQ pills

2017-02-06 06:06:53 UTC  

They aren't ready for the full redpill yet

2017-02-06 06:06:55 UTC  

That "global bankers" means Jews most of the time is beside the point :^)

2017-02-06 06:06:58 UTC  

@Wrathsalts better not cut your hair then, hippie

2017-02-06 06:07:01 UTC  

we all started out as generic conservatives

2017-02-06 06:07:10 UTC  

Lol I used to be a socialist

2017-02-06 06:07:13 UTC  

I was libertarian tbh

2017-02-06 06:07:16 UTC  


2017-02-06 06:07:17 UTC  

God really @D3VNT

2017-02-06 06:07:20 UTC  

Still wish I could be

2017-02-06 06:07:26 UTC  

same, i remember thinking "wow, we need to be more like sweden"

2017-02-06 06:07:27 UTC  

Hey, I was 15 and uneducated

2017-02-06 06:07:34 UTC  

i was 13 when i thought that

2017-02-06 06:07:36 UTC  

@D3VNT I can tell kek

2017-02-06 06:07:44 UTC  

I have literally never gotten into the authoritarian left shitshow in my life

2017-02-06 06:07:49 UTC  

Just kidding m8

2017-02-06 06:07:52 UTC  

Now I'm a Constitutionalist

2017-02-06 06:07:57 UTC  

Lol no problem

2017-02-06 06:08:02 UTC  


2017-02-06 06:08:05 UTC  

Not even on the political compass thing, haven't even gotten close to it

2017-02-06 06:08:06 UTC  

i was probably centrist leaning left at my worst

2017-02-06 06:08:25 UTC  

i started "left libertarian" but that ddint last long

2017-02-06 06:08:30 UTC  

Constitutionalists are based. Too bad Castle never stood a chance, but we're still doing okay with sweeping Repub win

2017-02-06 06:08:39 UTC  


2017-02-06 06:08:50 UTC  

so can anticom have an anthem eventually?

2017-02-06 06:08:51 UTC  

I called myself libertarian but then Johnson happened and ruined that for us all

2017-02-06 06:08:56 UTC  

When I was young and dumb I thought communism and the Soviet Union were neat. Now I know better.

2017-02-06 06:08:59 UTC  

Sure, why not?

2017-02-06 06:09:01 UTC  

Anthem -

2017-02-06 06:09:04 UTC  

I vote for Serbian Remove KEbab

2017-02-06 06:09:12 UTC  

"we are the champions"

2017-02-06 06:09:47 UTC  

i was thinking "my country tiss of thee" cause it is neat. Or some of the patriotic songs that dont get enough attention

2017-02-06 06:09:56 UTC  

that works too

2017-02-06 06:09:57 UTC  

how are those posters coming?

2017-02-06 06:10:01 UTC  

I like it

2017-02-06 06:10:17 UTC  

did anyone go through a phase were they listened to just old american songs?

2017-02-06 06:10:39 UTC  

bluegrass, yes. strictly old american tunes, no

2017-02-06 06:10:55 UTC  

maybe those can be seen as the same thing

2017-02-06 06:11:06 UTC  

my ipod was the civil war in music form

2017-02-06 06:11:19 UTC  


2017-02-06 06:11:36 UTC