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I don't play anything much anymore

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This video is hilarious

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I remember similar when sneaking around d

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I love how they made the blood spray on the guys face like would actually happen irl

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You ever play oblivion?

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I played both Oblivion and Skyrim I think

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Both kinda cool, but I have a hard time sitting still sometimesb

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Those are pretty funny

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I played it like 4 years ago or so, assassin-ranger sort of character. Started building a homestead and once I got it finished, I realized the local steward was a redguard, and I'd be stuck with a negress chimping out in my house. Luckily my next quest was a Daedric demon demanding a blood sacrifice in the form of someone who trusted me. Problem solved itself rather nicely.

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Dawnguard would regularly send kill teams to my homestead and I'd just shoot them on my lawn and dump them in the lake behind the house. Other than that, a really idyllic place with the nigger gone and all.

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Also bought the lumber for the house from Hert whose husband I had murdered for the Dark Brotherhood by putting an arrow between his eyes when he stepped out of his cottage. Ton of fun, that game. Just haven't had the time or a computer for video in years.

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Dump them in the lake behind your house

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Yeah I mean, I had murdered Dawnguard's leadership and framed them for a few murders and shit, and they knew where I lived so it was like, who cares at that point, I just didn't want them ruining the view.

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I was also a vampire and they knew it and stuff.

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Meanwhile, in my game...
>join Dawnguard to genocide all vampires
>Serana is essential character

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Assassin ranger was ridiculously powerful, you could wipe the floor with dragon priests. Always liked sneaking assassin type characters, they were even more op in Fallout incidentally.

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Also the vampire thing, I got randomly bit in a cavern somewhere, and I discovered it made the assassination business even more easy so I just rolled with it.

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Never did fallout, I don't have ant new systems

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I heard fallout has some degeneracy in it

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I played Fallout 4 a bit, it was alright, but wasn't really hyped about it. New Vegas is still the best out of Fallouts, but I played Skyrim much more back then.

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Yeah I spent some time on Skyrim, so much fun to just be able to slaughter people whenever you feel like it

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How hard is to cure vampirism in skyrim

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I couldnt for the life of them get 5 soul gems to do it in Oblivion

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Idk, didn't even try to get rid of it, as I said, I found it really useful.

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Eh, if you cant ride around in daylight and enjoy the scenery and music then why even play elder scrolls

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You can, you just wouldn't renegerate energy in dailylight, but it's like, who cares, you can still do it if you need to, I always carried a bunch of bottled blood and skooma with me just in case, even though I never needed them. Besides, you can always just feast on fresh enemies. And as assassin, when you go on those lone murder sprees, its not in broad daylight in most cases anyway. And as vampire, you can pretty much sneak up on anyone, mind control people, turn invisible, teleport, gain perfect night vision, heal by draining blood, its just, makes the assassin's job a cakewalk.

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Fallout has some degeneracy but its not portrayed as a positive

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You can kill a bunch of mobsters running a sex slavery prostitution gig in NV.

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The eternal ginger

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God that's gay as fuck